George Soros – Mr. Lucifer

By DR. VERA BUTLER –Australia

Very slowly, but surely, Russian society came to the conclusion that, today, a war is being waged against Russia as such- not against this-or-that ideology or political movement. It is a new kind of war, new and unusual for us. Sometimes it is called "informational psychological," or "civilizatory," or "third world war." All of these descriptions say little-we didn’t really quite understand the nature of this "cold war" declaration. But it was a war of destruction-today that’s clear to everybody.

Although today our society, our people, are divided, yet the feeling of the "strange" war enters the consciousness of people from a wide variety of backgrounds- and, odd as it may sound, it even begins to lay a unifying role. There’s no point in quarreling among each other if the invisible enemy is capable of grabbing them all and drown them in the same bog. And therefore Russia’s various hostile political groupings suddenly are asking the same war on Russia? What does he want from us? How will this war end? Who, inside our community are the clandestine allies of this enemy? How do we distinguish stupidity from treason?

But if one were to disregard currently fashionable verbiage and extract the essence of these statements, it becomes apparent that there is a growing unease and confusion among the Russia’s inhabitants. Even among the non-religious people who disdain pathos, one can hear it said that a war between good and evil is going on in Russia.

We can see that this undefined enemy inflicts defeat upon us, our living space is being literally cut from under our and our children’s feet, but we don’t know either the weapon of the enemy, or his plans of attack. Those in charge keep quiet and don’t let us know of their defensive plans. Apparently they are not ready for this kind of a new war. And if that is so, then every home, every family must become a trench. Everybody whose babies that women of our tribe still have the courage of bearing, must today turn to a sleuth. There will be no defense, no resistance, until we start looking all around us dispassionately and assess everything that is happening to we shall suddenly discern the "enemy'’ operational plan, we shall see the direction of his hits, we shall be able to assess the means used, the nature and depth of destruction wreaked. Then we shall be able to build our defences. Only then, such a joint effort will produce the leaders capable of giving the order to mobilize.

One approach is to study the thinking, the operational techniques, of those symbolic figures who are generally held to belong to the cohort of our enemy’s mot prominent actors. Even the collective image of this cohort is highly significant. It seems as if this utterly new phenomenon is the sign of a new time of troubles. There is Madeleine Albright and Shevernadze, Brzezinski and Chubais… Berezovski and Gaidar, or that couple Thatcher and Gorbachev – different faces, different movements- but something they all share, something that is nit of this word, not of our world… in all their eyes there flickers the fire of some inhuman threat, in all their words there is a clandestine passion for destruction – the destruction of simple homes and simple human relations which makes up life itself.

Of course we are materialists, we do not believe in the Antichrist and his hordes, yet sometimes one feels something like fear, looking at their faces in the TV screens. There’s something missing, as if they were from another planet. Sometimes this is described with the foggy term "post-modern." It has taken us 400 years to absorb current rules of morality, conscience, behaviour, but now a new generation of politicians has refuted all of this. As they put it – there’s nothing to fear, you’ll soon all get used to it - the philosophers bought by the scoundrels, the professors and the poets, such gangsters, will usurp and hold power over a large part of humanity for long. They will not be able to handle it. The instincts of life and love will prove stronger.

When talking about people who represent this war against Russia, one hears protests: what do you really mean? Why exaggerate the role of individuals in history? It is important to understand who is behind them, which social classes and political groupings, what are the sources of their capital. This does, of course, contain a part of truth. Of course, what would Madeleine Albright mean personally, if she were the former American foreign secretary? Simply a very nasty old woman in very strange and vulgar clothes. And Russia’s Chubais, would still be selling tulips in Leningrad on the central Nevsky Prospect… if he had not been pulled up by the shady cadres of the global manipulators.

