Russian TV Is Like a Mirror

Felix Gorelik

V. I. Lenin used to call the great Russian writer Lev Tolstoy as the "Mirror of the Russian Revolution". Today’s Russian television can be really called the "Mirror of the Russian counter-revolution." Why? Freely or not, it shows like a mirror, the present situation in Russia. Lately one night on the] TV I saw on one channel a tremendously rich and ostentatious wedding of the daughter of the oil-gas magnate Alsu, marrying a rich businessman. The wedding was held in the ballroom of the Rossia Hotel, with hundreds of guests from new capitalist "elite". This wedding was like the crowning of a Queen or an Empress - and the cost was in hundreds of thousands of dollars.

There was a scandal here because there were journalists who tried to get into the wedding in order to film it. Special guards prevented them, confiscated their cameras and they were beaten at the same time. There was a fury created and also the daughter of Sobchak, the former Mayor of Leningrad who was also not let in. This former mayor Sobchak is the one that pushed through the renaming of Leningrad to St. Petersburg.

Meanwhile on another channel they showed the real horrific housing crisis in the city of Tver – formerly known as Kalinin. What a contrast! After seeing that wedding extravaganza, seeing the city in its decay, ruin, un-kept streets, ruined homes, sewage flowing openly, water all over the streets and basements – and it is here that live thousands of people. In any apartment with seven families, only one toilet and one bathtub!

These are the results of the counter-revolution. The Russian Academician Lvov, presented the following figures:

In Russia 15% of the people get 92% of all profits! That means that the 85% of people just get 8%.

Just think about these figures. For the daughter of this millionaire to have such a wedding, there are millions of people across the country who must live in such dire conditions! Most people are unemployed. How can they live like this? One man said that he has three children, and when they grow up, you think that they will defend such a government? There are millions like this in the whole country. If we had a good leader and get organized, we would all rise up against this present system!

This same person who was interviewed said that under the Soviet system he had a job, had a three-bedroom apartment rent free, had his brothers receive free education – but now he is at the very bottom.

According to the official figurers, Russia has 40 billionaires, second only to the US. According to Western sources, these new rulers have exported 300 to 800 billion dollars into foreign banks – no one exactly the amount of money that was siphoned out. All this money was due to the hard work of couple generations of Soviet people – and now due to this counter-revolution, they were stolen by these newly-baked Mafiosi capitalist crooks.

Only in Ukraine this last winter there froze to death over 1,000 people? Hundreds of people, having no place to live, froze to death in underpasses on the streets. The same situation happened in Moscow also. There is no such situation anyplace on earth, except I\n the third world countries like in Africa.

The cost of the daily products needed to sustain life is beyond the affordability for the majority of Soviet people. The population of Russia is shrinking by 1,000,000 people each year, while in Ukraine it is shrinking by over 400,000 people. The academics are predicting that if things do not change soon, that inside of 40-50 years the population of Ukraine will shrink by 50% while in Russia, by one third!

One of the reasons for this misery is the role of the church in befuddling the people. Together with the leadership of the Orthodox Church, which is being urged and blessed by the new religious convert, President Putin himself, Russia had opened its gates to thousands of rabid evangelical, reactionary and religious fanatic groups.

On Russian TV channels you see constantly the new self-proclaimed Messiah Grigory Grobovoj, who sees himself as the second coming of Christ. He asks for $1,500 each, so that he can resurrect people from the dead. He urged the Mothers of children that died in the Beslan tragedy that for that sum he will resurrect their dead children. He has of followers.

The masses have not yet awakened from their tragic slumber and tragedy. The TV and mass media made them like zombies, disorientated, unsure of their own power, believing that parliamentary participation will save them. As in the Ukraine, they continue to vote in the parliamentary elections, believing the lies of their candidates, thus prolonging capitalism and unfortunately, not listening to Communists.

But the hate of the present situation is growing! The fight is in the near future! Present youth is gathering its forces for the struggle – there are appearing signs of Burevestniks as shown by the Vanguard of Red Youth in Russia, Komsomols.

The storm is ahead and this storm shall sweep the country clean and thunder shall strike!

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