Golodomor ad usum externum»
(Holodomor for external usage)

By Boris BorisovTranslated from Russian by Andre Krasnov

Dear readers:

Since the 1920’s, world capitalism and their lackeys, the reactionary Ukrainian nationalist elements have made a very profitable industry of accusing the Soviet Union, the CPSU and of course Stalin in particular of HOLODOMOR or the starvation of millions of Ukrainian people during 1930s. Those numbers of starvation deaths is growing to the point that if we would believe these astronomical numbers, the simple logic of reproduction and growth would mean that there would hardly be any Ukrainians left living in Ukraine.

This article shows that this Holodomor was not done by Stalin, the KGB or Communists – it was a natural disaster which affected many regions and countries. But this article also shows the bitter truth as to what really happened in the Great Depression in the United States.

These photographs are not falsified or retouched or remade – they are from US archives and newspapers. Photographs do not lie! It’s the capitalist-imperialist ruling class and enemies of the people that do lie and lie and never stop lying!

Editor of NSC

This photo was taken by Dorothy Launge, USA, 1936. The mother of seven children (also known as “the mother-refugee”)
Here is the photographer’s (Dorothy Launge’s) comment on the picture: “This woman is 32 years old. She and her children are forced to eat vegetables that are left on the fields after frost and birds that the children hunt. They lived in a tent, which they later had to sell in order to get food for the children.” Overall, there were 4 millions of such “migrants”, as they are officially called.

The USA is constantly trying to teach Russia the “lessons of the holodomor”. For example:

“The commission put together by the congress of USA in 1988 concluded that during the years of the holodomor, a quarter of Ukraine’s population – millions of Ukrainians did not die from famine due to bad harvest, but were purposefully destroyed by the soviet government by the use of genocide.”

“On October 20, 2003 the USA Congress House of Representatives adopted a resolution on the holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine, which accepted it to be an act of terror and genocide against the Ukrainian people.

“In November 2005, the USA Congress House of Representatives adopted a resolution which allows the Ukrainian government to open a memorial for the victims of the 1932-1933 holodomor and officially accepted holodomor as an act of genocide.”

Such news overflow the mass media, are widely cited by the press, promoted on television and through human rights agencies and are injected into the minds of millions of people around the world.

[All serious scientists, including American scientists state that the “Ukrainian Holodomor” was not genocide and its “many millions of victims” are nothing more than a falsification. There was a famine in Ukraine in 1932, but it was not intended. Except for war time, this was the only famine in the entire history of the USSR. However, during the Czar’s rule, famines of equal or greater scales occurred every ten years. Interestingly, this fact is never mentioned in the media. – editor]

But one thing is never discussed in the news: why is the US Congress paying so much attention to events that went on in a distant part of the world over 75 years ago? Why didn’t the Americans protest then, in 1932/33, and only came around 55 years later? Perhaps the US Senators are driven by their deep humanitarian beliefs? In that case, why are there no resolutions where the systemic extermination of the Native American population is honestly called “genocide”? As a result of this extermination, most of the nations populating the American continent were entirely destroyed and the population of the remaining nations was systematically decreased to approximately 1/100 of their original size.

In American history there exists another crime committed by the government against its own people. This crime is the Great American Holodomor of 1932/33, which resulted in the deaths of millions of US citizens.

This event was never mentioned in condemning resolutions or political speeches. There are no memorials that commemorate the deaths of millions. There is no official memory of this great tragedy. All evidence was removed from official records, statistics and archives, masked by stories of Roosevelt’s greatness and the good that his “work brigades” brought to everyone. But of course, it is only “in the Soviet Union that millions of men, women and children were innocent victims of merciless actions planned by a tyrannical totalitarist regime” and such events never happened in America.

Let’s try to disprove this myth using only official American sources.

1930s, New York. A line-up of unemployed waiting for a meal.

Forged statistics:

Where are seven million people?

An attempt to study official US demographic statistics brings surprises from the very beginning – statistics for 1932 are simply unavailable. However, they do appear in statistics from later years in the form of retrospective charts. Studying these charts can also reveal some very interesting information.

First of all, American statistical records state that between 1931 and 1940, USA lost 8,553,000 people due to a decrease in population growth. This is not a gradual change – population growth instantaneously drops to almost half its value at the start of 1931, remains unchanged for precisely ten years, and then instantaneously returns to its initial value at the start of 1941. This interesting phenomenon is not explained, or even mentioned, in the several hundred pages of US Department’s of Commerce «Statistical Abstract of the United States».

