Program of yet another communist party in ex-USSR for the resurrection of the Soviet Union

Dear Comrades, representatives of fraternal Parties!

We, representatives of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and the Union of Communists of Finland, during a long discussion have examined a question of a modern state of decline in the Communist and working-class movement. We are deeply disturbed by the future of the working people, labor and Communist movement all over the world, and we would like to jointly address your Party/organization with the following letter.

About the tasks of the Communist and working-class movement

After the end of 1980s when a former tactic of struggle of the Communist and Worker's Parties has been exhausted, our world has thoroughly changed. Socialism has suffered serious failures; imperialism became stronger and carries out a new re-division of the world, also by force of arms. There were significant changes in the structure of the working class, numerous social, economic and geopolitical contradictions sharpened between the countries. The working class and working people all over the world need to develop new tactics of anti-capitalist struggle and achieve the historical aim of the working class – the overthrow of capitalism and the building of a classless society. We would like to state some considerations about the ways of achievement of this purpose.

As before we think that a Marxist- Leninist theory is a scientific basis for the estimation of all social phenomena – estimation of which should be constantly updated. However some of the Communists quite a often do address such conditions in society that not exist anymore. On the other hand, an inability to estimate the social events of our time by means of a Marxist science has led to such situation that the masses, earlier faithful to class labor movement, lost contact with a vanguard and went their own way.

Numerous Marxist groups and Parties have a problem with use of Marxism-Leninism as an instrument of their own policy. Only in Europe there are hundreds of Marxist Parties and groups which in some form existed already decades ago. Many of these movements and the currents originated in conditions of difficulties in Communist and labor movements try to solve today's problems on the basis of the line adopted at that time. However problems of today are absolutely different. Therefore they certainly should be solved with the use of a Marxist science, but addressing the realities of today. In the same way it is necessary to estimate new tactics of anti-capitalist struggle.

The question of a breakdown of Socialism is a central question here. Why did Socialism suffer a certain setback, what led to a long stagnation in strategy and tactics of the class struggle of the Communist and working-class movement? Without the answer to this question we cannot move further, this gives us a key to a decision of many other problems.

If over many decades Socialism successfully developed and gained large victories in science, economy, culture and social sphere why could it not repulse a political and ideological attack of the 1980s? We think that a degradation of the system similar to world socialist system is possible only when it is determined by the internal laws of development of a society, economy and class struggle. Only very few of Marxist-Leninists managed to foresee them, but to overcome these negative tendencies was quite impossible. Here we would like to make some basic observations on the subject of the approach to this question.

(1) The Socialism of 1900s years was based on traditional industrial production which dominated in the industry and accordingly in the national economy. However a growth of productive forces promoted the automatic processing of information and its introduction in production. For development of productive forces it was the same revolutionary jump as 200 years ago was a transition from manufactory to machine production. In a similar situation capitalism managed to quickly introduce in production new methods that have given a new strength to it. (2) The world socialist system, especially the USSR, adhered to principles of the centralized planned economy. However in 1970s years, when in the USSR there were already hundreds of thousands of enterprises, the centralized management began to give certain failures, the rate of economic growth became slower. A task of accelerated adoption of scientific and technical achievements was also not fulfilled. As a result in a given particular historical situation the economic gap between capitalism and Socialism has ceased to shrink. In the USSR since 1950s a problem of the Improvement of economic mechanism was tried to solve by introduction of various economic stimuli. These measures had a certain effect, however in the final analysis they rather aggravated problems of socialist society because economic stimuli of that time distorted representations, about the aims and values of Socialism. The economic executives who assigned primary importance to the achievement of economic parameters, also not always took into account principles of Socialism. The shadow economy has started to form and together with it – a certain social group or stratum which began to concentrate in its hands money received in a shadow sphere. (3) An important ideological question of a correlation of phases of development of a socialist and communistic society was not also decided. Already in its initial stage Marx and the Communists spoke about a Communist society. In his work "Critique of the Gotha program" Marx has shown a division of the Communist society into the lower and supreme phase. At the first phase the problems inherited from capitalism continue to exist for a long time. Then, as Marx notes, at higher, Communist phase labor, in particular, already is not only a source of existence but turns to the first vital need. And only after that a society can trace on its banner "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs".

