We Wish Happy 80th Birthday to Michael Lucas

On Sunday, April 12th at the Friendship House in Toronto, after the Executive Board of Northstar Compass and the Executive of the Canadian Friends of Soviet People finished their meeting agenda under the chairmanship of Michael Lucas, there took place a celebration of comrade Lucas’s 80th Birthday.

Many comrades spoke of the role that comrade Lucas played and is playing in the noble task of promoting Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People and the constant striving for Socialism. not only in the USSR, but all over the world.

This was followed by a buffet and drinks and many toasts were proposed to his good health, to peace and to the rebirth of the Soviet Union.

Comrade Lucas informed us and read the many greetings that were received. It was decided to publish these greetings in this issue of NSC.

Greetings Received

Central Coordination Council of the
Soviet Society for Friendship and Solidarity with the
Peoples of Foreign Countries

Dear Michael:

On your glorious 80th Birthday, the Soviet Society for friendship with Peoples of Foreign Countries and Northstar Compass readers in former USSR (the journal is now published in Russian) extend their warmest greetings to you as an outstanding activist in the Communist movement, a heroic fighter for socialism, against imperialism and its modern form, globalism.

NSC is the journal that organizes the struggle for the re-establishment of the USSR and makes the struggle heard, and it is your role as Editor that led to the birth of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People. It was very much due to your initiative that the Organizing Committee – and, consequently, the International Council – held Two World Congresses and a number of international meetings aimed at intensifying the revolutionary struggle for Socialism around the world.

Your relentless, progressive activity is of utter importance these days, when anti-communist assaults escalate around the world, as seen recently in the aggressive PACE resolution adopted last January 2006. This goes hand-in-hand with the task of unifying worldwide efforts of the working class, toiling peasantry, the progressive intelligentsia and the setting up of a new Communist International.

Dear Comrade Michael Lucas,

We wish you good health, which is so necessary for a cheerful perception of life. We wish that all of your plans come true. Let energy always be with you in the struggle for Socialism.

We express our deep gratitude for your tireless and productive internationalist work directed at re-establishing the USSR.

Vladimir Chechentsev
Chairman of the Central Coordinating Council
Soviet Society for Friendship with Peoples in Foreign Countries

Viktor Bourenkov
Vice Chairman

Georgi Tikhonov
Soyuz Movement

Larisa Babienko
Za USSR newspaper

From the
Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Toronto

Dear Mr. Lucas:

I’m forwarding to you greetings on your Birthday from the President of the Russian Federation, Mr. Vladimir Putin.

I would like to also congratulate you with your Anniversary and wish you prosperity, happiness and all the best.

With best wishes,

Nikolai Smirnov
Consul General

From the
President of the Russian Federation
Moscow, Kremlin

Dear Mr. Lucas:

Please accept my very sincere congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of your 80th Birthday.

We highly appreciate your sincere contribution to the promotion of friendship, mutual understanding and bringing together of people of our two countries.

I personally want to wish you great health, happiness and all the best.


Vladimir Putin
President of the Russian Federation

From the Office of the Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Michael Lukac:

It is a great pleasure to send you our best wishes and warmest congratulations on the occasion of your Eightieth Birthday.

Hon. Steven Harper
Prime Minister of Canada

From the President of the Slovak Republic

The Office of the President of The Slovak Republic wants to send sincere greetings on your 80th Birthday.

We are certain that many times you remember as to where you were born and on this 80th Birthday there are many memories that are dear to you during your childhood when you were growing up in Czechoslovakia.

Therefore we send you our very best wishes, the best of health and many more years.

This greeting was forwarded to the Slovak Republic Consulate in Canada, according to the diplomatic custom and practice, as is done in all countries, including Canada.

We like to again wish you, Mr. Michael Lucas. the best on your 80th Birthday!

President of Republic of Slovakia

Dear Michael:

I wish you a very happy 80th Birthday, heath and happiness with your family in your-our work. I am very impressed in what you are able to accomplish and of the successes achieved. So, take care of yourself, we need you badly to go on with our work. I appreciate very much the work that you and Helen are doing. You are practically the only one in the world who succeeded in the work of friendship with Soviet people…it is unbelievable I am very proud of you.

Dr. Adelard Paquin, Editor of French Edition of NSC

Dear Michael:

We congratulate you on your 80th Birthday and wish many, many more healthy years. MNOGAYA LETA! Many more years to come!

Enclosed is a $300 donation towards Northstar Compass.

BC organizers for CFSP and NSC

From the
Office of the Mayor of Mississauga

Dear Mr. Lukac:

It has been brought to my attention that March 7, 2006 marks the date of your 80th Birthday.

I understand that you have lived in Mississauga over 15 years. You certainly must have witnessed the exciting changes our community has gone though over these years.

Best wishes on this special occasion as you celebrate with your family and friends.

On behalf of all the Members of the City Council of Mississauga and the residents of the City of Mississauga, I wish you good health and happiness in the future.


Hazel McCallion, C.M.

Dear comrade Michael:

I want to take this opportunity to wish you health and to live to be 100 years and keep on doing the revolutionary work for many more years to come.

I am proud to know you and to read and enjoy Northstar Compass journal and from time to time to contribute articles. I pass on my copy to the revolutionary Communist Party of Germany.

Felix Gorelik
Bohun, Germany

Dear comrades:

I would like to thank everyone for this great honour given me on my 80th Birthday.

As always, I will do everything that is possible, with all of your help comrades, to make certain that the Third World Congress will be a tremendous success, when we all shall meet in Moscow in 2007!

Back to the future! Back to Socialism!

Members of the Editorial Board of NSC
at the 80th birthday celebration

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