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Dear comrades:

We are pleased to inform you that the Second issue of NSC – Russian Edition is finally out (a total of 1,000 copies). We will shortly despatch you a pack of 15 copies.

This issue has been printed by funds that were raised by our members and supporters, though the question of financing future issues is still anything but clear. You have the same problems also we presume.

The March issue of NSC has arrived, and we are about to enter the process of digesting it and translating it. We expect to be publishing NSC in Russian every two months.

We had further discussions with Georgi I. Tikhonov and David V. Dzhokhadze about holding the Third World Congress in Moscow in 2007. Everybody is very optimistic about this idea. We have agreed to keep in mind the proposals of the International Council and are now investigating all possibilities in order to make certain that the Congress is a huge success.

Please inform the comrades of the International Council that we will do our very best for it to come true.

Regarding the mail of NSC (hard paste up by post) comes to us late because of our postal service. We feel that electronic post is the easiest and fastest for us to get your issues, because the sooner we get your copy, the sooner we shall start on the Russian edition.

Best regards

Vladimir Chechentsev, Chairman
Viktor Bourenkov, Vice Chairman


Dear comrade Michael Lucas!

On the occasion of your 80th Birthday, I feel it is a great honour to be able to send you my warmest greetings, good health and sincere congratulations! For many more years to your productive work!

Also, may I wish you even more successes in your Editorial work as Editor of NSC and in your political struggle for peace and the struggle against capitalism and, above all, for the resurrection of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics!

My best wishes for the comrades that work in your collective.

As is our Polish custom on such occasions, I will sing with my comrades to you this song:

Professor Zbigniew Wiktor


Greetings dear friend:

I am sending you my very best wishes, dear Michael on your 80th birthday. I wish you happiness, and success in your life. Above all I wish you health and 100 years! In your honour I am sending $75 donation and more successes in your work. Be well, because we, and the world needs you!

Katy Swonarow


Dear Comrade Michael Lucas,

We learned in the March issue of NSC that on March 7th you have reached a significant life’s jubilee – 80th Birthday. With great pleasure we join a large suite of notables and cordially wish you good health and many further successes in your personal life and in your credible work, not only for the benefit of the Soviet people, but also for the benefit of all people on our planet!

We would like to convey our great respect and heart-felt thanks for your organizational and inspiring work as the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People and your contribution to the high political level of the Northstar Compass as its Chief Editor.

On behalf of the Editorial Board and Staff of the newspaper Dialog, let us hold you in our warm embrace and shake your hand.

Yours sincerely,

Ing. Zdenek Novotny, Chairman of the Republican Editorial Council
JUDr. Jaroslav Weber – Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of

Dear Comrade Lucas,

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes for the future as well.

Pavel Degtar


Happy Birthday thousand times. I wish you all thee best, good heath that will enable you to continue the wonderful work for the noble cause. My regards also to Helen.

Best regards

Fallou Gueye


Dear Comrade Michael Lucas:

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Romania and me personally, on this special occasion of your 80th Birthday, we wish you health, prosperity and lots of success.

Thank you very much for your efforts to keep us informed and in permanent communication with comrades worldwide.

We appreciate very much your professional activity as Editor of Northstar Compass and leader of the International Council, and we admire your achievements in the struggle fore the right cause, for a Communist victory, for a better life for the people.

Happy Birthday, Michael Lucas!

Alexandru Pantazi
General Secretary
Communist Party of Romania


Dear comrade Lucas!

I cannot write English but I do know that you can read and write Russian and that you will understand me.

I want to sincerely thank you and the collective of NSC for your publishing news about the political prisoners and fighters for Socialism. Your support is very important to us and it already is getting results. Our comrade political prisoners have started to receive letters of support from the worldwide readers of Northstar Compass.

I also wan to thank you for the names and addresses of the Spanish political prisoners – communists. We had contacts with them in 2001-2003, defended them in the press, but somehow our contacts were disrupted. We asked NSC since we found out that you published many articles in their defence. Now we are helping these comrades also.

But most of all comrade Lucas we are happy for our contacts. You never looked at the tremendous distance between us. You never did give up or slackened in your efforts to defend the Soviet Union, our Motherland during these very disturbing moments for our Soviet people. Your hard work and your dedication never ever wavered in supporting our just cause, the cause of Socialism and the resurrection of the USSR. Not only are you comrade Michael Lucas a patriot and a true Communist-Marxist in helping our struggles, but you are also a true internationalist.

