Freedom for Anti-Fascist Heroes in Latvia

By Rafael Martinez

Vasili M. Kononov was born in 1924 in Mali Bati, a small Latvian village in the region of Latgalia, which was the poorest and backward region in bourgeois Latvia. The peasants were forced to work for Kulaks (very rich landowners) and their class consciousness developed, not from books but from hard life under capitalism.

In 1940 there was no question for Vasili Kononov and most other poor peasants as to whether to support the Soviet power or fight against it. The landowners' land passed into the hands of the peasantry. The poor peasants for the first time had access to schools and colleges. Illiteracy was finally liquidated.

When the Nazis occupied the Baltics with the help of their bloody collaborators, who were recruited from local nationalists and former landowners, Vasili Kononov and his comrades fled to the forests and began a guerrilla warfare against the German Nazis and local Fascists until the Soviet Red Army liberated the Baltic republics. The Latvian partisans hit hard at positions of the Fascists troops, disrupted railway communications, defended the civilian population from the violence of the Nazi occupiers and saved many Jews and Gypsies from extermination. The Latvian section of the German SS recruited local youths, but at the same time the partisan resistance won over many youths who refused to join the Fascist German SS. There were many agents and provocateurs who joined the partisan movement and these agents-provocateurs were very severely punished by the Latvian red partisans. Some were expelled from the partisan detachments and some were executed for carrying out murderous actions against the population as agents of the SS, in order to cast blame on the anti-fascist partisan movement.

The present bourgeois government has made an accusation against the patriot Vasili Makarovitch Kononov based on falsified charges, unforgivable slander and trumped-up charges, because the partisans liquidated a detachment of Latvian SS traitors in the life and death struggle against German fascism. The present Latvian bourgeois regime is trying to discredit the glorious Red Partisan movement - 55 years after the defeat of fascism.

Hitlerites in conjunction with traitors in many countries formed many fake partisan detachments made up of criminal elements who daily terrorized the population and thus cast blame on the patriots who were dying in fighting fascism. Thus, the present Latvian regime is following in the footsteps of Hitler Fascists.

The bourgeois-Fascists of Latvia have sentenced Vasili Kononov to 6 years in jail, but they failed to demoralized this fighter.

These tactics are used by the present Latvian regime also against the former Soviet Security Forces who were in the front lines in clearing the territory of Latvia from the fascist hordes.

The obligation of the world proletariat and all honest people of the world is to stop the political class terror exerted by the present bourgeois regime of Latvia against all anti-fascist heroes such as Vasili Kononov

Freedom to Vasili Kononov and his brothers in arms. Glory to the anti-fascist heroes!

Independent Union of Workers of Riga, Latvia. From materials published by Proletarskaya Gazeta No. 5.

Latvian heroes who fought fascism but are now on trial!
No To Fascism!

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