"Organization of Marxists" Is Born in Ukraine

In a very informative letter and clippings from their publications, our reader in Donetsk, Ukraine, Tatiana Yakubovskaya explained the work that our dedicated comrades in Ukraine are doing in struggling against the present regime of Ukraine and also in their struggle for the resurrection of the USSR and Socialism.

First of all she reported on their work in the Committee for the Defence of Political Prisoners in Ukraine and Russia, plus helping the Cuban Five. This Committee has active branches in all the districts of Ukraine and Russia. Their work is to help these young Komsomols with food, letters, and newspapers and have their letters published in the outside world. This Committee protests regularly against the government, collects money for their defence and spreads the truth about their illegal jailing and their treatment to the UN and to other human rights organizations.

This Committee is in constant touch internationally and solicits protests to be sent to the authorities for their release or a new trial and to present objective arguments by lawyers in their defence.

The International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People had sent protests to the governments of Russia and Ukraine and in support of these Soviet Komsomol heroes.

In a very new and extremely important development in Ukraine, comrade Yakubovskaya informed NSC of a new Organization of Marxists that was formed in Ukraine after an Ukraine-wide organizational campaign for one year amongst different movements, in order to form this organization of Marxists that not only talk but work and act for the resurrection of Socialism and of the Soviet Union.

On March 24-25 there were gathered over 100 delegates from all parts of Ukraine in Kiev plus other former republics guests. After year of discussions and looking at many currents inside the progressive movements, a consensus was arrived at and the Organization of Marxists was formed and an Executive of 21 comrades was elected, headed by comrade Vasili Tereshchuk.

The aim is to form a real Marxist-Leninist Communist Party that will not be opportunistic and trying to cooperate with the present regime against the interests of the working class.

For this Organization of Marxists Internationalism is not just a word it is the slogan and the future road towards Socialism.

The present progressive-socialist-communist parties in Ukraine can be described by the words of Lenin, when he said:

"You, Messrs revisionists, you do not accept revolutionary Marxism, because even under this system you are living well!"

This is a photograph taken in 2006 in Kiev at one of the many conferences that helped to set up the "Organization of Marxists" which will in the near future turn into a real Communist Party of Ukraine.

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