President Lukashenko Wins With 82.6% Votes

In spite of all Western imperialist manoeuvres, tremendous financial help to the dissident groups and desperately trying to start another "orange revolution" in Byelorussia, the people gave President Lukashenko another 4 years in office at the March elections.

This of course is a set back for Imperialism, and we, as friends of Soviet people, congratulate President Lukashenko on his victory and, we just hope that his promises will go ahead rapidly towards the resurrection of the USSR and Socialism.

Maybe not all of the readers of NSC are aware of the fact that, Byelorussia today is not a Socialist republic, even though symbols of Socialism are prevalent in all of the country and, it is the leading country in former USSR where there are still remnants of socialist economy and services.

But, according to the official government figures, here is how things stand now in Byelorussia

The above are just some official government statistics which points out that the Byelorussian Republic is in the hands of the capitalist class. The same can be said about agriculture in the countryside.

We certainly hope that Byelorussia will not slide into full-blown capitalism, but act as a spark plug for other former Soviet Republics to shake off the capitalist-imperialist shackles that were placed on them since the counter-revolution dismantled the Soviet Union!


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