CPRF Leader Zyuganov Socialism Is the Future

From RT  –  January 10, 2013

Recent protests in capitalist countries indicate that the public mood is swinging from the right to the left and a turn towards socialism has become inevitable for the entire world in the future  –  stated Gennady Zyuganov, Head of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation n Moscow.

“I’m confident that in 2013 it will become obvious to everyone"  –  said the CPRF leader.

In an article published on the CPRF website, Zyuganov summed up the results of 2012 and shared his view on how the past events will affect the future of Russia as well as other countries.

The only way to revive Russia and improve the lives of the people is to go back to public ownership in the economy, banking and in the financial sectors  –  as it was in the Soviet Union.

Mass protests that swept across Europe as well as some of the election results are a clear indication of a change in the public mood.

In former USSR the young people are taking a growing interest in the Communist Party’s program.

The upcoming CPRF Congress taking place in February of this year will provide a breakthrough in our fight for the principles of social justice, and I feel that this will bring hundreds of thousands of new members to the party!


NSC is printing this article for our readers who know the social democratic position of Zyuganov and the CPRF. CPRF members are leaving the CPRF in droves, including noted persons, because Zyuganov’s history is too tarnished with his constant cooperation with the regime of Putln-Medvedev and his lack of trying to organize all forces to resurrect the Soviet Union and Socialism! Editor

Putin Is Happy for 17 Communist Parties in Russia!

Ukraine Is Allowing NATO to Transit Troops

The Government of Ukraine – (lackey of NATO and US Imperialism – Editor) is allowing NATO troops from Afghanistan to transit trough Ukraine  –  according to Ukrainian Ambassador to NATO, Ihor Dolhov

The Ambassador also promised NATO that: "Ukraine would support any further NATO efforts in Afghanistan until 2014."

NATO is supposed to withdraw over 100,000 troops from Afghanistan, plus a significant amount of property and war equipment must pass through Ukraine

Mikhail Gorbachev – aka Mikhail Garber

 By Tamara

His real name is Mikhail Garber. His mother is Maria Gopkalo and his grandfather was Moiseevich, both Jewish. Mikhail Garber is reviled in USSR as a man who looted Soviet wealth, destroyed the USSR and stooped so low that for money he advertises Pizza Hut!

Gorbachev was very co-operative with the British and US secret services. Here is what former US President Bill Clinton said:

“Not firing a single shot and without losing a single soldier, the United States with the help of Mikhail Gorbachev and his clique demonstrated a fundamentally new method of demolition, and brilliantly we won the Third World War, crushed, dismembered and erased from the map the world our main opponent, leaving it (the USSR – Editor) lying down in the dirt and chaos, and made this former mortal enemy asking for help and mercy This was all as intended by the Americans.’’


Russia Marks Stalingrad Victory

RIA Novosti – February 2, 2013

Russia commemorated the 70th Anniversary of the epic 200-day Battle of Stalingrad, with a military parade and patriotic remarks!

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogazin opened up the Anniversary Parade in Volgograd with a very brief speech stressing Russia’s role in World War II.

“Hey Mr. Rogazin. it was the Soviet Red Army of the USSR that fought and died in this Epic Battle of Stalingrad – or did you forget your history – the history that even reactionary Imperialists like Winston Churchill admitted that it was the Soviet Red Army and Stalin that defeated the German fascist hordes in Stalingrad!”

President Putin did not even bother to show up at this 70th Anniversary! Why?

The victory parade was very modest. Hundreds of soldiers marched wearing present-day uniforms as well as those of the Soviet Red Army. They were followed by the legendary Soviet T- 34 Tank, topped by the Red Flag of the USSR.”

Oh. by the wav – where was the present Prime Minister Medvedev of Russia, who is a dual citizen of Russia and Israel?

Russian Trade Unionists Held a Seminar in City of Novgorod

There were delegates from over 30 cities across Russia, representing different trade unions, enterprises against exploitations in the work place and above all, for unity amongst many different trade union movements. The Seminar delegates adopted many resolutions and plans for further struggles.

The delegates were from the Federation of Trade Unions of Russia and Russian Committee of Workers This photograph is from the newspaper NARODNAYA PRAVDA – published in Leningrad

Our Motherland Is Asking For Our Help!

