About some principal causes of establishing the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People

Vice Chairman of the Georgian Association of Friendship with People

Due to the fact that the 4 member Georgian delegation was not able to obtain Canadian visas, they were not present at the World Congress. Only now have we managed to receive their report that they were to make at the Congress. Below we publish this report.

"Dear delegates and Guests of the Congress:

Helen Blau

Perhaps I could begin by saying that at this significant international event, our delegation represents the People’s Patriotic Union (PPU) of Georgia, which was established in September of 1998 on the initiative of the United Communist Party of Georgia (UCPG). Its chairman is a retired Major-General Panteleimon I. Georgadze. Its vice-chairman is Avtandil G. Maruashvili. A co-founder of the PPU of Georgia is the Georgian Association of Friendship with People (a public organization) that signed the Call for the establishment of the International Council. The other principal constituent members of the Union are: The Soviets of the Working People (a public and political organization), the Union of Soviet Officers of Georgia and the Young Communist League of Georgia, named after J.V. Stalin.

The establishment of the Patriotic Union of Georgia was caused by an urgent necessity of the beginning of, so to say, an offensive of the left forces in opposition to the ruling bourgeois regime in Georgia, and that in its turn was caused by the actually existing danger of total destruction of Georgia, a country of centuries-old history and culture.

Under complete independence as a member of the USSR, Soviet Georgia achieved great success in all spheres of socialist construction. It was a mighty state with a highly developed economy, with globally recognized science, art, culture, sports and with fine customs and traditions, inimitable in its beauty, a country whose natural and manpower resources do not need any advertisement.

Eleven years have passed since Georgia ended its membership in the USSR. What are the actual results of the annihilation of Soviet power in Georgia and of the establishment of the bourgeois regime in this state? The "independent" country entered into the XXI century and into the third millennium amidst an unprecedented national crisis. Owing to the fratricidal war unleashed by the central national-separation power of Georgia in South Ossetia in 1991 and in Abkhazia in 1993, our country lost its territorial integrity. The South-Ossetian Autonomous Region and the Abkhazia Autonomous Republic left Georgia de facto. In fact other territories and regions of Georgia are not under the jurisdiction of the central power. The economy of the country is in decay. The production of the national industry is only 8%. Factories and industries which cost millions of rubles have been destroyed, some of them are being dismantled and sold as scrap metal. Rich agricultural State and Collective farms have also been destroyed and all of the farming machinery has disappeared. Manual labor and a wooden plough have come into use again. And, according to the official data of 1989 (before Georgia ended its membership in the USSR) in 777 Collective Farms and 627 State Farms there were 24,000 tractors and also 2035 grain harvester combines. In 1164 offices of saving banks the citizens had 3 million 211 thousand deposits, which amounted to 7 billion rubles. At the same time, medical services and education were free. By now all of the citizens' savings-deposits have been plundered, education and medical services are on a paying basis and are inaccessible for more than 80% of the population. 300 hospitals out 421 have stopped performing their function long time ago.

At present, the financial position of the absolute majority of the population of Georgia is miserable. Over 85% are living under poverty level conditions. The number of Georgian population of 15,400.000 and the territory of the country decreased by over 169,500 kilometers and the population decreased by over one-third!

Homelessness, hungry elderly people growing weak, unsettled refugees living in inhuman conditions, corruption of the morals of the youth, morally declining nation, violation of rights and liberties of man, people absolutely unprotected from the tyranny of corrupt officials, thieves, gangsters who steal not only material values, but also people, debts of the country to its bosses like the IMF, people dying off, a completely destroyed economy, difficult conditions of science, education, culture, deep spiritual crisis – those are the results of the so-called reforms, of a brutal experiment of abrupt transition from a Socialist State system to a capitalist one.

Those are for Georgia the most painful effects of the dismemberment of the Soviet Union. A never-ending list of unprecedented disasters which followed the barbarous disintegration of the USSR would be continued. But it is very painful to speak about that because beyond each given fact there are awful human tragedies, broken fates and deep inconsolable grief of innocent people. This all can be defined more exactly by one word – genocide. During the more than three-millennium history of Georgia, nobody has done so much harm to this country, to its people and nation as has been done to them by the present regime.

Correct, complex and objective analysis of the disastrous situation in Georgia called forth the unification of sensible citizens of the country in the People’s Patriotic Union and defining as its priority program objectives as the resurrection of the renewed Soviet Union, the defense of interests of the unfortunate and exploited working people, the struggle under the present legislation against the present anti-popular regime in Georgia and, finally, the change of the economic and social course, the establishment of the sovereignty of the people, who will eventually take under their control the whole government and the restoration of socialism of the Soviet style.

A strong kernel of the PPUG is the UCPG. It is these Communists that broad section of patriots of the country joined. As our delegation here consists of that broad section of two members of that party, I cannot but say a few words about their activities.

The United Communist Party of Georgia was established in June of 1994. It is the only recognized successor to the Communist Party of Soviet Georgia. P.I. Georgadze is the First Secretary of the CC UCPG. The Deputy to the First Secretary is A.G .Maruashvili.

The central published organ of the UCPG is the newspaper "Communist". During election campaigns, informational bulletins, leaflets, special issues of the newspaper are published. Over 20 regional newspapers of the UCPG are published.

