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From a Political Prisoner in Vladivostok!

In a letter from his wife Tanya in Vladivostok, she sent us a Russian copy of the "Vladivostok Times" from last November 5th where there was a survey done, with the following question: "What would you do if the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution happened again?" The results are as follows:

Soros: His Hands In Serbia, Georgia and Russia

RIA-NOVOSTI, December 1, 2003

The Georgian events that resulted in a take-over of power had been staged according to the plans of US Imperialism and the helping hands of the Soros Foundations. Nikolai Kovalyov, former chief of the Russian security (FSB) charged in the Weekly News TV program in Moscow.

"The Georgian Opera was played smoothly and harmoniously. It was composed in Yugoslavia three years ago. What happened there was not incidental. To the best of my knowledge the full alert was announced in the Spring of 2003."

At that time already, the prepared Georgian team had undergone training in camps 70km from Belgrade. These included suitable Georgian politicians who have staged this velvet revolution. Georgian politicians were shipped to Serbia in teams. Saakashvili, the present "president-to-be" was trained in Serbia for 6 months and visited all if these camps.

These camps were already opened in 2002 and are funded by the US through foundations. The fact is that these camps in Serbia were and are training men from 6 other former Soviet republics. There are representatives there from Moldavia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine, among others. They were all involved in the Georgia unrest, according to Mr. Kovalyov.

Hammer And Sickle Raised Over State Duma in Moscow

From (Russia) Nov.20/2003

With the help of the construction workers, Armen Veniaminov, a member of the Komsomol, the Young Communist’s League, got unto the roof of the State Duma in Central Moscow on November 7th, 2003, and even as thousands of Communist supporters were marching by the parliamentary building, replaced the present tricolor flag with the hammer and sickle flag. A rain of leaflets, glorifying the Great October Socialist Revolution rained down upon the passers-by.

Several young men managed to get unto the roof ands they scattered leaflets glorifying Socialism.

Having done their duty, the young Komsomol members fled while the police rushed to put up the tri-color Vlasov flag, but not before the red flag fluttered over the State Duma for over one hour.

The Nov. 7th marchers hailed the raising of the Soviet flag with great applause and exultation. The marchers carried Soviet flags and slogans, such as "Long live the 86th Anniversary of the Great October" and "Lenin, Party, Komsomol" and pictures of Lenin, Stalin and Che Guevera. The Komsomol member who raised the Soviet flag is running for a post in the State Duma on a Communist ticket. The workers, doing repair work helped the Komsomol member reach the top and raise the red flag. The young comrades, if caught by Putin’s police, would face a year in prison.

Soros Institute Expelled From Offices In Moscow


The Soros Foundation has been expelled from its offices in Moscow by about 40 men in camouflage uniforms, representing the owner of the building who claimed that the foundation has not paid the rent.

The men, accompanied by youth stormed the Moscow offices of the Open Society Institute of US billionaire George Soros last month, forcing all of the staff to leave, before taking away documents in trucks.

The young people came out with scores of boxes from the offices, full of pornographic pictures that the foundation was sending out. The owners of the building, Sector-1 explained that the foundation has not paid rent since 2001. Of course the representatives of the Soros Foundation said that this was illegal and that rent had been paid.

The president of the Russian Soros Foundation, Ekaterina Genieva is now in Italy. The Soros Foundation is active on behalf of US imperialism in all of the former socialist countries, promoting Western values and capitalism.

What’s Behind the Death of Berdugin?

By Rafael Martinez
Editorial Board of Proletarskaya Gazeta

We would like to give a brief account of the political activity of the anti-capitalist militant Sergei Berdugin, member of the Ukrainian Komsomol who died recently in custody of the Ukrainian authorities, and his associates.

According to various sources, the group he belonged to was initially part of the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU), which is analogue to the revisionist Communist Party of the Russian Federation (CPRF). However, they basically worked outside this party. Their organization de facto worked under the leadership of Gubkin (a Russian political activist jailed by the Russian authorities for alleged participation in terrorist activities.) They expropriated petty businessmen. No violence was inflicted, but threats and other means of convincing were used instead. The appropriated means were used to expand the material basis for their activities. They had certain amount of weapons. These young people have nothing to do with the National Bolshevik Party (NBP), although the activities of the later party were welcomed by them.

