If the World Doesn’t Come To Communism, It Will Self-Destruct!

Galina Savchenko


These words by Eisenstein are in fact a reality in preset day Ukraine.

Having usurped power, these nationalist representatives of the oligarch capital, they took over complete control of the internal and external situation of Ukraine and this is a fact now.

The neo-fascist organizations are now legally promoting their fascist ideology. They are well represented in the legal apparatus of Ukraine, in the courts, in culture and controlling the media. They have financial backing of the government and these are just some of the neo-fascist propaganda that are now being disseminated:

Anna Zaliubivskaya holding NSC

There are now demolitions of historical monuments, the rush into NATO, while the present regime is pushing for full recognition as heroes the Ukrainian fascists of OUN-UPA that served Hitler and murdered their own people!

Since 1991, during this "peaceful" period, without any wars, Ukraine has lost more than 5,000,000 people!

Viktor Kotian, Anna Zaliubivskaya, Igor Lytvinok – holding poster
Our USSR will live!

The situation in former Yugoslavia should show us where nationalism, neo-fascism leads to destruction of the people for the benefit of US imperialism and its New World Order.

There took place on March 3, 2006 an Antifascist Forum in Kiev, where many young people took part, as these young Communists from Lutsk shown below. As you can see, they are familiar with and read Northstar Compass.

They, as more than 70% of Ukrainians are demanding the resurrection of our Motherland – the USSR!

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