Prof. Vladimir

NATO: Drang Nach Osten?

By Prof. Vladimir Herasymchuk

It is said that history moves in spirals. Much is repeated in history. Let us just remember the eve of the German fascist attack against the country of Soviets. In June of 1941, Germany, together with its allies, accumulated and massed near the borders of Soviet Union 190 divisions, numbering over 5,500,000 soldiers, around 2,800 tanks, nearly 5,000 aeroplanes. At that time, Hitler screamed. "Drang Nach Osten!" Then started the most terrible war in the history of mankind... But the Soviet people broke the back of Hitler's fascism. The Red Army was victorious, socialism was saved. The unity of the people of USSR was phenomenal. The country of the Hammer and Sickle defeated the world's vampire. Bolsheviks were victorious, people of toil. The truth is that Stalin was victorious!

...And not scores of years have gone by. The "Cold War" was announced by Winston Churchill. But was the "cold war" finished? Somehow again, near the borders of my suffering country, as in 1941, there are being amassed not too friendly armies of foreigners. As was reported by the Ukrainian newspaper "Communist", the total sum of armed might numbers over 530 divisions, 42,000 tanks, 12,000 fighter aeroplanes, more than 900 war ships. 46 Divisions and 86 Brigades that NATO has assembled near our borders are battle ready. (N. Nekrasov, Colonel - "Communist" newspaper, April 1998, #18) Is there not actual possibility that some other Fuehrer will again call for a March to the East? It is a fact that NATO is already marching to the East!

But - the top brass of Ukraine state always that NATO is here to defend us. But from whom? And how will this be done? As was and is being done in Yugoslavia? Or by the example of Iraq? Then god help us from such saviours! They (NATO) are already performing their work of going to the East by having manouvers on the territory of Crimea. This is being done now under the pseudo-propaganda exercises called "Sea Breeze - 97". This is in case if anything should happen. Again, the Ukrainian people are in turmoil and danger. Someone has to pacify this turmoil! This is to be done as USA did in Grenada.

What about if revolutionary ideas burst out in the army? Or amongst the security forces? That is why USA wants and pushed its "Partnership for Peace". This is to prepare for future operations like in Yugoslavia and now it is the turn of Ukraine. In Britain, there was held a joint seminar of Polish-Ukrainian exercises called "Cossacks Steppe - 98". Ukraine was presented by paratroopers from Odessa Institute of Airborne and land based soldiers - from the ranks of the Battalion from White Church district.

Yes, NATO, step by step, is going Eastward. But what is the real purpose of this? This was outlined at the secret meeting of the General Staff in Washington in 1995 by President Clinton of USA. He, in part, stated: "that the expense to destabilize the USSR, the USA spent billions of dollars". But in 4 years of the temporary demise of the Soviet Union, USA and its Allies received from us gold, silver and diamonds over 15 billion dollars worth. Under very unfavourable agreements signed by the present regime, the West received 20 tonnes of honey, 50,000 tonnes aluminium, 2,000 tonnes caesium, glucinium, strontium, etc.

NATO's next plan is to divide Russia in the next ten years into small territories, all "independent" through ethnic wars and strife, similar to those that was organized in Yugoslavia, setting up regimes that are absolutely broken off from Russia, that are needed by the West. "Yes, we will allow Russia to be a country - said the American President - but the governing empire shall be only one country: the USA".

But for the final destruction of USSR territory will be the establishment of colonial countries such as Ukraine. Therefore, the Pentagon has already plans as to how this is going to be accomplished. This will be done by the marionette presidents of these former Soviet republics. This is being planned in detail by experts who base themselves on the success and practice in Yugoslavia, Grenada, Iraq and others. This shall be accomplished by completely demolishing our industrial and agricultural potential, bringing the country into a dead-end in economy, education, medicine (this is practically accomplished now) - start internal turmoil; provocations to start conflicts; armed conflicts shall be promoted; organizing armed formations for its use; instigate the old so-called "problem of human rights" (this is already being done all over the territory of Ukraine... like Chechnya, Tadzhikistan and others); instituting economic sanctions; organizing economic blockades around the country that do not follow the diktat of USA-NATO (example is Yugoslavia, Cuba, Iraq, Korean Democratic Republic, etc.), sending in NATO troops under the aegis of United Nations or "defending peaceful citizens"; by utilizing localized bombing missions, thus fanning the flames of conflicts and leading to wars.

Our prognosis is devastating. We hope that we are proved wrong. But, our alarm is real. Let us unite, my dear friends! Let us banish this NATO shield back to their own borders! Further from our borders! We fear that the land will not be able to tolerate this robbery and traitorous mechanizations.

The actual attack is on the Operations Maps of the Pentagon. "We are a great country, we have global interests - says President Clinton - American leadership in the world is needed as never before, we are promoting it all over the world, we are opening new markets... the Armed Forces of USA are playing an important role in order that our plans will be realized."