Yet, even if these people are no more than cogs within a big machine, they have to be studied. They are visible cogs, who express with their words and deeds the hidden goals of that machine, and if one looks closer, its contradiction. Moreover, all these people are in certain sense extraordinary, the creators and carriers of a philosophy and logic that is alien to us. Having understood them, we shall learn to understand and discern the same goals and methods in the words and in the actions of the less conspicuous, lower echelons of their army. After all, their viruses penetrate our own thoughts and actions – it is important to cleanse oneself all the time. Therefore, it has been long overdue to initiate the complex investigation of these dark heroes of our time. After all, they have studied us at length and marked their charts accordingly!

One of such "heroes," who literally "spread both his owl’s wings over Russia," is George Soros. He had already focused on the USSR (Russia) under Gorbachev and had time to create an entire network of organizations, and sustain a big group of travelers and cooperators. One hears from all sides about him being the sustainer, teacher, strategic investor, financial genius and critic of capitalism! Soros has truly an amazing capability for changing his image and subvert the poor chasers of pennies – just as Lucifer did!

Just imagine – a speculator on the world stock exchanges and critic of finance capital all in one bottle! It has gone so far that even some communists are not averse to cite Soros. After all, Soros knows all about capitalism, he won’t lie or tell lies.

As is customary in geniuses of post-modernism, Soros’ biography is full of romantic detail and white spots. According to some, he – a Jewish boy – was miraculously saved from extermination in Nazi camps; he was hidden by Christians, then obtained false documents. Another version is that he himself, being a teenager at that time, helped the fascists to rob Hungarian Jews and that, therefore, he was forced to flee in 1947. There, the poor thing allegedly worked as a railway porter, a dishwasher in a bar - and suddenly he was able to enter one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the London School of Economics. And furthermore, he became a close associate of the Rothschild bankers. Democracy is s society of equal opportunities!

Then follows the marvelous story how the hard-working, modest youth, saving his pennies and pfennigs, became a global financial with huge quantities of money of non-transparent origin, and hidden from the tax men on the secretive island of Curacao, Mr. Soros plans and executes pirate-style attacks on national currencies, shatters their exchange-rates on the world money markets.

The first big hits by these "royal pirates from Curacao" were directed against European currencies, of friends and allies of the United States. In 1992 a "Black Wednesday" was organized in England, when the English pound fell by 12 percent. The country’s economy was badly hit, but Soros’ fee amounted to US $1 billion. In the same year, the Italian lira was seriously devalued, in order to force its "democrats" to start a fire sale of state property, and to buy up such properties for a song. The Russian Chubais breed does not live on the shores of the Neva.

Soros also lent a hand in bankrupting Argentina. Whilst the intimate friend of our reformers, Domingo Cavallo, was destroying Argentina’s production system, Soros bought up 400,00 ha. of land (not to mention real estate in Buenos Aires) and turned the large-scale beef producer. He intends to supply Europe – just at a time when in Europe the psychosis about "mad cow disease" was rampant, yet in the USA nobody has ever heard about such an affliction.

In year 1997 the Soros "Sonderkommando" was transferred to the Eastern Front – the task was to stop the economic growth of the "Asian Tigers". Here the conditions required some hard work – but the currencies of Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines crashed. For some time the economies of these countries were undermined. Indonesia was thrown into complete chaos. According to the estimates, it cost Malaysia US $30 billion to save its financial system, and the country was thrown back it its development by 10-15 years.

Taiwan too, was badly hit. This destructive speculator generated such hatred there, that a special decree threatened "any person cooperating with Soros funds" would be charged with a criminal offense. What harsh treatment of robbers! What lack of tolerance!

It is true that the currency speculators broke their teeth on China’s yuan. The nut proved too hard, and the Chinese outplayed the speculators and even brought about Soros’ financial collapse there. Moreover, he was barred from entering China. This was due of no traitors inside China’s financial system. In all other cases, spies supplied Soros with confidential information. This is a remarkable exception in our times, when treason and prostitution have become the most prestigious occupations in the civilized world.

This small list of details is cited to illustrate the kind of destructive machinery – named conditionally "SOROS" invaded, in the 1980s, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and in 1987 the Soviet Union, and took over key positions in Moscow.

