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Stalin Bloc for USSR

August 22, 1999 there took place a congress of delegates of the all-Russia social-political movement, including "Trudovaya Rossia" with its leader V.A. Anpilov, Union of Officers - leader G.I. Terekhov, "Union" with its leader G.I. Tikhonbov, plus the peoples patriotic Union of Youth - its leader I.O. Maliarov. This meeting decided to officially launch this election bloc for the coming election to the Russian Duma this December.

The name chosen was: "Stalin Bloc: Trudovaya Rossia, Officers for USSR" but the short form to be listed is "Stalin Bloc for USSR". Coming into this election bloc are Union of Workers of Moscow, Bolshevik Platform CPSU, All Union Communist Party (B), Russian Association of Miners Invalids, Congress of Soviet Women, All Union Society for studying the legacy of Stalin and the Vanguard of Red Youth (AKM).

Aside from the leaders of the above movements, the Stalin Bloc includes the well-known grandson of J.V. Stalin, E.Y. Dyugashvili.

We wish this Stalin Bloc success as we do also other election blocs that are fighting and trying to unseat the present regime. It certainly would have been better if all the Communist and Marxist-Leninist Parties got together into one mighty election front, instead of separately trying to get into the Russian Duma! According to the press we read, all these communist parties tried to join, but they were not successful in doing so. The CPRF of course refused to join together into any bloc.

The Soviet people shall ask the question as to why there was no unity! These present leaders will have to have the answers as to why they did not unite... if they believe in the resurrection of the Soviet Union and Socialism!

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