To The Workers of the World
From Workers of Yasnogorsk Tool-Factory

By Elena
March 22, 1999

We have been fighting for our rights since 1996. Our plant was privatised. The new owners were selling the production but have not been paying us for more than 12 months. Under the present crisis circumstances in Russia we were warned about stuff reduction in the nearest future. The plant is going into bankruptcy.

But we have not given up. We took over our plant, elected a new administration under full control of the workers' committee of the plant and the trade-union organisation. We run the plant and paid off the wages in September and October last year.

But the bourgeois authority arrested our leaders, froze the plant's bank accounts, sent police forces in order to make us work for free. As everywhere else in the world, the owners of the means of production are making profits on our suffering and poverty.

As everywhere else in the world we are fighting back. We call for solidarity and unity in our common struggle. The power of the oppressed and exploited is in their unity. Follow our example. Join our struggle.

Workers of the world unite!

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