Same Game – But Different Players

In a news item from Russia Reform Monitor #1387, it was reported that Putin's appointment Sergei Zuyev, the owner of Russia's largest furniture retailers Tri Kita and Grand has been arrested on charges of tax evasion. According to the Prosecutor General's Office, Zuyev and heads of several other interconnected companies were smuggling at least 400 tons of expensive top-of-the-line furniture and other goods worth over 62 million rubles into Russia since 2000.

This was followed by the removal of the former prosecutor general Vladimir Ustinov (a former high ranking party official!) who opened up the prosecution, but instead of charging Sergei Zuyev, he fired the prosecutor general for "exceeding his authority".

But, at his trial, it was found out that Sergey Zuyev received $2,000,000 in order to squash the prosecution, which he did.

We're just wondering whether the charges has gone up for the bribe of "squashing"?

US Diplomats Expelled From Kyrgyzstan

BISHKEK - According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan, two US Embassy officials were expelled for interfering in the internal affairs of the country. This was done according the article 9 of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations.

The decision was made on the basis of established facts, presented by the Special Services of the Kyrgyz Republic, and their repeated interference in the internal affairs of the state, incompatible with the diplomatic status and recognized norms of international law.

There are second thoughts now by the present Kyrgyz government after they allowed US to have air bases in the country in December of 2001 during the attack by US forces on Afghanistan.

NATO Out of the Caucasus!


Dear comrades!

We are very glad that you comrades exist. Many thanks for your regular sending us your splendid publication, that informs the world and even us, the Soviet people as to what is going on.

We also found out that you are planning to hold the Third World Congress in Moscow. We would like to be informed as to when this Congress is taking place and to also receive the Russian Edition of Northstar Compass. How can we take part in this extremely important Congress in Moscow?

In the city of Sochi, Crimea, without the population or even the City Council of Sochi even being informed, there took place an International Conference organized by NATO last June 22-25, with official participation of the Russian Duma in one of the fancy tourist hotels on Tourist Prospect #103.

Citizens of Sochi on June 22 organized a picket and a demonstration against this NATO conference. Sponsoring this demonstration were the CPRF, AUCPB, RPC-RCWP, party of Anpilov and Patriots of Russia, youth organization, Komsomol organization and citizens of Sochi.

From the Society of Veterans there were no representatives, since they no longer support the resurrection of the Soviet Union.

Slogans and signs carried were the following:

Plus many other slogans and signs, too numerous to mention.

In order to play down the NATO presence in Sochi, the Russian Duma organized many concerts and attractions all over the city – to take the mind of the people from this NATO presence.

The sign being held by myself reads'
The Regime Needs A Revolutionary Movement Against It!

Comradely yours
I. Zanaida Imanskoya

This Is the Answer for All CP Parties in Ex-USSR!

In a very interesting and positive news item received by NSC last month, was the following:

Delegates from the Communist Party of Belarus (CBP) and the Byelorussian Communist Party (BCP) decided on reunification of their parties at a Minsk Congress held last July 15, 2006. A resolution adopted at this Congress reads: "The presence of two political communist organizations contradicts the Byelorussian society consolidation logic, which is aimed at building a sovereign and socially orientated state."

The decision to hold the Congress was spurred by younger members of both parties, who wanted to revive the best traditions of the Communist movement

The Congress was attended by 157 delegates sent in by the CPB and 74 delegates sent in by the BCP – 263 delegates in total. Besides this, full status was granted to 32 members of the Council of the Bureau and Council of the Communist Party.

The Congress adopted an address: "To Peoples of Belarus, to all the CIS States and to the World:" which approves the present policy of the Government, demands that the misinformation and psychological pressure on Belarus should be stopped, urges that international solidarity should be strengthened and steps taken immediately to unite the communist movement in former Soviet Union.

Georgian-South Ossetian Situation Is Dreadful!

MOSCOW: Russian Ground Forces Deputy Commander Lt. General Valery Yavnevich has described the conflict instigated by Georgia against South Ossetia as "dreadful".

"There are unbridled people there with weapons in their hands with whom it is impossible to speak. I am a combat-experienced general who has gone through Afghanistan and all the hotspots of the CIS territory, and still I find this scenario there dreadful.

