Did Russia Win D-Day?

Sometimes from a vicious anti-Sovieteer comes the truth. This was written by Eric Margolis of Canada.

If the Soviet Union hadnít chewed up millions of German soldiers and weapons, D-Day would have failed.

Itís high time that Russia was accorded recognition, especially during the last June celebrations in France on the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of the invasion of Normandy, France. Most North Americans believe that the US, Canadian and British invasion of Normandy was the decisive stroke of the war. Not so, in my view.

When the Allies invaded France, most of the war-battered German units they met were undermanned, short of armor, trucks, heavy artillery, almost immobile, and reduced to less that 40% combat effectiveness by previous hard fighting on the Eastern Front.

Most important, Germanyís once splendid air force was almost extinct. German forces at Normandy had almost no air cover and were pounded by the Allies day and night by thousands of Allied air strikes and bombers. Few of us recall that close to 20,000 innocent French civilians were killed by our bombing raids!

I am arguing that the German Wehrmacht was not defeated in France, but on the Eastern Front, during the 1941-44. The Red Army destroyed 507 German divisions, 48,000 German tanks and 77,000 German aircraft; 100 divisions of Nazi-allied Romanian, Hungary and Italy; and at least 450,000 Japanese soldiers, 32% of Japanís total military losses.

Of Germanyís 10,000,000 casualties in World War II, over 75% came by fighting the Red Army. The German air force lost most of its planes and pilots on the Eastern Front. The gigantic battles on the Eastern Front ground down millions of lives.

Soviet Union lost over 20,000,000 people besides in the Pacific battles against Japan - they lost close to 1,000,000. D-Day was just a diversionary sideshow to tie down German troops while the Red Army pushed towards Berlin.

Some people may dispute this, but it is a historical fact that Germanyís military capability was destroyed way before the D-Day ever took place in June of 1944. It is interesting to speculate as to what would have happened to us in the West if Hitler did not invade USSR and if the Allies decided to land in Normandy to face the intact German machine! In my view, the Allies would have been beaten.

I recently saw a plaque in Italy lauding the liberation from the Germans by the "Italian Allied Forces". Excuse me, but I always remember that Italy was on the German side!

This makes you wonder as to who was fighting against the Allies? Everyone who fought against Russia, Britain, US and France now seems to have been anti-Nazi, in the Resistance, or vacationing in South America at the time of the Second World War.

Of course the German Chancellor was at this 60th Anniversary of the invasion of France, all smiles. Maybe weíll even see a smiling Japanese delegation at Pearl Harbor next year?


An excellent article from an anti-Sovieteer. He could have brought himself to write and admit that it was Britain, US and French imperialism that were pushing Hitler to invade the USSR in the first place. Also, he could have admitted that after the Western Imperialists saw that the Red Army was on the verge of liberating the whole of Europe right up to the Atlantic Ocean, they were forced finally to open up the Second Front!

Poor Eric Margolis could not bring himself to admit that the German SS and its Gestapo Secret Service were welcomed with open arms by the USA and sent to holiday in South America (war criminals and all) and then the whole Nazi SS Secret Serviceís top echelons were hired and became part of the CIA!

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