Eduardo Artés, Communist Candidate for the Presidency of the Republic

Eduardo Artes
First Secretary of the Communist Party of Chile (Proletarian Action)

On December 8, the pre-candidacy of Eduardo Artés was launched, in front of the Monument to Salvador Allende in the Plaza Constitution.

On that occasion there was a sizeable group (about one hundred) with flags and banners of the Communist Party (Proletarian Action) and of "Juntos Podemos" (“Together We Can Do It”).

At the event, a statement was read and given to the news media, and there was a statement by the Pre-Candidate Eduardo Artés.

The statement given to the media is as follows:

Eduardo Artés, Communist Pre-Candidate for the Presidency of the Republic.

In accordance with one of the resolutions of the Third National Congress of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) – PC (AP), the Second Plenary of the Central Committee of the PC (AP) resolved to put forward Comrade Eduardo Artés Brichetti as pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, from the popular movement, the forces of left, of the "Juntos Podemos".

This historic decision and step of the Chilean communists has as its objective the deepening of the proletarian political work, carrying out the demand for Popular Revolutionary Democracy among the broadest sectors of the peoples of Chile. It aims for the revolutionary politicization of the demands of struggle of the masses that have appeared on the national scene in the last months. It is part of the necessary and indispensable political and ideological communist presence and contribution, at the hour of the reunification of those who are against neo-liberalism, whose most important expression of unity recently has been the formation of "Juntos Podemos".

The pre-candidacy of Eduardo Artés is a proposal to the popular movement, on the basis of the central aspects of the Program of "Juntos Podemos", of its clear political formation as an alternative to the two neo-liberal blocs, the "Concertation", the new right, and the "alliance", or old right. These, more or less bickering forces, share the management of the State and in a warped marriage direct the country, in the interests of the foreign monopolies and their local allies.

The pre-candidacy of Eduardo Artés is launched as an auxiliary element, of support, of politicization of the mass movement, of the popular and workers struggles, of the strikes and street battles, not to replace them, but to affirm them as the protagonists of the people, in the popular and organizational expression of base. Therefore, we will center our political discourse and action in denouncing and unmasking the present institutional and social order ruling in the country, showing the urgent need to overcome it in a revolutionary manner. We will fight against every position that, within the left, puts forward the false road of the institutionalization of the popular movement, of its integration with the establishment. It will point out without deviations, what is alien and useless for the workers and peoples, which is the existing institutional order, proclaiming its aims through a National Constituent Assembly and the elaboration of a new political Constitution, of a Popular Democratic Constitution.

As our anti-system pre-candidacy, as opposed to the candidacies of those who represent the interests of the bosses, of the capitalist and imperialist exploiters, who base all their actions on spectacles, on wasting billions of pesos, ours will be developed with the efforts, contributions and self-sacrifice that are needed to build itself politically from the people and at the service of their economic political and interests.

Being conscious of the unity and breadth of the aforesaid popular democratic movement in "Juntos Podemos", of the need to place the essential matters at the center, as our program proposes, the unity and the popular mobilization, we will maintain our pre-candidacy, seeking the democratic mechanisms and participations that are allowed us, to the totality of the popular forces today formed in “Juntos Podemos", to count on a single program and candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. Therefore, the pre-candidacy of Comrade Eduardo Artés should be seen as a contribution of the PC (AP) to the process of broad unity and reconstruction, which is valid for the other pre-candidates or those that may emerge from the true and consistent left, from "Juntos Podemos", as happens with the present pre-candidacy of the Humanist Party – PH, Tomás Hirsch.

The workers and peoples must raise their voice: Eduardo Artés pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic!

The Popular Democratic struggle is advancing and getting stronger in open struggle against the "Concertation" and the "alliance": Eduardo Artés pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic!

Because in united construction and in open struggle the forces of "Juntos Podemos" advance: Eduardo Artés pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic!

There is no doubt that in the end the people will impose their will: Eduardo Artés pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic!

Central Committee of the Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action) PC (AP)

Once Again the Red Flags Are Held High At the Communist Party of Chile (PA) Third Congress

Last January 1, 2008 the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Chile PC(AP) announced its decision to hold the Third Congress of the Party. All Communist Party Congresses are always notable moments that generally mark their existence with fire.

The Third Congress is clearly seeking to make a contribution to the ideological, political and organizational strengthening of the International Communist Movement. A relevant role will be the deepening, in a scientific manner (we have to emphasize what is scientific, to break with revisionism that have caused so much damager to the communist movement), understanding of the previous revolutionary experiences, such the Paris Commune, the Bolshevik Revolution of Lenin and Stalin, and the succeeding Revolutions that were headed by Communists in Albania, China, Korea, Vietnam and Cuba, as well as those countries that made up the former Socialist Republics in Europe.

Eduardo Artes
First Secretary of the Communist Party of Chile
(Proletarian Action)

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