The Truth About 9-11

Vic Ratsma

The U.S. has gone to war fighting terrorism. Many countries, including my own country of Canada, have expressed support and are providing assistance, attacking the Taliban and Al Qaida in Afghanistan. All this is being justified based on ONE event, the attack on New York and Washington on September 11, 2001. It is therefore absolutely imperative that the truth is known about the event. Many questions remain unanswered. As well, publicly available information obtained through regular media sources suggests that the official story line is not the full story, or even the correct story.

I do believe, that, at the very minimum, the U.S. authorities knew of the impending attack and did nothing to prevent it.

They might have been surprised by the magnitude of the damage, as the twin towers were not supposed to collapse as a result of the impact of an aircraft. Perhaps that is why the last flight (US93) appears to have been shot down, a belated reaction to minimize further damage.

The incident ultimately served to declare war on terrorism, but in effect an attack for attacking any nation the U.S. sees as being "in the interest of the U.S.A." or as an imagined threat to their security.



Four airplanes are hijacked, more or less simultaneously:

*AA – Departs Boston @07.59 – Hits World Trade Center North Tower

*UA 77 – Departs Newark @ 08.10 – Crashed in Pa.

*AA 77 – Departs Washington @ 08.10 – Hits Pentagon

*UA 175 – Departs Boston @ 08.14 – Hits World Trade Center South Tower

The hijackings of four airplanes within such a short time span is unique and has never happened before. Official reaction by the U.S. authorities was one of apparent complete surprise. Yet there is ampler evidence to show that they knew the attack was coming.


On June 10, 2001, German intelligence, the BNF, warned both the CIA and Israel that Middle Eastern terrorists were planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture (Source: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Sept. 14, 2001)

Summer 2001, an Iranian man phones U.S. law enforcement to warn of an imminent attack on the World Trade Center in the week of September 9th. German police confirm the call that then U.S. Secret Service would not reveal any further information. (Source: German News Agency "online", September 14, 2001)

Summer 2001 – Russian intelligence notifies the CIA that 25 terrorist pilots have been specially trained for suicide missions. This is reported in the Russian press and the news stories are translated for the FTW (From the Wilderness, a U.S. publication; VR) by a retired CIA officer.

August 20, 2001 – Russian President Putin orders Russian intelligence to warn the U.S. government "in the imminent attacks on airports and government buildings." (Source – MS-NBC interview with Putin, Sept. 15, 2001)

September 3, 2001 – MS-NBC reported on Sept. 16 that a caller to a Cayman Island radio station talk-show gave several warnings of an imminent attack on the U.S. by bin Laden in the week prior to September 11th attack.

September 11, 2001 – Employees of Odigo Inc. in Israel, one of the world’s biggest instant messaging companies with offices in New York, receive threat warnings of an imminent attack on the World Trade Center, less than two hours before the planes hit the WTC. Law enforcement authorities have gone silent about any investigation into this. The Odigo offices in Israel are in the same location as the Institute for Counter Terrorism, the office which brought early details of insider trading on September 11th on the Wall Street Stock Exchange. (Source – CNN’s Daniel Sieberg 9/28/01. Newsbytes, Brian McWilliams 9/27/01; Ha’aretz, 9/26/01).

August 17, 2001 – U.S. Navy Lt. Delmar "Mike" Vreeland, jailed in Toronto, Canada on U.S. fraud charges and claiming to be an officer of the U.S. Naval Intelligence, writers details of the impending WTC attacks and seals it in an envelope which he gives to Canadian authorities. (Source – The Toronto Star, Oct. 23, 2001: Toronto Superior Court Records)

September 14, 2001 – Canadian jailers opened the sealed envelope in Toronto and saw that it described the attacks against the WTC and the Pentagon. The U.S. Navy subsequently stated that Vreeland was discharged as a seaman in 1986 for unsatisfactory performance and has never worked in intelligence. (Source – The Toronto Star, October 23, 2001; Toronto Superior Court Records)

January 10, 2002 – In call from a speaker phone in open court, attorneys for "Mike" Vreeland call the Pentagon’s switchboard operator who confirms that Vreeland is indeed a Naval Officer on active duty. She provided an office number and a direct-dial phone extension to his office in the Pentagon. (Source – Attorney Rocco Galati; Court Records Toronto Superior Court)


Even though it is obvious from the beginning that the U.S. was well aware of the impending attack, they did nothing to prevent it.