Today we can ascertain that the first phase of a Communist society has been successfully realized within the limits of the world socialist system. Achievements of the USSR and other socialist countries in development of a national economy, science, education and social sphere were huge. However theoretical notions about the Socialism and Communism almost did not develop. Published in the USSR in 1950-80 {and also translated from Russian into many foreign languages) the most important textbooks on Marxist-Leninist philosophy and political economy define the major aim of a socialist society as a constant growth of production, consumption and a material well being. Not enough attention was devoted to propositions of the Marxist theory on phases of development of a socialist and Communist society and interrelation of these phases, though the real society developed by huge steps.

Whether a Crisis of Socialism was Inevitable?

At the first stages of development of Socialism, when the economy and material well being were on a very low level, it was natural that in a definition of the alms of Socialism the main thing was a development of its material basis and a well-being of society. In his book "The State and Revolution" Lenin wrote: "Politically the difference between the first, or lower, and the higher phase of Communism will in time, probably, be tremendous; but it would be ridiculous to take cognizance of this difference now, under capitalism". Today we know that a social development alongside with questions of social and economic well being has generated new global contradictions, a simultaneous decision of them is necessary from the point of view of the survival and well- being of mankind. Here we can refer, for example, to a change of climate ecological accident or pandemia, and also on a global problem of food production. The theory of Socialism and Communism should develop successfully connecting questions of increase of a material well-being with a solution of other aggravating problems of society. It was not done in 1980s and earlier years. The initial thesis that a constant growth of material well- being is a primary goal of Socialism could not mobilize the masses anymore and, in effect, not greatly differed from that which capitalism could offer.

Even in conditions of Socialism the society could not politically adapt for constantly growing productive forces. Except for growth of well being for Socialism was not defined any other clear function though changes in development of society could even in the intermediate term considerably change daily life. The situation was determined by the law of conformity of productive forces and relations of production, well known in Marxist economic and a social science. Unfortunately, public relations have been inhibited at level of 1930-1940s years. Since a level of development of society could not or has not dared to harmonize with the increased productive forces, a return to capitalism waited ahead.

A gradual drift of Socialism to crisis was basically inevitable. If previously the world socialist system and the international working-class movement due to their own existence managed to prevent a new growth of imperialism, at some point the imperialist centers have noticed the increased uncertainty of Socialism. Capitalist blocs have begun actions for a new repartition of the world, for their support has been developed a neo-liberal economic policy.

Even in the USSR as a result of the growth of shadow economy came into existence a social group in whose hands were concentrated money and ideas how to keep and use this property by its capitalization into the capitalist one. This group has gladly met a neo-liberal policy to which the disoriented broad masses could not offer any organized resistance.

Comrades Communists!

Our major task consists in the strengthening of our mutual cooperation. At the first stage we suggest to exchange opinions on theoretical and ideological aspects of new tactics of joint actions – both distantly and by organization of personal meetings. For this purpose it would be useful to convene even a small number of Communists from all ends of Europe and probably, other countries of the world for serious discussion of the formulated questions to develop a common document/estimation of the present Stage of class struggle. In this document we could also set the tasks of coordination of joint actions with a prospect of creation of new organizational forms of consolidation of Communists all over the world.

The stage of general disorganization and disunity should come to an end. For real Communist forces, it's time to rally, at last, for a new resolute attack on the world capital.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

For the CPSU

For the Union of Communists of Finland

Sergev Skvortsov, Secretary CPSU Kalevi Wahrman, Chairman of UCF

The answer to unified actions of communists were worked out long ago by Lenin and Stalin! Marxism- Leninism is the only correct answer! If the enemy of socialism-communism is U.S. imperialism – why is there no unity of action against the common enemy? In unity there is strength and success!

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