American Racism

Michael Lucas

Present US imperialist policy of conquest and of the "fight against terrorism" and the subjugation of peoples, has its roots in the past, starting with colonialism and going on to the present day.

In this regard, there is now on the market an excellent book called, "American Holocaust, the Conquest of the New World," written by David E. Stannard, which outlines historically the conquest by Spaniards, English, Americans and Dutch of South and North America, using religion and "God is with us" policy, as they butchered, defamed and also promoted racism towards the native people.

The question of the American attitude of discrimination before and now against other races and Blacks in particular is well known and well documented in written history. But, starting with the Second World War, the Americans have shifted even more in a crucial way towards racism.

Below we quote a few extracts from this book in order to illustrate what we mean:

During the war with Japan in the 1940’s, the American Curator of the Smithsonian Institute's Division of Anthropology had advised the President of United States that the Japanese skull was "some 2,000 years less developed than ours" and that the "Japanese pilots were incompetent because they all had slanted eyes." This racist and biased transformation allowed the US armed forces to torture and also to mutilate Japanese troops-just as the Japanese did to Americans. As one American war correspondent in the Pacific recalled in an Atlantic Monthly article:

"We shot prisoners in cold blood, wiped out their hospitals, strafed the enemy civilians, finished off the enemy wounded, tossed the dying into the hole with the dead, and in the Pacific, we even boiled the skulls of the Japanese, to make table ornaments for our sweethearts at home, or carved their bones into letter openers.

In 1944, the very popular "Life Magazine" published a "human interest" story which showed a US blonde posing with a Japanese skull she had been sent by her boyfriend from the Pacific area.

A little more than two decades after this "Life Magazine" photo was published, General William C. Westmoreland was describing the people of Vietnam as "termites" as he explained the need to limit the number of US troops in Vietnam:

"If you crowd in too many termite killers, each using a screwdriver to kill the termites (Vietnamese -- Editor) you risk collapsing the floors or the foundation. In this war we’re using screwdrivers to kill termites because it’s a guerrilla war and we cannot use bigger weapons."

Taking their cue from their General, US troops started to use the terminology to describe the embattled Vietnamese people as "gooks" and "slopes" and "dinks" in a war that reduced the human dead on the enemy side to "body counts." General Maxwell Taylor referred to the Vietnamese as "Indians" in his US Congress testimony and to people who lived in Indian country it was said that they "infested" it, according to official government language. The Vietnamese were human, but as the U.S. Public Affairs Officer, John Mecklin then put it, their minds (Vietnamese -- Editor) were only the equivalent of "the shriveled leg of a polio victim," their "power of reason… only slightly beyond the level of an American six year old."

And then, another two decades later, in another part of the world, as American tanks in their hundreds rolled over and buried alive any humans that were in their path in Iraq, the approved term for the dead Iraqi women and children became "collateral damage". Even well before the war with Iraq broke out, the U.S. Air Force 77th Tactical Fighter Squadron produced and distributed a song book, describing what they planned to do on their inevitable Middle East assignments. Here is the only sample verse that is fit to publish… other verses are vile and obscene:

Phantom flyers in the sky,
Persian-pukes prepare to die,
Rolling in with snake and nape,
Allah creates but we cremate.

The other verses are so vile, describing Arabs as racially inferior, and maggot-infested Arab women. During the short war, when the Iraqi soldiers were giving up and running away under merciless bombing, the American pilots referred to this massacre as "turkey shoots" and called the Iraqi people "ragheads", "cockroaches". Graffiti on the bombs slung under their death-dealing war planes had slogans like "Mrs. Saddam’s sex toy."

This valuable book contains an extraordinary amount of factual data, based on archives, research and accounts that were purposely hushed up and never allowed to see the light of day.

So, is it any wonder that in the name of God and Christianity, American imperialism has outdone even all the other imperialist colonial countries together in their genocidal onward march towards their New World Order?

In conclusion I would just like to quote what the "Chicago Daily Tribune" (by no means a Marxist or even a Pinko publication} had to say on the back cover of this book:

"This book, drawing on the latest demographic, geographical, and anthropological research…(and) driven to the gruesome account of the ascetic Christian roots of genocidal racism… (and) up to the present contemporary times of world events… Stannard’s is a very terrifying, spirit-withering story."

So, when we heard US President Bush say: "God is with us, He is not neutral, In God we trust," President Bush is only following what his predecessors did, even though well hidden in history by all of the public relations hype.

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