On the Anniversary of the Death of J.V. Stalin
March 9, 1953

The late Vic Ratsma, member of Editorial Board of NSC translated from Dutch this Poem dedicated to Stalin, which expresses the sentiments of the majority of the peoples of the world. It would be good if all of the present revisionists all over the world would read this poem and draw lessons from it, before their judgement day comes! Editor

In the mournful silence of the ancient square
Old guards waited, for the final time, comrades, young and old
Fathers held their children higher when the hearse came near
Through the dark throngs of the masses, it glowed like a morning flame
But the proud Red Flag with which people, happily singing
Had greeted him in bygone years on this same square
Now covered this friend and father, laying in his deepest sleep
As the sombre tones of mournful music sounded.
On the shoulders of his nearest he was carried one more time
He, who taught them liberation and to live in freedom
He, Leninís pupil and comrade through the difficult years
Was taken again to Leninís side in the comradeship of death
Cannons boomed lonely, all work and labour ceased
To Red Square they flocked like doves to a dovecot
The thoughts of millions, their vows filled the air
For the dead hero, who now rests from his super-human work
He will rest, he will sleep, but what he created holds power and breaths
Among the people it lives, it stirs to heroic acts
Until no hiding place can be found where slavery can thrive
Until the brotherhood of people can celebrate Stalinís name in peace.

In memory of Joseph Stalin
Gori, December 21,1879 Ė Moscow, March 5, 1953

The people of the world will certainly not read such a poem about Khrushchev, Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Yakovlev, Beria or, even Putin!

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