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Relations between Russia and Georgia

What is really behind the confrontation between Russia and Georgia in the ongoing strife? Is it a strife between Bush’s Administration and the Russian Putin Government? In reality, it seems that is in actual fact a struggle between Russia and US for control of the Central Asia region.

There was direct telephone conversation between Bush and Putin, according to the Itar-Tass News Agency. It seems that Russia is on Washington’s target list, but things run deeper than they seem. There is no love lost between Capitalist countries and their ambitions, both economical and political, as far as this Central Asia region is concerned.

We must remember that the present president of Georgia is Saakashvili, an American stooge who was trained at Yale University in the US and with the support of the "orange revolution", sponsored and paid for by the US State Department, became president of Georgia.

The USA political heavyweight, Zbigniew Brzezinski, clarified the importance of Central Asia in his book "The Grand Chessboard". In it he states the following:

" Ever since the continents started interacting politically, some 500 years ago, Eurasia has been the centre of world power. For the US the chief geopolitical prize is Eurasia and how American manages Central Asia is crucial to US preponderance. It is the largest continent and is geo-politically axial. The power that dominates Central Asia would control two of the three most advanced and productive economic regions. If this region is controlled than automatically it would entail Africa’s subordination. About 75% of the world’s people live in Eurasia and most of the world’s physical wealth is in this region. Eurasia accounts for over 60% of the word’s GNP and about three quarters of the world’s energy resources."

Besides all of this, Putin’s conversion to the Russian Ruble currency poses a direct threat to America’s dollar. It’s a fact that the US imperialism must try to maintain the dollar dominance in the oil trade, or the US dollar will plummet and the American empire just might start to disappear.

What was Henry Kissinger doing in Moscow months ago in his private talk with Mr. Putin?

The Bush Administration has big plans for Central Asia. It is a critical part of the ongoing global resources war. The future is dangerous for all of mankind, not only for Russia and America.

News Items from Byelorussia, Estonia, Latvia, Tadzikistan

Taken from the newspaper

MINSK: The Byelorussian Republic suffered immensely during the Great Patriotic War, losing over 2, 200,000 people plus thousands of Red Army men and partisan fighters. German fascists burned to the ground 209 cities and towns and 9,200 villages, 10,000 state farms, 326 collective farms and implement stations. Destroyed were 100,456 industrial enterprises and over 420,996 homes. The people were shot, hung, tortured, gassed, burnet alive, experiments were carried on live citizens, plus other unforgivable and unimaginable deaths that these German fascists perpetrated in Byelorussia.

How can you explain the silence of the present government in Minsk that on the night of October 2, in Brest Region, there was opened a Special Cemetery where the Byelorussian Government had ceremonially reburied the bodies of these German fascist killers and officially held a ceremony and laid flowers on their graves!!??

Did the present Byelorussian government forget that the Nuremburg Tribunal sentenced these German SS fascists to be condemned forever, not reburied again and given the sacred blood-soaked Byelorussian land for reburial?

That is like spitting on the graves of the 2,200,000 Soviet citizens that died by the hands of these German fascists!

Forever Shame on Those That Allowed This To Take Place!

TALLIN, ESTONIA: The Premier-Minister Andrus Ansyl gave the order to dismantle the monument to the Soviet Red Army that liberated Estonia from German fascism and that it be moved someplace out of the city. As the Premier-Minister sad: "This monument is a symbol against the Estonian people."

On the decision of the European Union and of the present Estonian regime, they officially erected monuments to the Estonian SS troops that fought the Soviet Red Army. This policy in the former Baltic Republics follows the diktat of EU, NATO and other pro-US imperialist agencies.

The protests are pouring in from all over the world. We shall see what happens to these newly erected monuments to the SS fascist criminals.

RIGA, LATVIA: In the small city of Subate the authorities erected a monument to the German Waffen SS fascists who fought in the forests against the Red Army which was liberating Latvia. The Plaque has these words on this monument: "To the Latvian and Lithuanian heroes who fought against the communist occupation troops 1944-1953"

There is a move by NATO and EU to propose the president of Latvia to the post of Secretary General of the United Nations.

