RCWP - Russian Communist Workers Party

By V. Chechentsev
Member of the CC RCWP

Among some sections of comrades-communists, there unfortunately exists a feeling or a misconception that the RCWP does not take advantage and opportunity for unity with other communist parties. Let us look at this question realistically.

RCWP proceeds to do patient and multi-faceted work regarding the unification of the working class. We can mention our active participation in the Union of Communist Parties-CPSU, Russian Communist Union of parties or the attempts to coordinate some of our activities with the Communist Party of the Russian Federation.

In the Main Report at the CC RCWP on the VIII Congress, which took place on November 28-29,1998, the First Secretary of the Party (RCWP) V. Tiulkin reaffirmed the position of trying for unity amongst all communist parties in "one unified party under the guidance of the majority" with the Parties that were united at that time in the Rosskomsojuz.

Then what is it that prevents other parties from cooperating or uniting with the RCWP? The ideological position of the CPRF is impregnated with opportunism, and is so far adrift going towards social-democracy that it has become a typical social-democratic party, so that unification with it in the present atmosphere and time would discredit fully communists in Russia.

The supporters of this union with the CPRF in the Rosskomsojuz state that our positions are very close together, so why don't we join together? That is not the case at all.

RCWP openly proclaimed that we are the party of the working class, that to serve the working class is the only aim of our party. This is confirmed by the new program that was adopted at the VIII Congress of our party, affirming our dedication to Marxism-Leninism and the dictatorship of the proletariat, as the necessary instrument to defeat the present bourgeois government and to build a communist society.

RCWP holds the position that the highest attainment of humanity in the XX century was the building of a socialist society in the USSR. The highest attainment was achieved by the adoption of the 2nd program of the Lenin party under the leadership of J.V. Stalin. RCWP does not recognize the abuse leveled at J.V. Stalin, since this serves only the interests of the class enemy. Our program states clearly that:

"The RCWP completely rejects the revisionist, opportunist, traitorous line that was promoted and adhered to by the CPSU leadership from 1953-1991, which brought the temporary collapse of the Soviet Union and socialism in a counter revolution.

"The XX Congress of the CPSU (1956) was the breaking point in the history of our country and the communist movement."

Speaking on behalf of the majority of the working class, of the whole Soviet people, the RCWP has the goal of - the resurrection of the USSR, a brotherly union of socialist nations. As the most influential and mass party that is inside the Rosskomsojuz, RCWP has the bloc of left forces "Communists-Trudovaya Rossia-For the Soviet Union." Besides this, our party looks at all other questions realistically, utilizing all opportunities presented by the bourgeois regime, including parliamentary means, but also together with non-parliamentary means of struggle.

According to the ideological sphere of our activities, the closest ally in our ideological thinking is the All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (AUCPB). Its leader is the well-known fighter, Nina Andreeva, who defends the ideals of socialism, the heroic history of the RSDLP(B)-AUCP(B), the party which was united and strong under the leadership of J.V. Stalin, proceeding on the foundations that were built by V.I. Lenin. This work had the support and the party had prestige amongst the Soviet people during the anti-Communist hysteria of those days. But because the Russian government refuses to recognize the AUCPB as a party and thus give it registration as a legal entity, this fact prevents the AUCPB from fully participating in society. AUCPB practically boycotts participation in elections. In the last while the AUCPB has broken off its contacts with other parties inside the Rosskomsojuz, announcing that they were leaving this Communist Union.

Other parties that are part of this Communist Union, the Russian Communist Party - CPSU and the Russian Communist Party, in essence are not real communist parties since they do not recognize the role of the working class and the dictatorship of the proletariat.

In practice these two parties can be looked upon as communist, since they recognize that there is a need for a second revolution in order to renew the socialist revolution and they recognize the historical role played by Soviet people in the progress of humanity, building of socialism and the saving of humanity from fascism. The reasons for the demise of the USSR they see as in the sphere of economics since they were against the CPSU regulating and managing the economic affairs of the country after the death of Stalin. These parties therefore look at the XX Congress of the CPSU as positive, and the criticism of the "cult of Stalin" as correct. These parties look at the parliamentary way as a venue for active political activity.

There are deeper differences between the RCWP and the Russian Party of Communists (RPC). I shall mention the two most important differences: their attitude towards the history of the Soviet Union and the personality of J.V. Stalin. Also, the RPC not only has a different opinion about socialism inside the USSR, but has a very negative attitude to the role of the Communist Party under the leadership of J.V. Stalin. Here are two examples:

1. We reject the idea of communist outlook of the world, which was made the official policy of the Communist Party under the leadership of Stalin, which grew into a bureaucracy.

2. We are against the rebirth of Stalin's ideology in conjunction with the science of socialism. RPC is for many fractions inside the movement.

A few words about the party CPSU Lenin-Stalin (Trudovaya Rossia). The party officially shall be set up when its congress takes place in April of this year.

Today we can state that the differences between RCWP and the CPSU Lenin-Stalin headed by Victor Anpilov is in the understanding of the role of the party and the working class. Here the differences are in tactics. Our party characterized the line of the leadership of the CPSU Lenin-Stalin as anarcho-primitivism. We know they are going to take part in the forthcoming elections to the State Duma and the presidential elections. CPSU Lenin-Stalin is for the resurrection of the Soviet Union.

Let us suppose that the parties I mentioned above have decided to unite. Where will this lead? To the complete division again of a single party into fractions and different platforms. We in the Moscow organization of the RCWP know fully well how much time and energy is taken up by fraction discussions and arguments. Fractions are never the uniting force under any circumstances.

We are for uniting into one party of the working class of the Lenin type. There is no other road.

The main and urgent task today is to solidify the belief of the working class towards Communists. This can only be done by a strong and united party, unifying in its ranks the best representatives of the working class.

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