Fist of all, Mr. Soros is not a banker whose chief purpose is profit only. He heads a special task force of the shadowy Imperialist inspired World Government, which conducts financial wars, and whose goals can only be a guess. Money here is not the purpose, but a weapon. Losses to national currencies are achieved even at costs (to the initiators), and if there is profit, it is tens of timers less than the damage inflicted on victim country. This is a way of taming and punishing recalcitrants under the New World Order. These wars are justified by the ideology of globalization and more attractive private concepts.

Thus, for example, Soros pushes the idea of an "Open Society." But in itself, this idea is meaningless, but we have learned how receptive people are for beautiful phrases. When Soros arrived in Moscow in 1987, and embraced the dissident Sakharov, he was applauded by the Russian intelligencia. He was immediately introduced to Raisa Gorbachev and established, in conjunction with the Cultural Foundation, an American-Soviet Foundation named the "Cultural Initiative". Thus, we became entangled in the cob-web of this "universal human values."

It must be stressed, that the basis for Soros’ activities in the Soviet Union in 1987 was created by Gorbachev, who knew well enough that he dealt with a prominent ideologue and even philosopher of anti-Communism, who was closely associated with the American secret service – his links to the CIA and Israeli Mossad had caused Soros’ expulsion from these countries: Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania. Soros did not hide then, and does not do so today, that his entire "humanitarian" activity was aimed at the destruction of the USSR. This ought to be kept in mind by those old communists who still believe that Gorbachev "wanted the best, but it just didn’t work out."

In the member countries of the socialist camp, and in the USSR in particular, Soros participated in the solution of the most important personnel and organizational issues of the "democratic revolution". In Poland, her financed the work of Jeffrey Sachs, who was preparing the Western "shock therapy" and privatization in that country. Many still remember that Sachs introduced the same programme in Russia, assisted by Gaidar and Chubais. Soros organized and financed the trips to the USA by Grigori Yavlinski and his team, who carried back the "500 days" programme, and also paid for the training of young Russian "reformers in the USA.

Soros became the middleman between Russia’s oligarchs and Western financial operators and was actively involved in the oligarch’s political intrigues (for example in the 1996 elections). He now proudly recounts all that in his books. Chubais is indebted to Soros for his enduring presence. This is how this promoter of the "open society" put it in one of his books:

"I know Chubais well. In my view he is a true reformer, who sold his soul to the devil in order to vanquish the red-brown menace which, in his view, would come to power in Russia, unless counter-acted.

It is elating to learn that Soros praises his soul-brother for selling his soul to save the world from the Russian plague. Oh you, our democratic intellectuals – you follow crazed paranoiacs in their messianic war against Russia.

As a speculator Soros is also active on the Russian securities market – this too, is an important frontline of the silent war against Russia. The targets here are the main strategic sectors of our economy. Soros has bought one billion dollars worth of shares in "Svyazizvest" – the corporation controlling the entire telephone communications in Russia. After this purchase, Soros said in an interview that his funds will actively participate in the buying-out of Russian oil and natural gas companies. It needs to be understood that the control over these sectors is not merely an economic operation, but is primarily (equal to) the political enslavement of the country.

However, the main programme of this Soros brigade in Russia is directed at the minds of our citizens, and primarily at those of the intelligencia and youth. If they swallow the hook, everything else will fall into place. Watching the progress of this programme over the past ten years, one would say that it is brilliant – if only such a word were appropriate for something as perverse and cynical. This "open society" for Soros is the ideology of breaking-and-entering, the removal of all kinds of protective shields. Down with the frontiers which protect and safeguard the country’s efforts to regain strength after years of crisis! Down with the moral norms which parents use to protect their children from the temptation of evil Down with the country’s history which lends support to the young in times of troubles! Soros tries to tear down all these alleged Soviet "chains of totalitarianism". In an interview in the newspaper "Komersant of August 8, 1997 Soros said¨: "I am convinced that a strong central government in Russia cannot be democratic. Secondly, the rescue of a free Russian economy depends on the attraction of Western investments. Thirdly, Russia’s general public must accept the ideology of an ‘open society’.

