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About Northstar Compass

Michael Lucas photo

Michael Lucas
Chair, Editor of NSC

Northstar Compass is a monthly magazine containing the latest news and views of the struggles of the Soviet peoples against Mevedev's capitalist regime and its imperialist backers. It includes English translations from communist and progressive newspapers in the former Soviet Union. These news items are not printed in the capitalist media.

Northstar Compass is the publication of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, who are struggling to rebuild socialism in the countries that have for more than 70 years constituted the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.


The International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People unites – on an independent and non-partisan basis – all those organizations and individuals who support the above objective.

In this spirit, Northstar Compass publishes articles of interest in this struggle, covering news and information on the contemporary situation inside the former USSR, as well as related world news about the struggles against neo-liberal globalization and imperialism, now rampant in the world.

Additionally, Northstar Compass covers events and issues concerning the friendship organizations associated with the International Council.

Northstar Compass thus acts as a unifying force to consolidate and coordinate the anti-imperialist forces of the world with the struggle for socialism and the restoration of the Soviet Union. In this manner we act as a united front, but are not a forum for ideological debates. Soviet people themselves will choose the path they will follow towards socialism and onwards to Communism.

New Executive Committee for 2009 Elected by the Canadian Friends of Soviet People

Top left: Jesse Papas, Secretary, Michael Lucas, Editor of NSC, Chairman of the International Council, Frank Trampus, Chairman of the Toronto CFSP, Lloyd Redstone,  proofreader of NSC, Steve Sajbon, NSC photographer, Andrei Krasnov, Youth Organizer.
Bottom left: Helen Long, telephone secretary, Helen Lucas, Financial Secretary of NSC and International Council, Kosta Parousis, Vice Chairman of the Toronto Branch of CFSP.

These are the comrades that work voluntarily in order to keep Northstar Compass being published regularly – even though the biggest load in this is carried by Michael Lucas, its Editor and Helen Lucas, its Financial Secretary. These comrades plan the events that raises finances for NSC, that helps to pay the expenses of running the organization from day to day.

The Canadian Friends of Soviet People, with headquarters in Toronto, not only plans and carries out activities in Toronto, such as meetings, lectures, Soviet film showings, celebrating important dates in Soviet history – it carries a burden that makes the Friendship Society a viable and influential entity.

Currently more then 500 of our comrades across the World participate in our work, writing and translating articles for NSC, sending newsletters and comments and giving donations to support us financially.
Your contribution to our work will always be appreciated! We need your support!

Join us in our International Anti-Imperialistic Struggle!