Pictures by NSC Reader, USFSP Member
and U.S. Political Prisoner Ana Lucia Gelabert

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New picture added October 23, 2006

New pictures added June 11, 2006

New pictures added July 12, 2005

The pictures below are being exhibited by Contexts/Books Through Bars. available in full vivid colors at cost, $2 each postpaid, at the address below. All proceeds, if any, go to BTB for free books to prisoners.

4722 Baltimore Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19143

George W. Bush (56796 bytes)

Tony Blair (53719 bytes)

Dick Cheney (48626 bytes)

John Ashcroft (42017 bytes)

Donald Rumsfeld (46701 bytes)

Colin Powell (49088 bytes)

Condoleezza Rice (52935 bytes)

Paul Wolfowitz (52851 bytes)

L. England (43621 bytes)

Texas Dept. of Corrections (51079 bytes)

Texas Dept. of Corrections (72030 bytes)

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