Oh, my dear people, we are left only this to cry out: "Glory to American 'democracy', founded on bayonets!" But the question is not based on the words of the president. As an example, there is being formulated an agreement between the hydrographic forces of Ukraine and Coast Guard of USA about the necessity of deeper ports in Crimea for American warships. This is also necessary at the ports on the Black Sea, in the North-western part of the Black Sea. Already in 1977, this region, including the shores near Izmail and Kherson, there were war ships manouvering of NATO, USA Coast Guard Defense, services of "Special Task Force" concerned with sea and land operations near ports. We should mention that these ports, according to the plans of operation called "Dropshot", are very suitable for landing Marines of the USA-NATO expedition forces.

But it is unfathomable as to why Americans, living thousands of miles from our borders, across the ocean, why do they need these Marines to practice on our soil? Is this not to support the Krawchuk-Kuchma "reforms"? Or is it to save the bankrupt regime of Kuchma and company? Whatever the reasons, USA and NATO are building up their presence and army, including nuclear weapons. NATO is marching to the East...

What steps are being taken by the Ukrainian leadership to counter this march to the East? Absolutely nothing. In our republic, as in Russia, in fact, we're undergoing total disarmament and demobilization. With the demand of the West, the economy of the country is being systematically dismantled, especially the manufacturing centres, tied in to armaments. As an example, well known in the world, the machine building industrial giant "Yuzhmash", before was noted for its top quality, state-of-the-art rockets, is being reconstructed. How? Just recently, it was reported on our TV that this industrial complex, unbeatable in the world for quality, with the help and buy-out of Western multinational corporations, is going to now manufacture agricultural harvesters.

But... the frames for the combines shall be manufactured in Germany! How is it possible that such an industrial giant, built by the hands of Soviet people, now is in the hands of Western monopolies and will be used just to be a reserve - second rate enterprise? Is this not treachery? Why was it necessary to dismantle this pride of Soviet Union, the biggest combines manufacturing giant in the world? Our plans and our designs are now the property of Western transnational corporations! It is obvious that for such a gift to the West, someone of our "leaders" received a big slice of profit. Where did these new "leaders" get billions of American dollars and stashed them in foreign banks?

One more example. Until now, there are still no clear answers as to what really transpired at Chernobyl. Why is it that there is no serious explanation as to why this disaster occurred at Chernobyl? The blame is on the collective in charge of Chernobyl or that the technology was not up to standard - does not sound very convincing. It is self evident that this accident was in someone's interest! The secrets around this Chernobyl accident is hushed up and no international scientific analysis of the disaster is allowed to take place. Any attempt that was started to go deeper into this tragedy somehow always gets derailed by the authorities! But the tragedy continues now. Why is it that the authorities at the urging of the West, these "consultants" are urging the Ukrainian authorities to completely shut down and dismantle Chernobyl? Why is not a question posed, discussed and resolved as to how to improve the manufacturing of electric energy for the country? There is another side to this coin. Why is it that in Japan, USA, Canada, France and in any other countries, electric energy and atomic stations are prospering and producing electricity for the country? This is the needs of the next century! It is obvious that the West not only wants to dismantle our defense system but also its energy potential.

Another fact worth remembering. Chernobyl has the only RMBK atomic reactor functioning which produces plutonium for atomic weapons. In this way, if the West and the present rulers of Ukraine can dismantle this only manufacturing Atomic Station, this will mean complete liquidation of our country as a nuclear power. So, where are these hidden roots? Maybe, it is there that we should look into the causes of the Chernobyl disaster.

We understand that disarmament is the yearning of all humanity. Who does not want to live in peace, without armaments or wars? But what can the Soviet Union do when one country is armed to the teeth with sophisticated weapons and is coming closer and closer to the borders of Russia, Ukraine, Byelorussia? Of course, there are those in Ukrainian capitalist circles that agree that Ukraine should be catalyst to disarm and dismember Russia, then Ukraine shall become industrialized, developed and the future shall be bright. These are futile beliefs! First of all, a strong, industrialized Ukraine is not needed by the West. Secondly, Ukraine is coveted by the West as it was coveted by Hitler. Third of all, traitorous acts never guaranteed happiness or prosperity to anyone. Because, Ukraine and Russia, this is a family of two Slavic peoples, joined together through historical ties and blood in struggles against common enemies. Future is the same for both of them. "Many centuries lessons shows - wrote very well known Ukrainian publicist Victor Drozd - Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet republics are either going to live together, or together shall be thrown out from world economy and politics".

But steadily at this time, NATO is moving East... this is in the interest of the present bourgeois regime in Ukraine - the present mafia. Because the colours of this mafia, the colours of the present regime in Ukraine and of those across our borders and ocean are the same - brown. Already in 1999, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland are going to be admitted into NATO. On our borders, on the borders of Ukraine, there shall appear armies of this reactionary bloc. Over our country, more and more dangerous signals appear of occupation by foreign troops.

But, maybe the last word in this will be said by our people.

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