Infamy to Traitors!

Glory to the Red Army of Liberators

SHAME – to the first President of Ukraine L. Krawchuk who even in 1992 tried to ban the State celebration of the Day of Victory in May. He was not successful. The people will never ever forget the great victory of the Soviet Union over fascism in the most devastating struggle in the history of our Fatherland.

SHAME – to the present president of Ukraine, the marionette V. Yushenko, who was not ashamed when speaking in front of the veterans of the Great Patriotic War on May 9, 2008, praising as veterans the nationalistic-fascist Ukrainian Underground Army (UPA) and its leader, the traitor Stefan Bandera, who were fighting side, who fought side by side with the German Army.

These UPA nationalist bandits were shooting the Red Army soldiers in the back, besides attacking and shooting up the Red Cross vehicles, and finishing off the Red Army wounded soldiers. They are now dismantling Soviet Red Army monuments, the Red Army graves and debunking the struggle by the Soviet Red Army which saved the world from fascist plaque.

In present Ukraine the government policy is to eliminate all of the Soviet holidays, and promoting the fanatic hatred of the Soviet history in the name of the Banderite Swastika policies. Those Krawchuks, Kuchmas, Yushekos, Tymoshenkos are heaping dirt, garbage and lies on the Day of Victory, as well as on May Day celebrations and trying to instill in people to forget the glorious history and heroism of the Soviet people.

You present traitors, Nuremberg–2 is awaiting you, never forget!

IS IT NOT A SHAME – to those World War II veterans, who on Victory Day marched under the present Ukrainian Nationalistic Bandera Flag, while President of Ukraine laughs at them and their Soviet patriotism and the heroism of the Soviet people? And marching under the flag of those UPA bandits who were killing the Red Army soldiers as well as their own people?

Shame on those who drank 100 grams and ate the rice of the present regime! Did you forget as to what flag was flying over the German Reichstag in Berlin in May of 1945?

I am the daughter of a Soviet Red Army Soldier, who fought and died in the Battle of Stalingrad, condemn all of you yellow and blue traitors who now marched under this nationalist-fascist flag! You sold off the Red Flag of my father and the flag under which you fought and many died in order to save humanity from the fascist plaque!


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