September 11, 2001 – For 35 minutes, from 8.15 AM until 9.05 AM, with it widely known within the FAA and the military that four commercial planes have been simultaneously hijacked and taken off course, no one notifies the President of the United States. It is not until 9.30 AM that any Air Force planes are scrambled to intercept, but by then it is too late. This means that the National Command Authority waited for 75 minutes before scrambling the aircraft, even though it was known that four simultaneous hijackings have occurred – an event that has never happened before in history. (Sources – CNN, ABC, MS, NBC – The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times)

This lack of timely reaction by the military during the hijackings is incomprehensible, especially in a highly defended areas like the east coast of the United States, including both the White House and the Pentagon. One of these planes reportedly flew right through the permanent "no fly zone" around the White House, yet not a shot was fired, even though the White House is said to be well defended from its rooftops.


Although the official story states that that the attack came as a complete surprise, it apparently took less than two hours to identify the source of the attack: Osama bin Laden. The authorities who knew nothing beforehand suddenly had all kinds of information as to who was responsible. Not enough time had even elapsed to even START an investigation, let alone COMPLETE one!

March 11, 2002 – Six months after Osama bin Laden was charged with responsibility for the attack, he has not been captured and his name has virtually disappeared from the news and as a target for arrest. Since he was supported by the CIA in the fight against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, was involved and supported by the CIA in Kosovo, Yugoslavia and, given the known relationship between the Bush family and the bin Laden family with respect to oil investments, it is not credible that the U.S. really wants to arrest Osama bin Laden (previous opportunities to do so were also spurned).

The FBI head of counter-terrorism since 1995, John O'Neill, investigated several terrorist incidents in the Middle East, but was regularly frustrated in his efforts by the U.S. Ambassador to Yemen and the Bush government. He retired in disgust in July 2001, but was offered a job at three times his earlier salary ($300,000) as Head of Security at the Word Trade Center. His first day on the job was September 11th. He was killed that same day. (Source –

Quite apart from the fact that his pursuit of Osama bin Laden was being frustrated by U.S. authorities, what are we to make of his death? Just a coincidence or was he considered a very troublesome accessory who knew too much?

What happened to the flight data and the voice recorders on each of the aircraft? Why is the record being withheld from the public? It is known that the "black box" from Flight 93 has been received, but the FBI won’t release the tape. There was at least one request from a victim’s family to hear the recording and several efforts by Republican Ellen Tauscher, Democrat of California to the FBI to play the tapes for those families who want to hear them. (Source –, Dec. 2002). So, what are the U.S. authorities hiding? And where is the flight data from the three airplanes? The black box is supposed to withstand major impact. Have they been recovered and, if so, what do they tell us?


It has been reported that the U.S. planned the attack and invasion of Afghanistan well before September 11th, 2001. What was needed was an incident that would ensure the support of the American people as well as NATO allies and other countries. Amazingly, this precise scenario, including the location was described in the book written in 1997 by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former U.S. foreign policy advisor in the Carter administration. According to Brzezinski, an event equal to the attack on Pearl Harbour would be required to ensure the support of the American people for the military action in Central Asia.

Even with the small amount of information presented in this article (and there is much, much more), it is clear that the U.S. is implicated in the September 11th attack, if not in actual planning, then in the acquiescence to let it happen. Had the warnings been heeded, the whole event might have been prevented.

The main question that remains is: When is the official media in the U.S., Canada, France, Britain and Europe, and indeed around the world, going to conduct serious investigation, which has thrown the whole world into so much turmoil? And how long are today’s U.S. allies prepared to support this effort?

I am extremely grateful to Michael Rapport from the Wilderness Publications for much of the data in this report, to VISION TV and the program Insight Media-file on which, among others, Michael Ruppert appeared and many other Internet services which include The Emperors-Clothes. Without all their research we would still be in the dark.

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