Yuri Gagarin: First Man In Space!

Space flight cannot be stopped.
They are not the concern of some individual or even of a group of people.
They constitute a historical process and
it is in the order of things that mankind's development has led to them.

Yuri Gagarin

He was the first! It is not easy to add anything to that. His feat will probably be remembered even for centuries hence. Those 108 minutes of history which opened up a new era are going to live on and be carried into immeasurable depths of space by those who travel after him. The space age of mankind!

There is of course a certain risk to every space flight, especially to the first test flight of new craft. Mankind has had to pay dearly, not infrequently losing its best sons and daughters, for many of the achievements which have contributed to progress. Movement along the path of progress is unstoppable. Others will carry on the relay race of scientific successes and go on further, true to the memories of their comrades. There is after all, no greater happiness than to be of service to people.

Yuri Gagarin was born in the Smolensk region, in the heartland of Russia, in 1934 to a collective farm parents. His village was very well known as one of the best villages where the Collective Farm was very productive; many Heroes of Labour; many people went on to be members of the Supreme Soviet, CC CPSU and other governmental posts. In other words, the village where Yuri Gagarin was born was patriotic and dedicated to socialism and the Soviet Union.

Valentina Gagarin and Yuri had a child which the couple cherished, loved and had great dreams for the future.

Yuri Gagarin received world acclaim, medals, honorary citizenship titles from scores of cities all over the world. He traveled widely at the invitation of heads of states. He was the President of the USSR-Cuba Friendship Society.

Unfortunately Yuri Gagarin perished in an airplane which he was testing over the Russian countryside. He could have saved himself by bailing out but, seeing that his plane would crash right into a village, he manoeuvered his fighter airplane outside the village and he died a hero in order to save the village from destruction and death. He died as a hero, a Communist and a Soviet man.

His memory shall live on forever. This memory and this achievement was very beautifully express by the famous American artist Rockwell Kent:

"Dear Soviet friends, your Yuri is not only yours. He belongs to all mankind. The door to space which he opened, this door which the USSR and Socialism opened, is open for all of us. But for that, peace is necessary. Peace between nations. Peace between ourselves. Let the world celebrate the anniversary of Yuri's flight as a Universal Peace Day. Let that day be celebrated all over the world with music and dances, songs and laughter, as a worldwide holiday of happiness. Let that day be in every town and city square, where young and old gather and let their faces be illuminated with the same happiness that the photographs of people in the Soviet Union show how the Soviet people are happy and proud of the accomplishment of Yuri Gagarin."

It is tragic that Yuri Gagarin perished in a plane crash, as did other cosmonauts in other countries. But, what is even a greater tragedy is the fact that the space suit that Yuri Gagarin wore in the First Man in Space Flight.. was sold by the present regime to an American businessman! A treasure of history, a treasure that belonged to the Soviet people! Historical pillage is a crime against humanity! The regime that allowed this travesty to take place shall be condemned for eternity as shall the "businessman" whose profit motive overrode his decency!

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