Neither is this phenomenon explained in any other documentation. Officially, it does not exist.

However, any demographer will tell you that such a drastic change in rates of population increase is possible only in the case of widespread death of population.

Some might argue that the people simply emigrated to other countries to escape the horrors of the Great Depression. Let’s look at the USA immigration statistics, which can be easily cross-checked with statistics from other countries and are thus more or less credible sources. Sadly, immigration statistics don’t support this version of events. Throughout the 1930s, the country lost 93 309 people due to the fact that the rate of emigration was greater than the rate of immigration. However, in the 1920s, just a decade before, 2,960,782 people immigrated into the country. So let’s adjust USA’s total demographic losses during the 1930s by 3,054 thousand people in order to compensate for the above factors.

These photos were not taken in Ukraine or in Russia. These photos represent thousands of poor American families living in horrible poverty during the 1930s.

However, since the population of the country was increased by immigration in the 1920s, the population should have increased by 11.3% by the 1940s due to population growth. With all factors taken into account, USA’s population in 1940 should have been 141.856 million people. In reality, it was only 131.409 million. Out of the 10,447,000 missing people, only 3.054 million can be accounted for by change in migration dynamics.

Thus, in accordance to the above calculations, 7 million 394 thousand people are simply missing at the start of 1940. There are no official explanations of this fact. Personally, I highly doubt that any official explanations will ever appear.

Such systematic destruction of any compromising materials isn’t only used by the US. For instance, the British government purposefully caused a terrible famine in India in 1943, which resulted in the death of 3.5 million people. This famine was organized as punishment for the revolt of 1942 and the population`s support of the “Indian National Army”. However, you will not find any evidence of this in the British archives. Only after India’s declaration of independence was it possible to collect and publish the condemning material. If India remained under Britain’s control, this horrible holodomor of 1943 would have never become known to the world. All evidence would have been either hidden or destroyed, just as the evidence of the crimes of the Great Depression was destroyed. It will be only after the collapse of the USA that we will be able to find the truths about the crimes committed by the US government against its own people.

Where are the 7 million 394 thousand people who disappeared from 1930s statistical reports?

The Background of the Great Holodomor

The start of the 1930s was a true humanitarian catastrophe for USA. In 1932 the number of unemployed citizens reached 12.5 million, with the entire population being 125 million. The unemployment rate peaked in 1933, when there were 17 million unemployed. With their families considered, the number of people without a source of income would be equivalent to the entire population of France or Britain!

Interestingly, when, in the beginning of the 1930s, the Soviet company “Amtorg” put out an advertisement in a small newspaper to hire specialists for work in the Soviet Union, over 100 thousand (!) applications were received. Given the fact that the paper’s circulation was only 200,000 copies, it appears that every second person who read the advertisement has sent in an application.

During the hardest times of the crisis, every third worker in the US was unemployed. However, partial unemployment truly became a disaster. According to the American Federation of Labour, only 10% of the workers had a secure full-time job. Only in August of 1935, 5 years after the start of the crisis, when most of those who were unable to find a source of income have already died, has the government passed a law that introduced unemployment and old age welfare. However, this welfare did not apply to farmers and workers in many other professions.

Keep in mind that there was no social security system during the Depression – the people were left to take care of themselves. The government began giving out some aid to the unemployed only in the middle of 1933. For a long time the national administration did not even have a federal plan for managing the unemployment crisis, and the responsibility for the unemployed was transferred to state and municipality governments. However, by that almost all cities have become bankrupt.

This was a daily necessity for unemployed workers with
no money to buy food for themselves or their families.

Mass vagrancy, poverty, and large numbers of abandoned children characterised the 1930s. Entire cities were abandoned, their population gone in search for food and work. Approximately 2.5 million people in cities throughout the country have lost their homes and were forced to live on the street.

Due to the large number of people without an income and an absence of social assistance services, famine quickly spread in America. When people began to massively die in the richest city of the country, New York, the city government was forced to begin handing out free soup on the streets.

Here are a child’s memories of this time:

“We had to substitute our favourite food for anything that was available... instead of cabbage, we had to eat leaves from bushes, we had to eat frogs instead of meat... in a month my mother and older sister died...” (Jack Griffin)

However, many states didn’t even have enough money for free soup.