You are also a true Leninist-Stalinist, because you never wavered or forsaken your comrades in their hour of need!

Once more, tremendous thanks to you dear comrade!

Please allow me to join with all others to wish you health on your birthday. From my heart I wish you success in our common struggles, heath and always to be as optimistic as you are!

With very great respect –

N .Glagoleva
Chairperson of the CC All Union Movement for Defence of Political Prisoners-fighters for Socialism and
Secretary of the CC Russian Communist Workers Party - Russian Party of Communists


Dear Michael:

On the occasion of your 80th Birthday, I send you the best wishes of long life and good work for the Soviet Union and the world.

Pedro Castilho
Society for Friendship with Soviet People


Dear Michael:

After receiving the March issue of NSC I found out that it was your 80th birthday.

The Carpathian Mountains, your birthplace in Czechoslovakia, are very proud of its son and in what he was able to accomplish in the world on behalf of mankind.

Although it is not up to me to pass judgement on these past years, but I know, since I was also a witness in Canada for many years as the Consul of Czechoslovakia, to see and witness the work that you were doing. I thank you for our cooperation during those years. It is also sad that we could not be together to celebrate this important birthday!

We have a great more to do yet. You must finish writing the two books – one about the history of the Society of Carpatho-Russian Canadians and the other, the history of the Canada-USSR Association – the Canadian Friends of Soviet People. When I was in Canada as the Consul of CSSR, I saw the archives you had at the Friendship House!

I also am going through my extensive archives to do the same – maybe we should have started to write a bit earlier. This history Michael must be written, for future generations.

I wish you health in order to accomplish this important task. I have faith that we shall accomplish these tasks!

Here’s hoping that we shall meet soon to tell each other what is in our hearts!

Dr. Ivan Humenik


Dear Michael:

Having received the latest issue of NSC I found out about your Birthday, so even this late, I want to sincerely wish you health and success in the struggles. I saw that you have received greetings from others around the globe. On my behalf I want to wish you health, dedication and further successes in our common struggle for the rebirth of Socialism in this post-Soviet period and the victory of socialism all over the world!

Give greetings to your dedicated and energetic wife, who keeps the wheels of the organization and of the publication going onwards in the very important financial field.

Many years of struggles, when with you and with the publication were only the most dedicated comrades, in which years I had the pleasure to work with you and your comrades, and, this has shown the growing success of NSC. Who could have imagined that in these few years you managed to get people like Putin of Russia, Prime Minister of Canada and the president of Slovakia – to greet you on your 80th Birthday – or that the Third World Congress will be held not in Canada, but in Moscow in 2007? This will guarantee that the Congress will be a huge success and with massive attendance.

I greet you from the bottom of my heart and wish that you keep on struggling and that, in spite of high personalities around the world greeting you, that you will never forget your old friends, who were with you through those years of struggles for the friendship with Soviet people and for the success of NSC, which is now published in English, French and Russian Editions.

Once more, my sincere wishes on this important jubilee in your life.

V.A. Pronin


Dear comrade Lucas:

We wish to send you our best wishes or your 80th birthday, inspired in the Bolshevik ideals for a better world, for a socialist world.

Marco Antonio dos Santos
Chairman of CeCAC.

P.S. We are very happy to inform you that a Portuguese version of your January Editorial of NSC was published in the CeCAC website: 06.htm


Dear friends:

Enclosed please find $500 donation towards the work of our journal, Northstar Compass, for its excellent presentation of actual facts and its dedication to the resurrection of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Many people, who were fooled by West’s promises of good life and pie-in-the-sky in former USSR, are now finding out the bitter truth of these promises and are now actively starting to struggle against the present regimes that have usurped power in former USSR.

There is now, more than ever a great need to expand even further the readership of NSC. All of us here are very glad that now there is now an excellent Russian language edition of Northstar Compass being published in Moscow, by the Soviet Friendship Society with Foreign Countries.

Congratulations dear comrades!

The next step is to get a Spanish language Edition of NSC to be published!

The holding of the Third World Congress in Moscow in 2007 will be a great milestone in our work for friendship with Soviet people!

On behalf of the US Friends of Soviet People

Dr. Angelo D. Angelo
Chairman of U.S.F.S.P

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