Georgia does not want peace but war – this is what we have come to now! We have to stop now, because it will be too late later!"

Lt General Yevnevich also charged that he believes that the Georgian Defence Minister Irakly Okruashvili was the initiator of the bomb explosion of Russian cars with diplomatic licence plates, carrying the Lt. General and other Russian diplomats for talks in the capital city Tbilisi, Georgia.

Statement By CC AUCPB About N. Korea's Testing of Missiles

Nina A.

The Central Committee of the All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks welcomes the information about the testing of these missiles which are meant for self defence against the planned attack by US imperialism against North Korea.

The fact that N. Korea has the technology and expertise to manufacture and test these missiles shows that the economy is growing, despite the trade embargo and blockade against this sovereign country, supported by US imperialism and their Western allies.

This was an outright reply to Bush and to US imperialism that threatened North Korea and called it an "Empire of Evil" that must have a regime change.

US imperialism and its vassal Japan have no right to stop N. Korea from developing weapons for self-protection, as every other country is doing. President Bush should remember what another imperialist reactionary leader, Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain said: "The possession of nuclear ballistic missiles by two opposing political entities is the only factor .in this contemporary times that guarantees the fact that helps to prevent an outbreak of a nuclear war".

The AUCPB fully supports the policy of N. Korea which is striving for peace and understanding. We give our Communist Salute to the Korean Democratic Republic. We wish them future successes in education, economy and in taking all steps necessary for self-defence.

N.A. Andreeva
General Secretary

Dear readers:

As NSC was going to press, Japan last month was officially considering a pre-emptive strike against North Korea's missile bases and whether this would violate its constitution. Although the present Japan's constitution forbids settling international disputes by military force and is forbidden to have an army, US imperialism has allowed Japan to have an army of 240,000 soldiers that they now call "Self Defence Force."

Russia’s Plan to Outreach to Russian "Compatriots"

From Russia Reform Monitor

President Putin has now signed a decree on measures to assist the voluntary return of scores of thousands of Russian "compatriots" from abroad. Reuters agency has reported that the Russian government is perturbed, since the official population figures show that the population of Russia has shrunk by 11.2 million people since 1993, because of large emigration from Russia, terrible living conditions for the majority of people, very high mortality rate and a low birth rate due to drastic economic conditions.

The High Cost Of Living in Russia

An annual survey by the US-based Mercer Human Resources Consulting has rated Moscow as the world’s most expensive city to live in, according to the Moscow Times. Moscow was rated as the 4th most expensive city to live in only last year, but now Moscow took first place. The uncontrolled real estate prices, the high cost of food and transport added to this honour for Moscow. Tokyo, Hong Kong and London followed in that order, while New York was in 12th place.

Russian State Corruption

A poll by the independent Levada Center has found that way over 50% of Russians believe through their personal experiences that state corruption and squandering of state property and money by Putin’s government, are the main obstacles to economic growth.

Who’s Behind Third Term Ambitions?

All of a sudden (as if on cue) with the elections coming up in Russia, a civic group got "born" in St. Petersburg (Leningrad) and is now gathering signatures in order to ask Putin to run for a third term as President, which is unconstitutional. The signature campaign started in St. Petersburg and the head of this campaign in Governor Valentina Matviyenko.

She was quoted by RIA Novosti as saying: "Vladimir Putin is a real patriot of our city, and has done everything for its development, and it is flourishing and Putin has prestige. He strengthened our position in the world. It would be unwise to interrupt these aspirations and undertakings. His third term would give us stability.

We ask our readers to give their opinions on this question.

New Powers Given To President Putin

The Russian State Duma has passed legislation giving President Putin absolute freedom to send Russian Armed Forces abroad to fight terrorism and tightening restrictions on any Russian media coverage of these forthcoming anti-terrorist operations inside Russia, the Associated Press reported.

This New Legislation stipulates, amongst other things, that Putin and his operational chief are the only ones to provide reporters with any related information.

This new power given to President Putin is the same power that President Bush has!?

God, Are you listening to me?

After I was put-in in Russia, the problems are just growing and I need all the help I can get! You must help me!

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