Statement by NSC

Dear readers!

The 120th Anniversary of the birth of J.V. Stalin has just past and we have included two articles by two very different authors, who have looked at this great man and his legacy. One is by Ellen Glick and the other one is by W.E.B. Dubois, who was a leading figure in the U.S. progressive movement.

Why are we doing this?

Whether we like it or not, whether many Communist parties in the world agree or not is inconsequential at this time of history! Unless all of the progressive movement learns quickly as to the role and importance of Stalin within the CPSU and understand as to why the class enemy of the working class - greedy capitalism and imperialism - spend all their time and billions upon billions of dollars on myriad of books, TV programs, newspapers, different studies, research, philosophical explanations, newly discovered Marxist theories, trained spies and saboteurs, buy-off of elements within the progressive movements, etc. etc. ad nausea, then the class enemy has done its dirty job well of vilifying and making the name of Stalin a dirty word and thus sow confusion and distrust amongst the progressive and communist movements all over the world.

This tremendous effort and money, using not only the right but also the left movements, has unfortunately paid off for Imperialism. But, it's obvious that they still cannot bury forever all the deeds and accomplishments of the Soviet Union under the capable leadership of the Bolshevik Party and its leader J.V. Stalin.

That's why!

It seems that since 1917 there is a tremendous growth of "Stalin experts", both from the right, but mostly from the so-called "left" wing movements which sprang up all over the world as mushrooms after a heavy rain.

Imperialism never spends billions of dollars or starts wars without having a master plan. Since the USSR was dismembered by the "new thinking communists" the influx of hundreds of different religious sects and also missionaries into the former Soviet Union is now known both to friend and foe alike. Millions of bibles, in all of the languages spoken in the former USSR were all shipped FREE to every corner of that vast land. This was just one of the end results of the work of enemies within the CPSU culminating with the open traitorous revisionism of Khrushchev and ending up with Gorbachev-Yeltsin and now with the Pinochet lover" Putin!

Unfortunately, because there is no political UNITY amongst the Communist parties within the former USSR and also with no less than 4 to 10 different communist parties in countries of the world, the fight against Imperialism is not united and this is the signal for US Imperialism to go on with its plans for world Imperialist domination which borders on Fascism!

There are comrades who in their present understanding suggest that NSC should not touch upon any religious or political matters... just report what is going on and leave it at that! But, in order to struggle for the resurrection of Socialism and of the Soviet Union, this absolutely cannot be done without defending the Soviet Union which basically is defending Stalin! They are and will be inseparable!

The psychological barrage of anti-Stalinism (which in essence is anti-Socialism & anti-Sovietism) has had its effects amongst all of the progressive movements without any doubt. This insidious barrage is so clever that unfortunately even some very sincere and dedicated socialists or communists state: "Oh yes, Socialism was great and correct under Lenin! But Stalin... he murdered millions, he devastated the country, he was not a true Marxist-Leninist!'

Imperialism has done a great job of brainwashing these comrades, to be sure. Using Fascist methods of Hitler and of Goebbels, they know that.. "A lie, if it is big enough and is repeated often enough, will eventually be accepted as the truth!

Anti-Stalinism is also anti-Socialism!

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