It is surprising to see these photos of huge line-ups in front of military kitchens: presentable faces, good clothing, a typical middle class. It appears that these people have lost their jobs just yesterday, and were immediately cast behind the poverty line. I do not know what to compare this to. The only thing that comes to mind are photos from the liberated Berlin, where the soldiers of the Red Army, the “Russian occupants”, are feeding the population that remained in the city. But in these photos, there is one main difference – the eyes. In the Berlin photos, you can see the hope in people’s eyes, while in the US photos, there is nothing but despair.

There were camps for famine refugees without a penny – California, 1937.

Public works for unemployed at wages of $5 per month – 1937.

The Mechanism of Deceit

Among the demographic loses, the child death rate should be specifically mentioned. Due to the absence of a passport and registration system, it was easy to hide the numbers of child deaths – simply by not recording them. Even now child death is a problem in the US (the US rate of child death is, for instance, higher than in Cuba), and in “prosperous” 1960, among the white population 26 out of 1000 children died in their first year of life. Among the colour population, the rate of child death reached 60 and higher, and this was during a prosperous time. Interestingly, American statistics (from the later years) state that in 1932/1933 there was a decrease (!) of the rate of child deaths. Keep in mind that at that time there were over 5 million refugees, 2.5 million homeless and 17 million people without a job or any source of income. This fact directly proves that the official government statistics for this time period have been falsified. Trying to conceal the truth, the falsifiers have made the rate of child death during the hardest years of the crisis (1932/1933) lower than in prosperous 1928.

Here are other statistics of death rates in state districts: in 1932 in the federal district of Columbia there were 15.1 deaths per 1000 people. This rate has increased from previous years, and since this is the country capital and falsifications were difficult, these statistics appear to be true. However, in North Dakota, it appears that the death rate in 1932 was only 7.5 deaths per 1000 people. This is 2 times lower than in the capital! Interestingly enough, the death rate for North Dakota in 1932 was lower than in 1925.

The champion of deceit appeared to be South California: in 3 years from 1929 to 1932 the death rate decreased from 14.1 to 11.1 deaths per 1000 people. In accordance to official statistics, the child death rate has improved during the worst years of the Great Depression in comparison with the prosperous 1920s. The official child death rate for 1932/1933 is actually the best in the period from 1880 (year of first official statistical records in USA) to 1934!

So do you still believe the official numbers?

How Many Children Died?

Where are 5 million 573 thousand people?

American statistics from the later years contain age distributions of the surviving children for the year 1940. According to these statistics, in 1940 there were 24 million 80 thousand people who were born in the 1920s. Following this trend, there should have been at least 26 million 800 thousand children born in the 1930s. However, in the generation of children born in the 1930s there is a deficit of 5 million 573 thousand children! Perhaps this was caused by a sudden decrease in the birth rate? But in the 1940s, during World War 2, when there were hundreds of thousands of military losses and the conscription of millions of men, the birth rate has returned to almost the values of 1920s. The great demographic losses of the 1930s cannot be explained by any “decreases in the birth rate”. This is a mark left by a huge number of unrecorded deaths, millions of lost child lives. This was the black mark of the Great American Holodomor.

By using these numbers we can also estimate the number of adults that died from famine by taking the difference between the entire deficit of population and the deficit due to child deaths. According to this calculation, at least 2 million people over the age of 10 died during the Great Depression. This is in addition to child deaths, which can be estimated as half of the 5.5 million child demographic losses, of which the other half can be accounted by a drop in birth rate.

[The proportion of 50% deaths to 50% demographic losses is derived from similar situations in other countries (such as Russia in the 1990s) where half of the decrease in population was caused by a decrease in rates of birth, while the other half was caused by population death. Because the American statistics cannot be trusted, this proportion is used in the above calculations. So overall, at least 2 million adults and 2.5 million children died. This brings the number of victims of the US holodomor of 1932/33 to approximately 5.5 million. – editor]

In search of any work, thousands of families trudged
along the US highways during the 1930s.

The rates of death were especially high among the national minorities in USA. The national minorities were never much cared for by the government, but what happened during the years of the Great Depression can be classified as genocide. After the first genocide of the native population, which continued until the beginning of the 20th century, the native population increased by 40% during the 1920s. However, between 1930 and 1940 the native population has lost several tens of percent.

