Open Letter To President Putin

Michael Lucas

Dear Mr. Putin:

Although I did receive greetings from you on my 80th Birthday as well as from many other people around the world, you are probably aware that the policy of Northstar Compass journal and that of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with the Soviet People, certainly is opposed to the present situation in former USSR that you condone and, that you certainly must take some responsibility for.

Over these many years NSC has published news and exposed some of the conditions that the present capitalist system and imperialism has imposed upon the Soviet people living in Russia and other former Soviet republics. We also had organized successfully two World Congresses for Friendship with Soviet People, and hopefully the Third World Congress will take place in Moscow in 2007, under the auspices of the Soviet Society for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

What prompted me to write this Open Letter to you Mr. Putin is something that any leader of a civilized country would not tolerate under any circumstances and immediately would take action to stop this from ever happening again, and, hold those responsible for making this film-video and the actors who did perform in this film -video.

Over the Internet, going to a world audience, your Government has allowed itself, in front of not only your own people, but of mankind, to sink into a quagmire of baseness that no other leader of a country would tolerate.

In Leningrad, on board the historical and sacred battle cruiser "Aurora" that gave the signal by firing a salvo for the start of the Great October Revolution, a porno film was made which is so explicit that you have to gasp and, being promoted for sale on the Web page. (SP-351)

Not even in explicit Hollywood film studios would this be allowed to be made or even allowed to be sold on the Internet.

Not only that Mr. Putin – I know that you know your history of the Civil War and the popular song of that time had words "In the struggle for this…" (V borbe za jeto…" –the explicit sex video carries that as its title!

The historical cruiser "Aurora" is a world-recognized historical treasure and sacred to most people. I’m certain that you Mr. Putin, as a former KGB officer, made many trips to this Aurora cruiser, as have millions of people from around the world.

Would President Bush ever allow or even condone such an event to besmirch the historical monument of the USA, to have such an unbelievable pornographic film to be made and openly promoted on the site of American sacred "Liberty Bell" or at the "Lincoln Memorial Museum"?

Dear Mr. Putin!

Although there are many great differences between the policies of NSC, of our Friendship Society and the present Russian government that you head, but, common decency, common cultural ethics of all decent mankind abhors this event that your government has allowed to take place.

We as friends of Soviet People (which includes Russians, Ukrainians Byelorussians and others) have a long and proud history and traditions since the first organization was set up in 1918, called – Hands Off Russia Committee.

May I suggest on behalf of millions of friends of Soviet people that you as President of Russia, take concrete steps to stop this uncontrolled development of pornography in Russia and institute laws, like all civil societies, to bring to justice these elements that not only besmirch the human body, the Russian people, but that also besmirches you Mr. Putin as President!

Yours truly

Michael Lucas, Editor of Northstar Compass Journal
Chairman of the International Council for Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People

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