It goes without saying that the activities of Soros are not limited to Russia. His guidelines are based on principles – he is an agent of a global, not of a regional government. Thus Soros has founded and manages an entire system of funds and organizations, promoting the legislation of drug use. Best known is his fund entitled "The Politics of Narcotics". It is understandable that under the New World Order, the stupefaction of people becomes very important means of domination not to mention profits, as a pleasant side-line. But in Russia’s case, throwing the young people into the pawns of narco-dealers is not the same as legalizing drug addiction in the well-fed West. To give young people free access to narcotics in Russia ravaged by nation-wide misery means nothing else than genocide, the culling of an entire generation.

Mr. Soros opposes a strong, centralized Russian government. That is his first principle. Could one possibly doubt, after such a statement, that those in the pay of Soros organizations in Russia, are involved in subversive activity, that is, everything conducive to weakening and decentralizing the government? To what extent Soros hates the very concept of a powerful state with an Orthodox cultural background, can be gauged from his financing of the Hague Court, trying Slobodan Milosevic. What does Serbia matter to this supporter of legalized narcomania? Well, the principle is the same.

But now, let us see how Soros inculcates all of us on behalf of his Western masters with the "ideology of open society". First of all, a staff of specialists put together by Soros and permeated with this ideology, has undertaken to take into their hands the supplying to all Russian libraries in schools, including libraries in the universities, under strict ideological censorship as required by Soros, who is footing the publishing of these books. Nowadays the supply of books to libraries of Russia is impossible to introduce books written by progressive thinkers and Marxists.

People fed by Soros exercise almost total control over the selection of textbooks for all Russian schools. The standard of some textbooks in the humanities is so horrendously low, and the content so blatantly ideologized, that it becomes possible to speak of a crime against the nation. In late 1998, the Soros Institute in Russia- "Open Society" undertook to realize a mega-project entitled "The Development of Education in Russia", which is to take five years. For 1999 it was planned to implement to reeducate rural teachers at a cost of US $100-150 millions, according to the Russian "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" of September 19, 1998. One can only imagine the goals implemented by Soros in the course of thjs "preparation." The Russia’s rural teachers – this generic stimulus of our culture nurtured by Lev Tolstoy and Ushinski, will now come under the sway of the sway of those "Kulturtraeger" of Soros, the haters of the Russian statehood.

At the moment, the Soros Fund has initiated a programme entitled "Tolerance" in Russia High Schools. The Russian translation of this Latin word is "tyerpimost" – has the dual meaning of prostitution and could be confused with –"doma tyerpimosti" – houses of ill fame. By comparison, house of tolerance – "doma toleranzii" – sounds beautiful.

Watching all these activities promoted and financed totally by Soros, one can foresee that Russia’s children will learn to tolerate everything that was considered evil in our Soviet culture. This will mean the destruction of Russia’s cultural core. Let us stop and think why a foreigner, a cosmopolitan, had been permitted to dabble in these matters on behalf of his masters. On what grounds? After all, we, the people of Russia, have set an example to the rest of the world of the highest level of cultural tolerance. Amongst us tiny nations who could and did preserve their languages and folk tales. What can Western ideologues teach us, they who wiped from the surface of the earth tens of thousands of small nationalities and nations and tribes – in Europe as well as in the Americas, and not so long ago either? How come this financial manipulator tries to teach us about tolerance, us who grew up with Leo Tolstoy, one of the first philosophers of non-violence? We would appreciate wise words about tolerance from the late Mahatma Gandhi, or from Confucians, but what gall for Soros to impose his views upon us?

Soros is an active and skillful evil force, sent and set to destroy Russia as was the destruction of the USSR, whilst helping his followers to survive. But Mr. Soros is also a horribly distorted mirror, which should make us see our own, present image, without blinking or turning away. There are times when evil can become an eye- opener, when its derisive laughter can waken us up and help regaining our strength. We should not miss this opportunity!

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