The Film Defiance

Most films that deal with killings and hardships faced by the people of the Jewish faith during WW 2 usually deal with the Holocaust. Many of the films serve the political interests of the State of Israel rather than historical facts that pay homage to the victims of the Holocaust. Most of those films are given very favorable critiques or reviews irrespective of their artistic merit.

The film "Defiance" by Ed Zwick which deals with a group of Jews during WW 2 is not presented as a Holocaust movie or as a blatant Zionist propaganda and that is probably the reason why it hasn't been receiving favorable reviews from the film critics.

This film is about the Jews who during WW 2 fought and died and extracted vengeance on their enemies. It tells the story, albeit romantically, about the Bielski brothers and their small band of partisans who operated in the Naliboki forest in Western Byelorussia between 1942-1944. The Bielski band did not operate independently of the other Soviet partisan formations operating in the German rear throughout the Eastern Front, but were divided into the "Kalinin" and "Ordzhonikidze" detachments of the Kirov Brigade of the Soviet Partisans under the command of General Platon. This fact is very lightly touched on by the film makers.

Many reviewers have not criticized this film as a work of art or a piece of history, but rather have used it to slander and condemn the USSR, Socialism, Communist Party and of course Stalin, its leader.

Don't think for a moment that this is in any way pro-Soviet, IT IS NOT! In a very hypocritical way it equates the Great Stalin to the murderous Nazi parasite Hitler. It portrays the USSR as being anti-Semitic. And yet in some brief and fleeting seconds it half- heartedly tries to tell the truth about the conditions of the Jewish people in the USSR. This is feebly shown when Zus (one of the Bielski brothers) quotes from the Communist Party's opposition to anti-Semitism.

This film does not portray the Jews as weaklings who accept their lot in life and meekly go to their death without putting up a struggle, as many other films have done. It portrays them as human beings, their strengths and weaknesses. It shows that they were equally capable to inflict death on their enemies as' in the case of a German prisoner who is killed despite his pleas for mercy. Obviously scenes like these are not how Zionism wants the Jews portrayed; it prefers to have them shown as helpless victims. These kinds of images create more sympathy for the Jews.

Unfortunately the Zionist State of Israel manipulated the Holocaust to suite its present day expansionist policies. These present Israel policies are abhorred by many of the Holocaust survivors and a very large number of Israelis.

It is becoming more and more evident that the present day Zionist media is substituting fact with fiction when dealing with WW 2 and in particular with the Soviet Jews who were born and lived in the USSR. Films like "Defiance" which do not immediately follow the Zionist formula regarding the Holocaust cannot expect any favorable reviews.

The bitter irony of this film is that it was made in Lithuania, where during WW 2 Nazi collaborators in Lithuania killed hundreds of Jews.

Since the destruction of the Soviet Union, the many successive governments of Lithuania have persecuted all those who fought and liberated it from the German Nazi yoke – Jews included!

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