About Demographic and Social-Economic Problems in the Ukraine

Prof. Vladimir

The all-inclusive social-economic crisis in the Ukraine, as in all the other former Soviet republics, is continuing. Its end is not likely to happen soon. This chaotic crisis in Ukraine is part of the ongoing crisis of world capitalism. Today’s Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and former pre-Baltic republics and Central Asian republics are more and more becoming colonies of Western Imperialism. There their social-economic and political situation is getting more desperate, and their character is becoming more and more typical colonies.

But we must realize and see that the coming crash of imperialism, which is bringing the world into an impasse and global catastrophe, is just holding on momentarily and trying to survive the inevitable. This is coming as a result of the temporary demise of the USSR, due to the traitors in the top leadership of the USSR. But the death agony of world capitalism is ahead! The time of its death convulsions cannot be stopped…

But how was it possible that in this death agony of capitalism our Soviet Union found itself?!…But nit too long ago things were different!… Ukraine as part of the USSR was such that it was in first place as one of the most developed countries in Europe! In production of goods per capita - Ukraine was ahead of Germany, France, Great Britain. In all aspects of manufacturing, from industrial, to agricultural goods and engineering, Ukraine was at the top of the industrial countries of Europe.

But where did all this production, this knowledge, these industries and agricultural might…where did it go? Where did it disappear in this present "independent" Ukraine? In the last ten years, from 1990 to 2000 there is a complete chaos in production…as a small example in machine production there was a fall of over 28.4 %, television sets fell by 61.6 %, excavators by 70.2%, sugar production fell to 2.8 million tones from 8 million tons.

For the first time in 50 years the citizens of Ukraine are aware that there are bums and dope addicts roaming the streets in desperation. All facts point to complete collapse of practically everything that the people enjoyed under socialism. The foreign readers can imagine the catastrophe that has befallen Ukraine.

Most Soviet people never even saw dope addicts living on the streets, but only read about them in the newspapers. On 1973 in the Kharkov region there were only 3 cases reported. But in 1998, in the same region, there were already over 2,796 cases.

In capitalist Ukraine, after they abolished collective and state farms – which were bought out by the multinational corporations, the individual farmer farms like this now – back to the Middle Ages!

Because of this, the demographic situation in the Ukraine is tragic. The number of people living in Ukraine has fallen drastically. In the 1990s Ukraine had a population of 52.2 million people, now it has fallen by 4.5 millions. There is terrible unemployment, over 7 million people in this "independent" Ukraine. The NSC readers, I feel, will agree with me, that unless something drastic happens to remedy the situation, our country will be on the verge of a catastrophe. Under the slogan of the present nationalist regime that a nation is being reborn, the exact opposite is true!

The present regime is trying to liquidate the people of Ukraine on behalf of imperialism and their slogan now is "Ukraine will be the border of the European Union in the East!"

People of Ukraine are not only being slowly liquidated physically by the economic hardship, immigration and lack of heath services, they are being bombarded and traumatized by the clever ethico-psychological processes, which constantly debunk, besmirch and lie about socialism and the Soviet Union, its achievements, history and its progress.

You would think that the above situation would soon bring the people into the streets and create a revolutionary situation! But so far there seems to remain a calm…it certainly looks that the doctrine of Dulles, put into force in 1945 as how to proceed with the cold and psychological war against the Soviet people, was a success. It was very cleverly done, worked out by psychiatrists and cleverly used against the USSR, and with lessons learned – to be used against other countries that do not want to listen to Uncle Sam!

But do not our Soviet people and the progressive people of the world not have a great amount of knowledge as how to achieve victory of the working class over capitalism? Time does not wait, dear citizens of the world!

Armageddon must be started!

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