Hey! Maybe we shall see a swastika flying as one of the flags in the UN office!

TADZHIKISTAN: We all remember that when the dismemberment of the USSR began, President Rachmonov, the former General Secretary of the CPSU in Tadzhikistan said that it is only the communist party which will be able to come out of this tragedy. There were even well known communist leaders in Russia like Zyuganov and Tiulkin that were taken in by this false bravado.

But now, this former "communist" had turned the other cheek and even allowed the names of the highest mountain peaks in the Pamir Mountains to be renamed, in order that they would not have Soviet names. He even allowed that the name given to one of the highest mountain peaks, called Lenin, to be erased from the map of Tadzhikistan.

There’s No Need To Comment!

Without Prejudice


Byelorussia in these times looks like a punching clown, to which anybody can kick as he or she pleases. Attacks against the state of Belarus or its President, or its political position in the international community. Is this from lack of knowledge or just plain madness? But in any case, it is from political prejudice.

That’s on one side.

On the other side there is very little objective truth getting into our ears or eyes about how this former USSR Republic lives, what is its way of life, where is it going and how is it thinking now?

What happened after 1991 Belovezh Agreement was reached to dissolve the Soviet Union, when the top leaders of Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine entered on the road to independence?

Lukashenko is called a "dictator" an "authoritarian", regardless of the fact that he was elected already 3 times by 70%-80% of voters. This is much better than any of his political opponents. He is called bad because he condemned NATO’s expansion to the East and he does not want to join NATO. He also criticized the bombing of Yugoslavia which got its punishment for not cooperating with Brussels (headquarters of NATO) and Lukashenko also criticized the invasion of Iraq and did not send a single Byelorussian soldier to help the aggression.

Belarus also refused to join the IMF and wants to cooperate with Russia. Lukashenko is still following the road of what was good in the Soviet Union and it is to his credit that Belarus now has the highest standard of living of all the former Soviet Republics.

That is why the ongoing intrigues and criticism against Lukashenko and Belarus. The people of Belarus suffered great sacrifices during the Great Patriotic War, which killed every fourth citizen. In 1986 Belarus was heavily damaged and suffered because of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The people of this country deserve our support.

In the Czech Republic there are many people where the contemporary happenings in Belarus are not taken very lightly. For them, as we say in the heading of this article – It Is the Land of Our Friends!

The Editorial Board of
Slovanska Vzajemnost

Translated from Czech by
Vanya Kalasnikov

Abkhazia Prepares For an Attack from Georgia

Novosti Agency

Abkhazia held last month large-scale exercises, involving the air force and air defence units. The exercise was meant to repel any air attacks by Georgia, which has threatened and invaded Abkhazia’s territory, said Anatoly Zaitsev, the Deputy Defence Minister of Abkhazia.

Abkhazia and South Ossetia broke away from Georgia after the break-up of the USSR in 1990’s and have voted to join the Russian Federation.

On October 13, the United Nations Security Council unanimously approved a Russian resolution on Georgia, urging Georgia to refrain from any provocative actions in Abkhazia and calling for an extension of the Russian peacekeeping mission in the region until April 15, 2007.

Russia Asks That Europe Must Address Nazi Revival in Estonia

From INTERFAX, Nov. 13, 2006

Andrei Kokoshkin, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee for Affairs and for Relations with Compatriots Abroad, said that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) and other European institutions should react to the Estonian Government’s adopted law which allows for the dismantling of all Soviet War Memorials.

"This Bill, which allows the dismantling of all the monuments -memorials to the Soviet liberators from the Nazis, is another sign of the revival of neo-Nazism in Estonia, within the framework of the European Union", he said.

This "is a blow to the Estonian Russians who strongly object to the removal of these memorials and monuments. The European Union, the Council of Europe, their parliaments and other European Institutions should discuss this issue." Kokoshkin concluded!