The UCPG has 1217 local party organizations, 68 town party committees and also regional party committees as well as one very large regional committee; congresses are held where the current work is analyzed and new decisions are taken. There are also held many peaceful demonstrations of the working people as well as numerous actions of protests, marches, manifestations, constant pickets, meetings with the representatives of the fraternal Communist parties, of the left public and Komsomol organizations of the former USSR. A number of events held by the UCPG and the PPUG were dealt with by me in previous issues of NSC. The UCPG should be given the credit of holding regional and All-Georgian congresses of the people of Georgia, where Appeals addressed to President Shevernadze to dissolve Parliament and also to have the President resign himself. A business trip of a delegation of the so-called People’s Diplomacy to Moscow to meet the authorities of the Russian Republic in autumn of 2000 as well as events held to support freedom-loving nations of Iraq and Serbia are also worth mentioning.

Taking into account the difficult social conditions and the tough conditions created for the activities of the PPU, each event entailed strong moral overtones, both for the organizers and participants of these events. It might be enough to mention the event of last March 17th, 2001, the Anniversary of the All-Union Referendum of 1991 on the matter of the preservation of the USSR, when our march of supporters was broken up on the orders of the chief of police in Tbilisi. The result was that 27 people were seriously injured, among them a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, a retired Soviet Major-General P.I. Georgadze.

It is indisputable now that the PPUG is going on the correct path. The proof of this is the fact that only during the past year, 24 political parties and public organizations of Georgia, which support the Union’s strategic goals, joined it. Another proof is the fact that owing to the urgent demands of the PPUG the planned measure by the government to give NATO military bases in Georgia were suspended. The PPUG also managed to urge the Georgian government to change, though only for some period, its policy in this sphere.

A Statement made by the delegates of the Extraordinary Congress of the People’s Patriotic Union on August 4, 2001 is important by its content. It says:

"Having thoroughly analyzed once again the social, economic, moral and political situation in Georgia, the delegates declare with all responsibility that it is impossible to bear any longer the ongoing genocide of the people organized by the present Georgian leadership."

The delegates defined as sadism a statement made by the present powers at whose feet lies the disemboweled and impoverished country of Georgia, stating that Georgia is a happy nation since having become "independent."

The present Georgian parliament is composed of the loudest babblers, hooligans who like fighting, demagogues and tipsy populist windbags.

The so-called Georgian government does not rule Georgia and cannot rule over it, and it is totally corrupt; it is busy with plundering its own people and with personal insatiable enrichment. The government has proved that they neither want nor can defend the citizens and guarantee them the right to life and minimum conditions for safe existence. Moreover, they deliberately create conditions for unleashing a Civil War, thus creating hotbeds of tensions and armed conflicts.

The present leadership of Georgia acts against the interests of Georgian people. For the last ten-year period, it has kept none of its pre-election promises, it continuously breaks the basic propositions of the present Georgian Constitution.

In order to stop the genocide of the people, organized by the present leadership of Georgia, to defend human rights and liberties from the tyranny of the corrupt criminal officials and their criminal connivance, the PPUG calls upon the citizens of Georgia to begin to exercise their rights! The Union calls for self-defense by all available means, including the establishment of defense detachments formed by volunteers.

Besides intensive activities in the UCP-CPSU, the UCPG established closer relations with 86 Communist Parties in foreign countries and enjoys deserved authority in the International Communist movement.

During the whole period of its activities, our party endured pressure, threats and repressions. None of the 150 parties in Georgia has been so exposed to the threats of fascist reprisal as has the UCPG. None of the other parties have been so persecuted by the authorities and the organizations that support them as has our UCPG.

At present the UCPG does not have any of its representatives in the government bodies. As it is the only real party in opposition in the country, it is exposed to unprecedented pressure and persecution by the present government. Although during the last parliamentary elections in 1995 the UCPG beat the established 5% barrier and received 12% of the votes, the Election Commission of Shevernadze, through manipulations and fraud, reduced our results to 4.5% and did not allow the Communists to get seats in Parliament. According to the election results of 1995 our Party took 4th place.

Due to the anti-democratic and anti-popular election law adopted for the elections to the institutions of the local governments, the UCPG boycotted the elections to the local Assemblies "Sakrebulo" in November of 1998. Due to an ever-greater refinement of the anti-democratic elections law adopted specifically for the elections to the Parliament of Georgia in 1999, under the constant pressure of the authorities, the UCPG could not beat the 7% barrier established for getting seats in the Parliament of Georgia, and as a result we took seventh place out of 60.

As compared to the Communist Parties of the former Union Republics, the UCPG has carried out activities in the most difficult of conditions. Under anti-Soviet, anti-Russian and pro-capitalist hysteria, the UCPG has a very practical program and acts confidently because members of our party believe that the future belongs to Socialism of the Soviet style.

Expressing its disagreement with the present Georgian government, the People’s Patriotic Union resorts exclusively to methods of struggle according to the law: its members write in protests, official appeals and presentations to the leadership of the country.

In order to stop the genocide of the people, organized by the present leadership of Georgia, to defend human rights and liberties from the tyranny of the corrupt criminal officials and their criminal connivance, the PPUG calls upon the citizens of Georgia to begin to exercise their rights! The Union calls for self-defense by all available means, including the establishment of defense detachments formed by volunteers.

It becomes obvious from all of the above, that it is quite impossible for Georgia to settle all of its problems alone, because they are all very complicated since we became "independent." The same situation also exists in all of the former Soviet republics that became "independent." It follows from this that the very vital interests of the countries require expansion and intensification of friendship amongst the peoples of the former USSR. Friendship amongst people has always been a motive power for development of society. It favours speedy achievement of aims and purposes. Under support of our friends from other countries in the world, the process of achievement of our goals can become accelerated. Therefore the establishment on an International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People is timely and necessary!

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