Unity of Antifascist Forces in the Ukraine


On March 3, 2006, in the building which was formerly the V. I. Lenin Museum in Kiev, there took place an Anti-Fascist Forum of Ukraine, in which there took part representatives from more than 30 political parties, movements, Komsomol, Union of Soviet Officers, Intelligencia for Socialism, Union of Women-Workers, Slav Committee of Ukraine, International Peace Forum (European Section) and many other representatives. There were also Ukrainian Parliamentary Deputies, staffs of Embassy of Russia, Byelorussia, Cuba and journalists from many countries.

Opening the Forum was the national deputy, chairman of the unified "Intelligencia for Socialism" G. Boyko. His speech touched upon the very real danger of fascism in Ukraine. He told how the Ukrainian nationalists are all pushing towards this neo-fascism and how they are trying to make heroes of the bandits that were the OUN-UPA and their German fascist masters.

There were many speakers who compared the present policy of the present regime in Ukraine to the methods used by German Nazi Goebbels in subverting the minds of the young generation to be chauvinists, to be vicious anti- communists, to believe that might is right, alcoholism and also complete debauchery of youth morals.

The nationalistic fanaticism came after the "Orange Revolution" and now, it is on its anti-Russian hysteria.

In these conditions there had to be a unified forum against this creeping neo-fascism. To proceed with this all important work, this Anti Fascist Forum elected an Anti Fascist Committee, composed of different representatives elected from the delegates present.

This Committee has the mandate to expose completely the workings of these fascist helpers of Nazi Germany, the OUN-UPA and to label them as they really were and really are – they were and are a terrorist organization. Another task is to make certain that these bandits are not given recognition as Veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Further task is to make certain that Ukraine does not join NATO at all costs.

There was a Manifest of the Forum adopted in which there is an Appeal to all progressive people to join in this struggle against the expansion of the neo-fascist ideology in the Ukraine.

Georgi Buyko, the Ukrainian People’s Deputy was elected Chairman of the Anti Fascist Forum.

USA and Turkmenia

US imperialism in its efforts to have its "security" there, has now given the present Turkmenistan government millions of dollars in order to bolster cooperation and security contacts between USA and Turkmenia. The funds are also meant to revamp their judicial apparatus, maritime security, plus English language training in the schools, instead of Russian.

The present bourgeois traitorous Turkmenian government forgot that it was Socialism and the Soviet people that brought them up from the Middle Ages and the backwardness.

Georgians Demonstrate

From MosNews

Thousands activists from the pro-Russian Justice Party and from the Georgian Anti-Soros Public Movement, gathered outside Georgia’s Parliament last month to demand the resignation of President Saakashvilli.

The Justice Party is led by Igor Giorgadze, the Georgia’s ex-Security Chief who organized an attack against former Georgian President Shevernadze in 1995.

The Anti-Soros organization is a public movement, affiliated with the Justice Party. The Justice Party accused the present Georgian regime of barring groups of its activists from arriving from Zugdidi, western Georgia’s region for the demonstration in front of the parliament.

Senegalese Student Shot Dead


A student from Senegal studying in St. Petersburg has been shot dead as he left a nightclub with his friends. It ids believed that he was shot with a gun decorated with a swastika that was found near the scene.

Attacks on immigrants in this capitalist Russia and on foreign students have been on a rise, and especially in St. Petersburg, since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Last month the city’s court handed down a not guilty verdict on a teenager accused of racially motivated murder of a tiny nine-year-old girl from Tajikistan.

The prosecution has appealed against the decision in order to only convict him of hooliganism, instead of anti-racism. People are complaining that the city’s politicians are exploiting nationalism in order to win votes by stirring up racial attacks.

President Putin has ordered the police to crack down on racist violence.


Ban-Aid solutions will not cure the problems. The cure is to Go back to the future – Back to Socialism!

Belarus & Russia Will Provide Appropriate Response to NATO Expansion

From Byelorussian Telegraph Agency

The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force, General Vladimir Mikhailov told a briefing on April 4, 2006 in Minsk. One of the measures already taken on counteraction was that Russia supplied anti-aircraft and anti-missile complexes V300 to Belarus.

The Russian General expressed indignation that NATO has put Belarus on the list of countries that could be subjected to preventive strikes. "I have a very negative attitude to such a statement and I am extremely indignant. Sabre rattling will not produce anything good!" he said.

"We have to show NATO that we are united now, more than ever!" – he concluded.

Left Forces in Kiev Took Over the Main Kreshatik Street

The forces organized by the "National Opposition" with Natalie Vitrenko, head of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, erected hundreds of tents in the square and vowed to stay there until they see and they know that the upcoming elections of Deputies to the Ukrainian Parliament will be held without any manipulations and cheating by the present Yushenko Government. There are thousands of protestors gathered to protest the present policies of this Ukrainian nationalist government.

International Movement in Defence of Political Prisoners – Fighters For Socialism

Dear Michael Lucas:

The restored CPSU has created an International Movement in Defence of Political Prisoners – fighters for socialism. This movement has taken under its wing the political prisoner Igor Gubkin, whose criminal case was fabricated (he was accused of killing an unknown person, called Mr. Yegorov by the court) and the Judges called an intentionally illegal verdict. The present Russian authorities cruelly deal with those who have different political opinions.

Our movement has addressed President Putin, the Attorney General, the Human Rights Commissioner V. Lukin, plus various non-governmental NGO’s and the media, with a demand that the judges be put on trial who deliberately fabricated the evidence and have thus given an unjust sentence. The action of these judges is a crime, according to the Russian Penal Code, article 305.

We are sending NSC this Open Letter, and are asking you to publish it, in order to inform the citizens abroad about the situation with the criminal justice system in present day Russia that is flourishing with the full knowledge of the authorities. We are certain that the actions of the broad public will help the justice be restored.

I hope that our mutual efforts will help us to withstand the human rights violations and the violations of the right of freedom of every single person who fights injustice, genocide and other misdeeds of the authorities.

For those who would like to receive more information about the case, they can write to:

Russia 141090
Moscow Region Yubileyny
Ul. Papanina 12/18, apt. 30
Nina Ivanovna Polchenko

NSC has fully and in detail published about this fabricated case against Igor Gubkin. We urge our readers also to support this campaign.

Pictures Speak Much Louder Than Words!

On your left, you see President Putin crossing himself as the head of the Russian Orthodox Church in Strasburg blesses the anti-communist statement made by the EU, known as PACE. On the right is a common sight any time of the year, at all subway underpasses, where people try to subsist by selling anything and everything they have. We wonder whether Putin or this head of the Russian Orthodox Church even thinks or cares about the plight, not only of these people, but of the whole ruined country. But of course, God will take care!
Photos from newspaper Trudovaya Rossia

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