Chubais Really Deserved It

On December, 4, 2005 unique additional elections of the State Duma deputies took place at the North-East of Moscow. Unique because for the first time an opposition candidate took 30% even according to official data and won the second place. Nobody succeeded to achieve such a result in Moscow for 15 years.

This man was absolutely unknown a year ago, doesn't need to be introduced to readers now. On March, 17, 2005 the cortege of Anatoly Chubais one of the most odious politician to whom our people cherish the most "tender" feelings for everything he succeeded to commit from voucher privatization to mass blackouts in dwelling houses, schools and hospitals - was attacked by fire and blown up in Zhavoronki near Moscow.

Soon after the assassination attempt, the retired Main Intelligence Directorate colonel Vladimir Kvachkov was arrested. He was a military pensioner who never pertained to politics. A quote from his official biography: He was born on August, 5, 1948 in the village of Kraskino of Khasan district of Primorie territory in an officer's family, Russian by nationality.

In 1966 Kvachkov graduated from the Ussuriysk Suvorov Military training school, in 1970 from Kiev: Combined-arms High training school, in 1981 from M.V. Frunze Military I Academy.

Since 1969 he was doing his service in special designation troops, at first in Pskov, later in the Soviet Military group in Germany.

Since 1981 he was a senior officer in the Intelligence department of the Leningrad military district. In 1983 he commanded a special: designation brigade in the limited: contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan (Pansher, Gazni).

In 1983 Kvachkov got a: contusion and underwent a long-term I rehabilitation period in Crimea. In 1984-1986 he did his service in the Pskov brigade, in 1986-1989 he was a brigade chief of staff in the Soviet Military group in Germany. Since 1989 he commanded a brigade in the Turkestan military district. Kvachkov took part in combat operations in flash points: Azerbaijan (1990), Tajikistan (1992). He was awarded with the Courage Order Medal.

In 1994 he was working in one of the general directorates of the General Staff. He was retired in 1998.

These are career milestones of a man, a Soviet officer who devoted himself to his Motherland and appeared where it was the most necessary according to her orders. Today colonel Kvachkov is in the detention facility "Matrosskaya Tishina" accused of an attempt to assassinate Chubais. To this purpose, he rejects his guilt. But how great should the total hatred be to Chubais, if only such unproved accusation was enough to become a people's hero?

"I have taken a decision to take my candidature off for true Russian hero Vladimir Kvachkov could use his right to stand in elections to avoid judicial punishment': the "Labour Russia" leader V.I. Anpilov proclaimed in his interview to "Zavtra" ['Tomorrow] newspaper, No. 44, November 2005.

"Technical innovations", machines for votes calculation, introduced at the election precincts, didn't let him realize this right. At the only precinct of all where our comrades were observers and where votes were calculated manually. Kvachkov beat his competitor Shavrin from the "United Russia" famous for massacring unarmed compatriots in the Soviet House in 1993 and gas poisoning helpless people in the "Nord Ost" music hall in 2002.

Shavrin won in all the other precincts and, as a result, in the entire district.

On March 12, 2006 Kvachkov stands for the State Duma again, now in Medvedkovo district. As at the last time, the Moscow organization of the "Labour Russia" and the "Vanguard of Red Youth" helps him at all the stages of his election campaign. We appeal to all honest people not to give up and to use even a slight chance to liberate from prison an officer and a Soviet patriot, Vladimir V. Kvachkov.

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