On the 110th Anniversary of the Birth of Legendary General Lukac
April 23, 2006


General Lukac (Zalka) (middle), near Barcelona

Year is 1936. The People’s Front that was established by the Communist Party of Spain won the parliamentary elections. In reply to this victory, the reactionary-fascist forces in Spain started a counterrevolution. The German and the Italian fascists sent in their soldiers and armaments and thus there took place a bloody civil war. For three years the Spanish people fought heroically against fascism for freedom and independence of the country.

The governments of England, France and the USA took the "neutrality" position, but in fact were supporting fascist insurrection. In March of 1939 the democratic government of Spain fell, and the country became ruled by a fascist dictatorship. The leader of this fascist Spain was General Franco and instituted a fascist terror regime and then established cooperation with Hitler of Germany and Mussolini of Italy.

During the civil war from 1936 to 1939 the struggle was supported internationally. Together with scores of brigades of internationalist volunteers, there were volunteers from the Soviet Union and from other countries – they were fulfilling their internationalism. All over the world this General Lukac became famous in fighting for the freedom of the Spanish people, together with H. Dias and D. Ibarurri, known as "Pasionara". Her famous words are repeated even today, by all patriots of the world: "It is better to die standing up, then live on your knees." This was the cry to the Spanish people to struggle for their freedom.

In 1937 taking the post of the 12th International Brigade, fighting against fascism in Spain, General Mate Zalka (General Lukac) died heroically.

As an officer in the Austro-Hungarian Army 1914-1918 he took part in the First World War. In 1916 he was taken prisoner by the Russian Army. He joined and fought with the Red Army during the Civil War and in helping build Socialism in the USSR. In 1920 M. Zalka (Lukac) joined the Communist Party. He was a prolific writer and wrote in Hungarian, besides Russian.

Do the present day Hungarians remember the name of General Lukac? Do they know that the legacy and dedication of this hero is being carried on by Michael Lucas – the chairman of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People, the Editor-in-Chief of the Communist journal "Northstar Compass"? When the present Soviet renegades, under the direction of the foreign intelligence agencies secretly signed the anti-constitutional document liquidating the USSR, Michael Lucas stood up to defend the Soviet Union.

The journal "Northstar Compass" was started by the real Canadian Communists, in 1993, in order to struggle for the resurrection of the USSR. But bit-by-bit this journal has spread practically all over the world. Today Communists, Socialists and patriots in more than 70 countries of the world read and write to this Red Journal, which made us, the Soviet people aware of real and dedicated friends of Soviet people in foreign countries.

Not too long ago this great internationalist Michael Lucas celebrated his 80th birthday. He is in very good form, professionally plays the violin and sax, had dance orchestras, and his paintings are known not only in Canada, but in many countries of the world as a professional artist. But, the main attribute is that Communist Michael Lucas remains faithful to the Communist traditions of his also talented uncle Mate Zalka – General Lukac!

Here in Ukraine on March 26, 2006 70% of the people unfortunately voted for the lies, for the Ukrainian bourgeois and their promises, who in fact have brought the country to the end of the road where: 7 million professional trained workers have left Ukraine in search of work outside the borders of their Motherland; over 500,000 women are working in Bordelo’s of the world.

But the most horrific facts are that the present regime is banking on the support of NATO and the monies that are flowing to them, are actually buying votes with American dollars. A case in point is the young people that were brought in for that "Orange Revolution" were actually paid $80 by the present Ukrainian regime of Timoshernko, to stand in the square for two hours! These facts came to light now.

One of the young $$ bought demonstrator said the following: "I have no patriotism, as is the feeling amongst our young generation. It is the same to me and to others, whom to vote for. We would vote for Hitler as long he would have paid us in dollars!" This ideology of being a traitor to ones country is being promoted now officially.

But the time is coming sooner than later, when there will be a law of social justice, and a new generation of people like comrade Michael Lucas will emerge and will throw out the Yankees and their present internal helpers outside the borders of our Motherland, with all the hate and despise that these elements certainly deserve!

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