Last December 22, 2012, Communists of the city of Mineralny Vody held a meeting near the monument to V.l. Lenin. We brought with us Red flags, photo of Stalin, the cover page of Northstar Compass, and the message that “Our Home is the USSR!” and “No unity with the enemies of the USSR!”

The people that passed by us told us that we are correct and that our slogans are what is needed for the rebirth of Socialism and of the Soviet Union, but somehow were afraid to remain and join us.

Vladimir Shkarupa, member of the AUCPB

Disappearance of Over 20 CIA Prisoners Denounced

February 14, Prensa Latina

Over 20 prisoners seized in secret mission by the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) remain missing, reported Pro-Publica Report and quoted by Russia Today (RT) Channel. This 316-page report said: “the whereabouts of these prisoners are unknown."

After the Twin Towers suicidal attack on September 11, the then US Vice President Dick Cheney ordered the CIA investigations around the globe “by any means necessary.”

After many protests by different organizations all over the world, the then US President George W. Bush finally admitted that over 100 people had been detained in these secret prisons all over the world.

Human Rights organizations demand an investigations into these tortures to which these individuals were subjected and are now being subjected to.

Where is an outcry by the UN Security Council?

US Continues New Cold War with Russia

From on Feb.. 20, 2013

If NATO further expands into Georgia and Ukraine, crossing the Russian “Red Line", hostility will be further heightened. The NATO missile-defense installations are supposedly aimed at Iran, but they pose a real danger to Russia in the event of a nuclear first strike.

Former US President Bill Clinton started his illegal air war over Kosovo, the NATO excuse was to “save Kosovo Albanians from being massacred by the Serbs." But the real purpose rumored was Russia's deprivation of the last European ally, Serbia.

Russian has opposed NATO and Western efforts to block Iran’s nuclear efforts, designed to instigate and support a regime change in Iran and thus pave the way for NATO and the Western powers penetration right into Central Asia.

NATO and Western powers have come right onto the borders of Russia and this poses a serious threat to Russian security,

Letter from Antonio Guerrero – One of Cuban Five

This letter was sent to Galina Savchenko – our correspondent from Kiev. Ukraine – which we are very honored to publish in NSC and send a copy of NSC to comrade Antonio in US prison. Antonio is seen with his arms around his sons His wife and mother are sitting in front

Dear Galina -I thank you for your previous letter to me.

We have completed our 14 year unjust imprisonment. If there is something that has given us strength, if there is something that made us feel optimistic all the time, it is each and every letter that we have received from our friends from all over the world.

This last year has been a year of intense struggle for our freedom, on the legal place, as well as with all the solidarity activities.

Our appreciation for each friend that has written or had it published and had struggled without rest in order to return us home very deep and eternal.

It is painful for us Five, not to have enough time or the best of conditions to answer all letters, full of encouragement and brotherhood – more quickly and personally. We will never forget you in our hearts. I'm sending you a photo with my family during their visit.

On behalf of the Five, I wish you health, prosperity, love and a Happy New Year 2013! Five Big embraces.

Antonio Guerrero

Where Is Moldavia Heading Now?

From newspaper MYSL

One of the most beautiful and prosperous former Soviet Republic of Moldavia, the last twenty years after the disintegration of the USSR, has sunk into the quick sand and hardships that it had previously when it was a neglected province of Romania.

After 20 years of capitalism and ruin, ioday it is one of the most corrupted countries in Europe. The crime rate, the terrible economic devastation and unemployment, just in year 2012 there were registered officially over 11,500 serious crimes committed and the mafia and corruption is on the increase. The anti-Russian phobia is growing alarmingly, while fascist movements are on the rise. The Communist Party of Moldova was declared illegal and banned all over Moldavia.

Hundreds of schools were closed – especially the Russian language schools. The unemployment, the immigration to other countries is growing alarmingly.

The population of Moldova is less than 3.5 million people, but over 25% of working people have left the country to seek jobs all over Europe.

Moldova has lost over 1,000 students from colleges and universities to seek a better future and life – most of them will never return to Moldova again.

So the question is: Where is Moldova heading? Obviously the present “democracy” in Moldova is not the answer at all!

G. Nosenko

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