Unlike Gubkin, who clashed with the CPRF, Berdugin’s group avoided, as much as they could, clashing with the CPU. This group is made up of people who are 17 to 25 years of age, with no clear political orientation. Their struggle ended up the way we expected it to end up. We always tried to convince this type of militant political activists, that petty bourgeois terrorism would lead nowhere in the struggle of the masses against capitalism.

What do we recommend? We recommend not concentrating people’s attention on the actual activity of these individuals. Rather, we need to focus on exposing the violence, the torture, the arbitrariness inflicted on these young people by the present bourgeois authorities. We should firmly reject any form of repression inflicted by the bourgeois authorities, We know, that torture is practiced; we have learned it from individuals who have suffered from it, from their lawyers and their relatives. Moreover, these practices are not even concealed by their perpetrators. It is our duty to denounce any violent or humiliating practice developed by the present bourgeois authorities, regardless of the so-called crimes committed. It is because of this that we have published in the latest issue of Proletarskaya Gazeta (PG21) an article exposing the fascist repression in the Ukraine (a letter from Andre Yakovenko, one of Berdugin’s associates, who is now in jail). In this material we have tried to leave aside the character of the activity of the victims, but tried to concentrate on the Gestapo-type essence of the bourgeois authorities in Ukraine. The death of Serge from torture needs to be denounced as a premeditated assassination, whether it was due to violence inflicted or to the failure to provide medical assistance.

Tell Me Who Your Friends Are---

British press reported the following in October:

Former CPSU member, a dear friend of Gorbachev, Yeltsin and Putin and also a citizen of Israel, Roman Abramovich does not only own the British Chelsea Football Club, but now he has purchased a six-story home in Eaton Square, London for 28 million pounds.

Mr. Abramovich already owns in Britain a 450-acre estate in West Sussex, plus having homes and properties in Moscow, French Riviera, Spain and large properties in Israel. All this plus money in Swiss Banks and in the Cayman Islands. All of this in 10 years?

Was Mr. Abramovich really a CPSU member?

Ukrainian Nationalist Government Raises Tensions on the Black Sea


Control of the Tuzla Island gives control of the Kerch Strait, which is the only shipping route between the Azov Sea and the Black Sea for Russian ships. Ukraine is challenging Russia to this island and has stationed its border troops there. After the break-up of the Soviet Union, this is a disputed area.

Ukraine unilaterally drew a border- line along the strait and has been charging very high toll fees to all the Russian ships that pass through the only deep waterway on its side of the strait. Ukraine, going to join NATO soon, is fulfilling NATO’s plans, since this is a very strategic point, and if Ukraine controls the Kerch Strait, warships of NATO and Turkey will freely ply the Azov Sea that is very deep inside Russian territory.

Birds of a Feather…

Below you see a photograph of Mikhail Khodorovsky in an intimate discussion with former President Boris Yeltsin – Mikhail Khodorovsky is Russia’s richest man, and in this photo he and Boris Yeltsin met with the most powerful businessmen at the Moscow Kremlin on June 2, 1998. That is when Russia’s vast assets were privatized after the fall of the Soviet Union, and these assets were snapped up by a handful of businessmen.

These businessmen are known now as oligarchs, and played a most powerful role in decisions of policy under President Yeltsin as they did and do under the present regime of Putin government. As is well known now, President Putin, in order to distance himself from this shady character, although the biggest money contributor to Putin’s campaign, as the owner of Russia’s biggest oil conglomerate Yukos, arrested Khodorovsky on October 30, 2003 and fired his chief of staff Voloshin from all of his duties.

The above item is from AP dispatch, while the item below is from the Jerusalem Post of November 13, 2003.

But in all of this, there is the tail that will give the anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists much to chew upon, with the imminent arrival on this scene, of the NEW power behind the Khodorovsky’s oil empire. Stepping now into the breech is the formidable figure of Lord Jacob Rothschild, head of the London branch of one of the most illustrious families in the annals of banking.

