Ukraine-Cuba Friendship Society

In November, 27, 2005, in Donetsk, Ukraine, a meeting with a Cuban patriot, Manuel Lopes Rodriges, was held. Manuel Lopes brought with him three documentaries about Cuba: about historical days of Cuban revolution at the head of which was Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and other self-sacrificing barbudos; about five Cuban secret agents and the espionage-terrorist case concocted against them by American Themis; severe struggle of Cuban people against American economic blockade and their victory.

Strong bonds of friendship connect Manuel Lopes with Ukraine. In the 80s he, along with his schoolmate, Antonio Guerrero Rodriges, had studied at Kiev University. Now, Antonio Guerrero is serving time imprisonment in Florida jail. His comrades have been distributed in other American states.

Manuel Rodriges told about the heroic struggle of the Cuban people against American imperialism and a deed, of five Cuban secret agents. At that meeting there were present young workers and students, members of Donetsk Organization as well as members of Communist Party of Ukraine and C.P.S.U.(B.) and members of Prometheus poetry association.

The organizer of that meeting was the Ukraine-Cuba Friendship Society (headquarters in Kiev). Members of the Komsomol were active in answering questions quiz: What do You Know about Cuba? Members of Prometheus read their poems dedicated to the five Cuban political prisoners in American jails.

The atmosphere of the meeting was friendly and sincere.

In the photograph: second from left is Manuel Lopez Rodriges, first from right is the chief of the Ukraine-Cuba Friendship Society, former deputy of Supreme Rada, a member of the Donetsk Council of All-Ukrainian Workers Union, V. Tereshchuk.

Some days later, the central radio station in Havana broadcast material about that meeting. There was read a letter which a member of the Prometheus poetic association, V. Dralo, had handed over to Antonio Rodriges through Manuel Lopez and his poem:

To our imprisoned Cuban friend

This letter I send from Ukraine to my friend
Who's locked in a jail in a faraway land
A student from Cuba Antonio was;
Who knew him that didn't forget him because
We all were so proud of your people and fight,
Fidel with barbudos who led them to Light.
You finished your study and for home went
With greetings and love from Ukraine to be sent.
The time went by fast after you back home came,
You a faithful soldier of Cuba became.
You struggled for Freedom, for Justice and Peace
And with your four comrades you suffered for this.
And now five heroes, you languish in jail,
But the USA's butchers are doomed to fail
In trying your faith and your spirit to shake,
Just because all their laws and their trials are fake.
All the peoples of good will are on your side
And you'll certainly see the Liberty Light.

Valeriy Oralo

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