Letter to George Bush

From the Czech-Korean Friendship Society "Pektusan"
Dr./Prof. Mirko Svoboda

Mr. President:

The Czech-Korean Friendship Society feels very troubled and alarmed by the State of the Union message you gave in January 2002 to the American people and the world. You have now once again declared the Peoples Democratic Republic of Korea and Iraq, Iran as "the axis of evil."

Mr. President, we cannot believe that you are suffering from failed memory. You certainly must know that near the end of World War II and thereafter, the USA has been terrorizing the whole world. Just a few days before the end of World War II, your planes bombed not only the industrial but also the residential parts of Prague, costing thousands of lives. During the constant bombing rains on Dresden, more than 80,000 people perished while the war was over in all reality. And how to characterize the needless atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with thousands and thousands of deaths of civilians while the surrender of Japan was already in the discussing and final stage? The reason was of course to demonstrate to the world the power and force of the USA.

In the North and in South Korea there were over 3,000,000 people killed or tortured to death. We would suggest that you Mr. Bush visit the DPRK in order to see a museum in the town of Sinchon and in other places. Here you will be able to see how the "brave and democratic US soldiers" drove thousands of women and children to concrete barns and cellars, where they burnt them. You can also see the photos of American soldiers shooting their victims at the gravesites. Similar photos can be seen in Europe also, where such crimes were committed. It is up to you to decide as to who taught them to commit such crimes.

In your message you state that you are going to prevent the "terrorists" and the regimes from trying to get chemical and biological or nuclear weapons.

If the problem was not so serious, one could say that you were joking! We have already said, that the USA was the first in the world to use nuclear weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and chemical and biological weapons in Korea and in Vietnam, where crippled and disabled children are still being born, reminding us of the bestiality of the long-term use of chemical weapons by the USA, especially in Vietnam.

Up to now the USA has not deemed it necessary to apologize for it and did not compensate their victims.

Are you astonished Mr. President that the PDR of Korea has established a defensive army? Do you consider this terrorism or as something abnormal? Should North Korea wait patiently until another attack is unleashed upon them? Or do you think that only the USA has the right to have an army which destroyed Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Korea, Vietnam, Cuba and are they still representing a "mortal danger" in the Middle East for the Palestinians and for all of the Arab countries? You have bombed and killed thousands in Yugoslavia and now also in Afghanistan.

According to you, this is not terrorism?

We disapprove as to what has happened on September 11th, but you should admit that the countries which have been terrorized since 1945 and to which all rights have been refused, defend themselves however they can. Millions of people in the world have lost their lives since 1945 due to American aggression and expansionism in which the US wants to dominate the oil and other raw materials without giving any possibility of these countries to develop and raise the level of their lives!

You are developing new systems of arms and testing them on the people of these countries, even in the case of dangerous biological arms such as anthrax!

You are wondering about the fact that those people consider USA as their enemy and a brutal aggressor whom they have decided to fight by all means at their command. You are at fault and you must take that into account!

Mr. President, we ask you to realize the fact that the Resolution that was adopted by the United Nations Organization at their 30th Plenary Session in 1975, ordered the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Korea.

We demand that you order the USA to get their hands off Korea and let the Korean people themselves reach the stage for reunification and to live in peace.

The 57 long years of occupation of Korea by the USA must come to an end!

Korea is one country; the North and South Koreans must decide for themselves how they intend to live on this Korean peninsula!

Never again should the Koreans become victims of wars forced upon them by foreigners and especially by the intended aggression of the USA!

The reconstructed Korea must not be destroyed again! The crimes committed by the USA in Korea must never again be repeated!

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