Capitalism = Fascism


I am not a historian or an economist, but I still have not lost all of my senses. Like many, I analyze the information that we get over our TV (but you must know what is the truth and what is a lie), plus information gained from your publication, I would like to make some comments for those that will read these few thoughts.

First: in a non-communist society all relations are based on money.

Second: basing itself only on money (read: personal property, personal business) – is the first step towards future fascism. Why so? Why did not Western Europe and the US not open up the Second Front during World War II until 1944?

Is it not because they were selling arms, technical know-how, products and other goods to both sides of the conflict? Why should they have gone into war to curtail such great profits from both sides of the conflict? And why did those leaders of Poland and some other countries in Europe stated that they "would rather lay down before Hitler, then let on their territory the Soviet Army?" Because they knew, that under Hitler and fascism, if they cooperated with him, they will save their private industries and profits, while under Soviet socialism this could never happen – these would be nationalized. So, it looked as if Communism was more dangerous than Fascism, because Fascism will save private enterprises, while under Communism, this will be taboo. Just try to remember that after the end of the World War II and the colossal loss of millions of its people, the USSR liberated most of Europe but had to keep on paying very high costs for purchases of arms and technical help, which the West was selling to the Soviet Union during the war - which was a life and death struggle with fascism, fighting and being killed by the armaments that the West supplied Hitler in the first place!

Thanks to World War II, Western imperialism managed to build multinational corporations from the profits gained during the war, corporations for:

These corporations did not want to lose these tremendous profits they made during the war years, and they made the decision as the "Cold War" was started, that the profits and the markets must be saved and expanded at all costs. This became the new policy, and this former German fascism instituted itself internationally. Money must be made, and the biggest moneymaker of all time, is having wars and thus gain more markets. There are other methods of course and as effective as well. Here is an illustration of these new methods:

During the war year there was lack of food products and there came on the market synthetic Margarine, instead of butter. Yes, yes – this Margarine - which can last for a very long time, as opposed to the short life of butter, and the cost of producing it is practically a few cents. This corporation became extremely rich, selling it to the Germans and to the Soviets during Word War II plus expanding its sales practically all over the world. Then in 1950, the corporation decided that the market had to be enlarged even more and went on worldwide falsified promotional campaign, trying to convince the people that margarine can prevent the growth of cholesterol, which is found in butter. But scientific research showed exactly the opposite, that complete lack of cholesterol is dangerous, and also that margarine is the cause of many other diseases that could be prevented if butter was used instead.

But the billions spent on promotion, advertising did produce the desired results. "You want to lose weight - do not eat cholesterol, but eat margarine." The results are known: More than 60% of Americans after such a diet started to get sick from obesity and astherosclerosis. Is this not fascism But, profit is above all!

The same thing can be said about sugar substitute – saccharin. As is well known – Aspartam – the sugar replacement is found in all cold drinks in America – is a strong poison. It is like methyl. Methyl is a wood spirit, and using 30 grams brings on blindness, and 50 grams brings on death. But since Asparat is 500 times cheaper than sugar, in order to get the maximum profits, the US corporations in the food and drink business decided to include this in all products! Fascism? No, it’s just regular business…

I brought up these examples because, my terminology of tying German fascism and capitalism (universal fascism) to be more to the point and understood and that the reader should look, think!

Here are additional examples of this fascism-capitalism:

Yugoslavia – in Albania (Kosovo) there is established a strong and profitable business of transportation of arms and armament and narcotics for Europe, plus Yugoslav oil.

Afghanistan - the growing and distribution of narcotics and the military transport of these narcotics, plus the oil pipeline from Central Asia to the ocean.

Iraq – This is the best and most profitable business of the oil magnates, since they control all of the oil wells in Iraq, and thy can jack up the oil prices as high as they want to, as we see today all over the world. As the saying goes: "It’s business, it’s nothing personal!"

I want to touch on one aspect of this "business". Some think that the expansion of American style of life – this is just a cultural war. It’s unfortunately much more clever and dangerous, because everything goes that can be bought and sold. Their culture is aimed at the most basic human instincts. American advertising about food and drink – a normal thinking person cannot believe in what he is told.

USA was the first to suffer from this capitalism-fascism. Just look at Iraq where the American soldiers are dying. These soldiers are befuddled by American capitalism and the pseudo-American patriotism. The soldiers are not to blame – they are the products of this policy of capitalism right from the day they were born. It’s these American multinational corporations that are to blame, using the American Army to do their dirty work. Constant conflicts, wars, crisis – these are a constant source of profits.

What about Russia today?

*It shall be the producer of genetic modified foods for the multinational corporations – in order to obliterate the Russian agricultural potential. This is being done now on a very large scale.

*Market for armaments from the West. This demands many local wars and conflicts (Predniestrov, Chehnya, Narodny Karabakh and now even Crimea).

*Market for users of narcotics, grown and produced in Afghanistan and other places.

*Market for Western medicines, disused and banned medicines from the West. This is meant to dismember and close off all of the still remaining light industries that still exist in Russia.

The conflicts are before us, with NATO and its armies surrounding Russia. Friends of NATO are our enemies and in order to save capitalism in Russia, NATO is ready and willing to occupy Russia.

So the war of fascism against humanity is ongoing, coming from the form of nationalism, into capitalism-fascism. Our Motherland was able to defeat Fascism and save the world, now saw capitalism-fascism celebrating the holiday of victory over fascism last May – victory actually over themselves!

Now you can see as to why Capitalism hates the Soviet Union and Soviet people so much and the ideal of socialism-communism! Because it was the Soviet people who defeated capitalism-fascism!

Can we Communists stand up and defeat this menace? What ideals can we bring forth to defeat this onslaught of private gain and profit? We still have the strength and the dedication that is more powerful than riches and money!

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