March 30, 1999

Oppose US/NATO Aggression Against Yugoslavia

US Friends of Soviet People condemns the massive bombing attacks against the people of Yugoslavia. This bombing campaign, like the continuing bombing of Iraq, is a totally unjustified attack against a sovereign country. The U.S. is following in the footsteps of Nazi Germany, which bombed and invaded Yugoslavia in 1941.

The first shooting down of a US Stealth bomber shows that the US/NATO forces can not carry on these attacks with impunity. Now there is already talk that NATO may have to send in ground troops in the face of determined resistance by the Yugoslav people. And there have been protests against US/NATO aggression throughout the world.

This picture of Serbs fleeing Kosovo was published in the March 30, 1999 New York Times. Despite the lying propaganda of the capitalist press, it is clear that people of all nationalities are fleeing the US/NATO bombing.
The attack on Yugoslavia, as the US attacks on Iraq, are because these countries have in one way or another resisted being fully drawn into US imperialism's New World Order. The US monopoly corporations want unrestricted control over the mineral riches in the region. The US armed forces want no resistance to the domination of their troops, which are already based in Bosnia, Macedonia and Albania and other countries in the region. They want to make Kosovo into a protectorate, from which they can dominate the whole Balkans.

The US government claims that these attacks are in support of the Kosovar Albanians. This is a hypocritical lie. The US government has never intervened anywhere in support of an oppressed people, and it itself is the main source of national oppression. Hasn't the US been the chief backer of Israel in its denial of national rights of the Palestinian people? The US supports and finances its NATO ally, Turkey, in its oppression of the Kurdish people. The US still holds Puerto Rico as a colony. And what about the oppression of Black people within the US itself, as seen in the recent murder by the NY Police Department of Amadou Diallo and the torture of Abner Louima, and the continuing threat to execute political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal?

The US bombing of Yugoslavia only serves to further inflame ethnic tension in the Balkans. It can never "bring peace" to the peoples of the region. Genuine peace can only come about through the unity of the peoples against imperialist intervention. The attack is part of NATO's expansion towards the East (with the incorporation of Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic). It is also a test for future intervention to put down any popular uprising in the former Soviet Union. This war, besides being an aggression against the people of Yugoslavia, is against the interests of all working people in the U.S. USFSP calls on all people to demonstrate their opposition to these attacks.

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