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Appeal from the Temporary Central Committee Communist Party of the Soviet Union to all Soviet Communists, to all Communist Parties, unions and association of Communists, that are now existing on the territory of USSR

Comrade Communists!

The class struggle is upon us. Revolutionary situation is on the door step now. For the organization of a political strike and victory over the might of reaction lacks one thing: unifying force and organizational skills of communists, and the need for organizing the workers. All present Communist parties have shown themselves to be at the tail end of the demands and strikes of the workers. This is because of the allowed and practiced method of setting up Republic individual communist parties which in itself made possible the dismemberment of the USSR, while the establishment of the Union of Communist Parties - CPSU did nothing but just mask this process. The ambitions of many leaders and general secretaries have become a detriment to the wishes of Soviet people for unity, and the resurrection of the USSR.

  Today from us, Soviet communists, the future of our Motherland depends: either we unite into one party, a revolutionary part of the proletariat, able to organize mass demonstrations and strikes against the temporary occupying regimes, return to the working class what they won with the 1917 revolution and socialism, or all of the Imperialist might shall drown the dispersed and not unified parties of the working class.

On November 1, 1997 in Moscow, delegates of party organizations from Ukraine, Byelorussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Uzbekistan, Moldavia and 45 regions of Russia held the first step of unifying Soviet Communists. This Convention adopted a Declaration about the rejuvenation and resurrection of the party of Lenin-Stalin - the Communist Party of Soviet Union.

The political and ideological foundation of this unity - revolutionary teachings of Marx-Engels-Lenin and Stalin - the teachings and the necessity of the dictatorship of the proletariat. All those who oppose the theories of "class co-operation" or "different means of ownership of production", should stand under the flag of the resurrection of the CPSU. For us, as never before, are the actual words of V.I. Lenin, that "the defeat of the bourgeois is just the making of the proletariat as the ruling class, capable of fending off attacks of the bourgeois and organizing the new economy for the working class and the exploited classes".

The organizational foundation - democratic centralism. We need one party, one program, one Central Committee, one struggle for political control by the Soviets. All that is working towards unity - must go forward to gain victory! The decisive fact must be a country-wide Political Strike and should begin with the forthcoming march of workers for USSR and assembly of people in Moscow!

The Russian example of last year (1997) showed that the working class is ready to go on a March to Moscow, that the militia and the army have not completely severed their contacts and feeling with the working class or severed their contacts and roots with the peasant class and could come to the side of the people. The idea and plans are ours, the Communists. The organization and agitation for the March must be taken up in every workers' collective, at enterprises; in every union, in Army sections and internal Security organs - this is the work that will unite all communists. The task for the Communists: to start awakening in every corner of the USSR the need for activity of the CPSU, organize cells everywhere, to elect and send to the Second Congress of Soviet Communists their own delegates, giving them the authority to adopt at this Second Congress the Revolutionary Program and Constitution of the CPSU.

We suggest that the holding of the Second Congress of Soviet Communists to take place on December 11-14, 1998 in Moscow and to start the rebirth and activity of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union on the territory of the USSR in all its aspects.

We ask Central Committees of all Communist Parties existing on the territories of USSR, all unions, to give your answer to the Temporary Central Committee of the CPSU in response to our Appeal.

Workers of the world Unite!

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