What Putin discovered (or said that he knew nothing about? Editor) only after he attempted to freeze Khodorovsky’s stake in Yukos oil, was that the arrest had automatically triggered a secret trustee agreement that Khodorovsky had concluded with the 67-year old Lord Rothschild several months earlier!?

Thus, when Khodorovsky was arrested, Lord Rothschild of England automatically assumed control over the $8 billion stake in Yukos, which had been held by the Gibraltar-based Menatep Group.

Though both are separated by a generation in age, Khodorovsky and Rothschild are very close friends, drawn together by a passion for art and business. Both of these men are trustees with several other oligarchs, of the Open Russia Foundation, with which the billionaire Soros is involved also.

It seems, and this is now well known, that large foreign bankers, like Rothschild and others have bought up about 95% of Russia’s wealth.

700 Candidates to the Russian Duma Have Tricked the Central Election Committee

The Russian Central Election Committee has come up with a list of at least 700 candidates in the December 7th election to the State Duma who had deliberately misled the Russian government about their income. This information has been reported by the in its recent report. As the saying goes – what is good for the goose is good for the gander – Editor.

The present law stipulates that a candidate does not have to disclose all of his or her finances. But the Commission has the right to inform the voters when this information comes out. Most of the candidates have tried to hide their many cars, apartments, shares in companies.

Vitali Azhilin of the "Rodina Bloc" is the leader in the amount of hidden capital he has – which is over $47.5 million. If this is born out and no strings are pulled, he can be disqualified.

Even the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and its candidate Vasily Altukhov forgot to mention two cars, a tractor and shares, but not listed his most expensive Mercedes S600L.

Heading the list of "liars" is Lapshin of the Agrarian Party which has 63 liars going for election. Second place is held by the CPRF that has 60 candidates who forgot to list all of their assets.

But, what about Mr. Putin and his gang and the multibillion dollars in donations? Sorry, they make the laws, they do not follow them.

Mikolas Buroljavicus will be free soon!

By Vladimir Pronin

We received news from Lithuania, which will make not only all of the communists happy, but every decent person who also pines for truth and decency. Last October 3, 2003, the Lithuanian court has taken off two years from the sentence of this heroic and dedicated leader of the Lithuanian Communist Party, its First Secretary. Unless somebody throws a monkey wrench into this decision, Mikolas will see freedom on January 15, 2004.

What has happened, that the Lithuanian court that sentenced Buroljavicus on trumped-up charges to a twelve-year jail sentence, now has reconsidered this unwarranted sentence? Was it the guiltiness in the Lithuanian governments heart? History teaches us that the bourgeois state has no heart or has no pity, remorse or gives a damn about right or wrong, it only knows power, unless their is constant criticism of its action from the local population and also from the international solidarity movements, protesting to the government in power.

Mikolas himself, following the changes in Lithuania, appealed to the Supreme Court to disallow the sentence, based on the changes to the Constitution. Though the codex of the Lithuanian law was changed, the main reason for the court’s decision was due to international pressure, plus the pressure from the Communists in Russia, Ukraine and Byelorussia.

There is now a new president of Lithuania, Paksas. Also, many articles for his liberation were published in the above-mentioned countries, plus in Canada, Bulgaria, Japan and many other countries. These protests, appeals and articles helped to make a difference in this case. It will not be too long to have Mikolas free - in order to take up his dedicated revolutionary struggle for socialism and the resurrection of the Soviet Union.

This again confirms the fact that without an organized effort and demands on his behalf, nothing would have been accomplished – the unified actions and protests do in most cases produce results. The idea that someone else will do this work is self defeating - or the idea that those that are now governing the country will somehow come to their senses – never happened and will never happen.

We will await the freedom for our comrade, after ten years sitting behind bars, by this heroic Lithuanian communist and dedicated Marxist. He will soon be among his family, his friends and comrades to continue the struggle for the working class and socialism. We are certain, that in spite of being ten years older, or his deteriorating health due to the jail conditions, we shall again struggle and fight together Mikolas Martinovich!

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