Zhukov Reminiscences of Stalin

Marshal Zhukov of the Soviet Union wrote an excellent book - outlining the events of the Second World War and the role that Stalin played as the Supreme Commander in its execution and ultimate victory.

We just quote excerpts from it, in order to try and squash the lies abuse and dirt that is heaped on Marshal Stalin, both by the right-wing enemies, but even more by some of the left-wing parties and their leaders, who, it must be admitted are even more prone to falsify history and try to besmirch one of the greatest leaders of the working class the world has ever seen. Some of these present left-wing leaders of parties and some countries, history will forget them soon enough, but, the legacy of Joseph Stalin will live on forever!

"Stalin was not a dictator as the Supreme Commander of the Red Army, fighting a life and death battle, not only for the Soviet people, but to save all of humanity from this scourge of fascism. Stalin had the greatest regards not only for the Marshals, but also for the Generals and Commanders, which he made certain to know personally, and, he knew the strong and weak points of all of them.

Many important issues were decided at dinners to which Stalin invited his associates of the Supreme Command. What I liked about Stalin was the complete absence of formalism. Once a decision was taken, Stalin made certain to follow through wit the Supreme Command until the decisions were carried out. This of course had everyone at his best and it of course was a very heavy responsibility, and it also was very heavy on Stalin as the Supreme Commander.

Yes there were mistakes made at the start of the war, since the timing of German Nazi attack was misjudged and this caused us not to be prepared as well as we had planned.

Stalin made a tremendous contribution to the defeat of Germany ands its allies. His prestige amongst all of us was extremely high and his appointment was celebrated and acclaimed by all the Soviet people

Usually Stalin worked in his Kremlin study. His study had a long table that was covered by a heavy green cloth. On the walls hung portraits of Marx, Engels and Lenin, as well as Kutuzov and Suvorov. The chairs were solid and hard, and no redundant objects were to be seen in the room. A huge globe was in the adjoining room, with a table besides it, while on the walls were various maps of the world. In his office he had a plain desk, piled high with maps and telephones, high frequency and internal Kremlin phones. Stalin usually made notes in blue pencil and he wrote very fast, in a bold hand, and legibly.

When the Marshals and Supreme Commanders came in, they unloaded their maps and made their reports, standing up. As Stalin listened, he usually paced up and down slowly, taking big strides. From time to time he would walk to the big table and bend over, scrutinizing the maps, take a pack of tobacco and slowly fill his pipe.

He was businesslike and calm and addressed each one of us in a formal voice and listened as we expressed our opinions. He had a knack of listening to people attentively, but only if they spoke to the point and not try to embellish facts. When some of us would go on rambling, he would say curtly "make it snappy" or "speak more clearly". Stalin formulated his thought very clearly.

I realized, as we all did, that Stalin was not the kind that objected to sharp questions or to anyone arguing with him. If someone says that was not the truth, they are liars!

Stalin, during the war wanted daily reports on the situation on all of the fronts. Each one of us had to have facts ready at one’s fingertips when reporting to the Supreme Commander. One could not go to him with maps that had white spots on them or reports that this or that was "approximate". He did not tolerate hit-or-miss replies.

The Supreme Commander had an uncanny knack of detecting in each one of us and in our reports from the fronts, weak points. He saw this instantly and reprimanded the commander. He had a tenacious and uncanny memory and everything that was said to him he remembered. That is why reports by the General Staff were very carefully prepared. All of us agreed that he had an extraordinary capacity to grasp the crux of any matter and arrive at a correct solution.

Stalin worked at nights and that meant that we had to do so also, since that’s the time when more work can be accomplished and more rational decisions could be made.

The following should show the great mind of Stalin and his dedication and belief in the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi Germany.

While the German hordes were in the outskirts of Moscow, Stalin insisted that there should be held the traditional parade as usual on November 7th – the date of the Great October Socialist Revolution! This was 1941, with the Germans only miles from the capital. Soviet people naturally assumed that there shall not be a parade in Red Square. To expose Soviet Red Amy soldiers, tanks, guns and equipment in broad daylight seemed "mad", since on Soviet captured airfields, just outside Moscow, a few minutes flying time, sat hundreds of German bombers. And at the first inkling of this target, they would take off. Yet Stalin, in one of his most bold and noble acts, buoyed the spirits of the soldiers and civilians alike, by holding the parade as usual. The Germans were dumbfounded and did not act."

The above is just a glimpse into this book by Marshal Zhukov. We would suggest that some of these newly-baked Marxists or Leninists (but god forbid to mention Stalin to them) read this whole book, in order to get the whole truth about Stalin and thank their lucky stars that the USSR had Stalin as the leader – otherwise we would be under fascism. Obviously, some of these "born again Marxists" are doing what the British Empire did before and what the US New World Order wishes them to do, in order to help them, Divide and Rule!

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