If this isn’t genocide, then what is? 


Thanks to anti-soviet hysteria, many people know about the two million farmers who were transferred by the soviet government to other regions, but who were provided with either land or work in their new home. However, not few know about the 5 million American farmers (approximately 1 million families) who, at exactly that same time, were evicted from their land by banks for not being able to give back their loans. These farmers, unlike those in the Soviet Union, did not receive land, work, social assistance nor any other form of aid from the government.

This de-farming, which could be explained by the need to “enlarge the production potential of the farming industry” can be fully compared to the de-farming in USSR, which occurred in the same years and involved a similar number of farmers, and was done for similar reasons – to mechanise the farming industry and increase its production before the start of the War.

Every 6th farmer was affected by the holodomor. They were forced to leave their homes and property and wander into the unknown, without any food or money, forced to live in times of terrible unemployment and crime.

All across the USA there were thousands of farms like this one that were for sale or abandoned as families went in search of work or to the soup lines.

To occupy the huge masses of unemployed people, Roosevelt introduced “public works”. They were directed by the Public Works Administration and the Civil Works Administration. These public works usually involved the construction of canals, bridges and roads, quite often in unpopulated, swampy and malaria-ridden areas. Overall, between 1933 and 1939, 8.5 million citizens (this number doesn’t include criminals, who also had to do public works) have passed through the American GULAG.

The working conditions and the death rate at these public works require a separate examination.

This American GULAG – the Public Works Administration was headed by the “American Beria” – the minister of internal affairs Harold LeClair Ickes (1874-1952), [who organized the deportation of ethnic Japanese living in America into concentration camps in 1941/1942 – editor]. In 1932 it was Ickes who ordered 2 million youths to be deported into youth work camps, where they were forced to live and do public works. Officially, they were paid for this work, but from their monthly pay of $30, $25 were immediately subtracted by the government.

Destruction of food by the government: good for the market, a slave’s work for the poor.

On top of the mass famine, public works and the death of “unneeded population”, the US government is guilty of another crime. During the years of the famine, the US government, in accordance with the request of the farming and food production business lobby, has systematically destroyed large stores of food. For instance, the government slaughtered 6.5 million pigs, destroyed 10 million hectares of crops, and burned and dumped in the ocean millions of pounds of grain.

The aims of this atrocity were never concealed. This was done to raise the price of food by more than two times in the interest of large agricultural businesses. This, of course, fully satisfied the interests of large businesses, but outraged the starving population. During Hoover’s time, “hunger marches” became common in most cities and were often violently suppressed by police.

Families were forced to become croppers and move from place to place, living in shacks.

[I have personally known people who have lived through the Great Depression in USA and Canada. They tell me about their many friends and relatives who died from hunger and disease during that time. They tell me about how they were forced to wander the country, riding on train roofs and hunted by police. Quite often, if they were caught, the starved people were beaten to death.

Life was especially hard for national immigrant communities, such as the Carpatho-Russian community. Michael Lucas in his book “From the Carpathian Mountains to Canada” tells a short story about that time. He and his friends who lived through the Great Depression all know people who died during that time. – comment by editor]

However, the death of its own people from famine has never bothered the US government, unlike the “holodomors” in other countries, which can be used for political means.

“I am not worried about the future of our country. It is full of hope” – said President Hoover the day before the Great Depression.

Interestingly, before the US Congress created a comity to investigate the “holodomor in Ukraine” in 1988, USA never mentioned the “Ukrainian holodomor”. The US government understood that they have their own dirty secrets and that an ideological attack on the Soviet Union would cause a return attack that would cripple the people’s trust in the US government. The idea of the “Ukrainian holodomor” was brought into the light only in 1988, when Washington was able to get Gorbachev and other agents of influence into the Kremlin, knowing that there will be no ideological attack from the Soviets.

We cannot expect the US government to accept the fact of this holodomor. There will be no “revealing the truth” until the current regime falls. Concealing the truth about the Great American Holodomor is a consensus of the political elite in the US Government – both the republican and democrat. The blame for millions of deaths in the 1930s lie with both Hoover’s republican administration and Roosevelt’s democratic one. It is because of this that the political system in the USA is so consolidated on denying the fact of a holodomor in the US and its millions of victims. The current government will continue to deny these facts as long as it stands.

But this truth will inevitably be brought forward.

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