Statement of the Central Committee of the United Communist Party of Georgia

Georgia has been thrown into another bloody chaos! Fratricidal war on Georgian soil broke out with renewed force. he predictions of the United Communist Party of Georgia and progressive public figures of Georgia about the perniciousness of the militarization of the country, about the danger of the profascist nationalistic policy of the authorities, to our great regret, happened. The authorities of Georgia once more organized a bloody slaughter, sensing the support of some Western countries, as well as international and regional organizations. The disgrace, which the present authorities brought onto the Georgian people, will take decades to wash off.

The Georgian army armed and trained by American instructors, and using American weapons, subjected the city of Tskhinvali to barbaric destruction. The innocent civilians perished under the bombing, the Ossetians, our brothers and sisters, children, women, and old men. More than two thousand residents of Tskhinvali and its surroundings perished.

Also were killed hundreds of Georgian innocent civilians both in the conflict region and throughout the entire territory of Georgia.

The Central Committee of the United Communist Party of Georgia expresses deep condolences to the families and friends of those killed.

The entire responsibility for current fratricidal war, for thousands of killed children, women and old men, for the residents of South Ossetia and Georgia lies with the current President, Parliament and government of Georgia. The irresponsibility and adventurism of the present regime of Saakashvili knows no bounds. The President of Georgia and his command are, undoubtedly, criminals and must be held accountable.

We, Georgian Communists and all progressive people of Georgia, will fight for strict and legal punishment of the organizers of this monstrous genocide!

The United Communist Party of Georgia asks the general public not to identify the present Georgian government with the people of Georgia and with the Georgian nation. It calls for support of the Georgian people in the fight against the criminal regime of Saakashvili.

We call all political forces of Georgia, public movements and the people of Georgia to be united for liberation of Georgia from the antinational, Russophobic, profascist regime of Saakashvili!

The Central Committee of the United Communist Party of Georgia, Tbilisi, August 11, 2008

Source: KPRF.RU, 13.08.2008

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