Who Controls the European Union and the United Nations?

Michael Lucas

When the European Union was in its formative stage, there was a lot of euphoria that this will be the block of nations that will stand up to the United States both economically, politically and militarily in its conquest for a New World Order!

The euphoria was promoted even by the USA itself, doing everything possible to make this European Union a great success. All stops were pulled out to get the former socialist states of Eastern Europe into this "democratic, vibrant and a very necessary unit for the benefit of Europeís future"! The finances were generously flowing into these EU countries, plus the involvement of all religious institutions with constant pressure for this European Union.

The logic was there, the enthusiasm was there, an idea of a common economic market, a common currency, with no borders was promoted without end for many years over the media in these countries. The governments of these countries were bought lock stock and barrel. Yes, there was some opposition, but unfortunately not enough to change the course that was planned, supported, organized, financed and led by the US government and their multinational corporations. Let us not forget, these plans were hatched during the Cold War era and rapidly pushed into realization, after the USSR was dismembered by these inside traitors who were bought long time ago by US imperialism!

Unfortunately, there were even some left-wing socialist, communist parties and movements that got caught up in this euphoria, and were immobilized to organize protests against these steps for world domination by US imperialism.

As time went on, movements sprang up against the World Bank, against Globalization, against the International Monetary Fund, against US imperialism and against US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Millions of people took to the streets and it seemed that the movement of anti-Imperialism will keep on rolling and be very effective in at least slowing down the New World Order of US imperialism.

Judging by the news coming from the United Nations and from the European Union, it is self-evident that these two world bodies are not independent at all or self sustaining or even self-governing, in spite of the propaganda that they are and, that they are growing more and more anti-USA and its ambition of word domination.

There are even some suggestions (hoping that this would never become a reality) to change the name of the United Nations Organization, to be called in the near future the UNITED STATES ORGANIZATIONS!

Here is just three examples of the present EU decision to back "Pre-Emptive Strikes" by the US imposed decision on the United Nations and the European Union:

"BRUSSELS - The European Union ditched its softly-softly policy towards Iran, ordering the clerical regime to give UN inspectors "urgent and unconditional" access to its nuclear facilities.

The EU foreign ministers lined up behind the United States as they voiced "serious concerns" that Iranís atomic energy program is used to conceal an attempt to build nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Now the EU also backed this US sponsored resolution in the UN to start "pre-emptive strikes" against any sate developing weapons of mass destruction. This US resolution was backed up now by the UN Security Council. It is a clear warning from the US through the EU "to allow more inspections by the UN weapons inspectors or face the consequences."

The above is a direct quote from The New York Times of June, 2003.

It certainly sounds like the early US propaganda and pressure that was put on Iraq before it was attacked. The same rhetoric about the WMDs and the danger to the USA and now, a supposed danger to the European Union!

Any sober onlooker, looking at all these many facts and plans, can see that US imperialism is using these world organizations that they helped to set up, to finance, to promote, in order to accomplish the agenda of Uncle Sam while they try to hide behind the skirts of these bodies.

WB, WTO, NATO, IMF. SEATO, EU, the Crimes Tribunal in the Hague and even the United Nations Organization, in reality they are the tools through which US imperialism is going to accomplish its New World Order, unless the people unite to throw this US Imperialist Monster into the garbage bin of history.


According to the Associated Press, the US threatened Belgium to withhold all money for its NATO headquarters and to ban Americans from attending any NATO alliance meetings unless Belgium changes a law under which US General Tommy Franks was charged with war crimes.

US government statement by Rumsfeld said" "Belgium appears not to respect the sovereignty of other countries." Americans so far sued are: Franks, commander of Iraq forces; former General Norman Schwarzkopf; Vice President Dick Cheney; Secretary of State Colin Powell and Israeli rime Minster Ariel Sharon.

In line with the horrendous pressure on the United Nations, the Security Council in June approved by a vote of 12-0 an exemption for US forces from any prosecution by the new International Criminal Court.

It is ironic and probably not very well noted or publicized over the media, is the fact that Germany and France, who supposedly offered such "condemnation" of the US-UK attack against Iraq, abstained from voting without even voting against this injustice at the UN Security Council? Why? Because they have their own ambitious plans and are now willing to share in the spoils of Iraq or any other "enemy" that Pentagon might decide to invade.

What is interesting is why Syria, probably the future target of US imperialism and which pretends to play a progressive role in the Middle East, also abstained without any comment.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) was ratified by 90 countries but not by the United States. The US does not want its troops to be charged with war crimes.


The European Union under pressure from US imperialism announced that it is supporting sanctions against Cuba. This declaration by the European Union is scandalous, because it constitutes not only interference in the internal affairs of Cuba, but it openly announces that it will support future interference in Cuba.

It is self evident that this "independent" European Union is not independent at all, but is cowardly. But cowardice never pays off. History has proven over and over again that, the ambitions of an aggressive power never gets appeased by bending before its demands, rather it acts to the contrary. The facts prove that the more EU powers submit themselves to the dictates of US imperialism, helped by these European accomplices, the more USA hungers for and is encouraged to attempt world domination and establish fascism over the world.

So the question is very relevant as to:

Who Controls the European Union and who controls the United Nations Organization?

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