What "nice" diplomatic language used for this extremely serious development in Estonia, where thousands of Soviet soldiers, not only Russians, died liberating these people from the German Nazis and their own internal fascists who (as history has shown) preferred to shoot the Red Army soldiers in the back and cooperating with the German occupiers.

Mr. Kokoshkin maybe should ask any of the remaining widows of the Soviet Red Army soldiers who died liberating Estonia as to what they think of his insignificant statement? Statement like this certainly is not even a slap on the wrist of this present reactionary neo-Nazi regime of Estonia! This statement should be condemned as an insult to the memory of millions of Soviet people who fought and died so that Nazism-Fascism will never raise its head again!

UN Supports a Russian Sponsored Resolution

From Voice of Russia, Nov. 17, 2006

UN General Assembly adopted a Russian resolution by 103 delegates on the inadmissibility of glorifying Nazis and the staging of rallies to glorify the Nazi past and the present growing neo-Nazism.

This deals especially with the present reactionary regimes of Estonia and Latvia who are demolishing monuments to the Soviet Army and erecting memorials to the German and local Nazis and SS butchers in these two former Soviet republics.

Struggle Inside Trade Unions in Russia

On November 14-16th in Moscow, the present Russian authorities arrested 15 oil and gas industry workers who came to picket the meeting place where the Federation of Independent Trade Unions was holding its Convention. This Union Federation is not very much interested in looking after the welfare of the workers, as it is talking only about the need to have "social stability". This is no secret amongst the working class in Russia about its very close ties to the ruling government of Russia. It is also no wonder that even President Putin showed up at this independent trade union convention.

Even though its leader Shmakov is cooperating with the private corporations, other workers who are members and are part of this trade union are struggling in their cities all over the country for the benefit of the working class. From one gas and oil enterprise, a delegation came to show their feelings to the Convention in order to tell the delegates how things really are in their part of the country, in the far eastern region of Russia.

These oil and gas workers managed to give out leaflets to the other delegates and their newspaper. Besides this, these oil and gas workers held a meeting in front of the Karl Marx monument and demanded the resignation of the head of this independent union, Michael Shmakov, who was the only candidate allowed to run for re-election at that Convention.

The Russian authorities barred the trade union peaceful pickets to demonstrate in front of the convention centre. The signs read: "Freedom for trade union activities" and "Shmakov get off the necks of the workers!" This caused quite a stir and the press and TV were there and this protest reached a very wide audience. These workers were supported by some Communist Parties and youth groups such as the Vanguard of Youth and the Russian Communist Workers Party and newspapers such as "Forward". The demands for higher wages, the improved working conditions and other demands are not to the liking of the leadership of this government-supported independent union.

The leader of these demonstrating oil and gas union members that were not allowed to get into the convention, tried to talk to the OMON police surrounding them, but the leader was thrown unto the ground and hustled away into a bus. The other picketers said that they also will go into the bus to join their leader, and together they went into the bus but there was not enough place for all of them, They were whisked away into jail, while the other workers were left on the square to go on with their protest.

The Man Who Told the "Aurora" To Fire in Oct. 1917!

Sailor Belyshev when he was serving on the Aurora in 1917

When the October Revolution was approaching its final stage of preparations, the crew of the Aurora sided with the Revolution and elected Belyshev chairman of the Revolutionary Committee.

By June of 1917 the 750 crew included 43 Communist Party members. There were two authorities on board the Aurora, the Officers and the Revolutionary Ship’s Committee. This scared the Provisional Government of Kerensky who was set to quash the forthcoming Great October Socialist Revolution led by Lenin.

The Bolsheviks planned the storming of the Winter Palace in order to take over the Government, and Aurora was given the honour of giving the signal by firing a blank cannon at 9.30 PM on October 25, 1917 – a signal that the Bolsheviks under Lenin awaited to start the attack on the Winter Palace.

This shot by Aurora is echoing even now around the world.


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