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Soviet People are on the Move!

Below is just a segment of tremendous activity that is taking place all over the Soviet Union. Unfortunately space does not let us describe in detail every one of these important events. Listed here are just activities that have taken place within a 5-months span.

March of Workers for USSR
On the initiative of "Workers Russia" and with the participation of the Russian Party of Communists, the Peoples Movement for USSR, Union of Soviet Officers, Society in Support of the Army, plus others, marches were held all over the USSR culminating in Moscow where over 10,000 marchers gathered for a mass meeting with Muscovites.

Congress of the Komsomol of Armenia
The XXXIII Congress of the Armenian Komsomol took place, with over 400 delegates present from Armenia, Russia, Byelorussia, Georgia. Discussions centered on future work and the help for the Communist Party of Armenia.

Session of Supreme Soviet of USSR
This mass movement encompasses former members of the Supreme Soviet which was not disbanded and exists in all regions, promoting the ideals of the Soviet Union and Socialism and its resurrection.

Congress of Workers' Russia
There gathered 274 delegates, representing 44 regions of Russia, plus 70 guests from Ukraine, Byelorussia, Moldavia, Latvia, Lithuania, Tadzhikistan and Predniester Moldavian Republic. Victor Anpilov was the main speaker and future planned election bloc, including the grandson of J.V. Stalin.

Homage to the Fallen during September/October 1993
Under the leadership of Workers Russia, Union of Officers, Council of Workers of Moscow, Congress of Soviet Women and other organizations, memorial meetings took place at the Russian Parliament where hundreds of people were killed by Yeltsin's order and carried out also by General Lebed. Protests, flowers, homage was paid to the fallen heroes.

Conference of the Union of Officers of Ukraine
With delegates from 22 regions of Ukraine, the Conference of Officers discussed future plans for the resurrection of the USSR, struggle against the present regime of Ukraine. Attending the Conference were representatives from most Soviet republics.

Congress of Communist Party of Estonia
In an illegal situation, the Estonian Communists gathered and adopted a program of action and elected the Central Committee.

Congress of Movement "Union"
There were 416 delegates from 66 regions of Russia plus over 600 guests from all regions of the Soviet Union. This "Union" headed by Deputy of the Duma G.I. Tikhonov encompasses most movements that are now existing on the territory of the USSR. They adopted a program for the resurrection of the Soviet Union.

Congress of Soviet Officers
With 30 regions of Russia represented districts of Ukraine and delegates from Byelorussia, Kazakhstan, Abkhazia plus Turkmenia and others. The many decisions made included to hold a get-together of Patriotic Young Officers of the Army in order to participate and plan the forthcoming 5th Congress of Union of Soviet Officers.

First Actions of Protest in Ukraine
Working class of Ukraine held this protest in every region of the country and over 500,000 people took part in these protests calling for the resignation of the present Ukrainian government.

All Russia Day of Protest
Over 37,000,000 Soviet workers took part in this protest against the present regime and this mass protest could have achieved the results, but it was hampered by the sell-out of the trade union leaders.

Protests Against American Imperialism
In front of the American Consulate in Leningrad there took place a mass protest which saw the unity between the Russian Communist Workers Party, National Bolshevik Party, Russian Party of Communists, All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks, Union of Officers. The mass protests gave letters to the US Consulate and ended the protest with the burning of the American flags.

Congress "For Soviet Union" Predniester Republic
Over 250 delegates gathered in Tyraspol where the new program of action was adopted and where the Central Committee of 18 people was elected. The Congress again reaffirmed that Moldavia and Predniester Republic are and shall be within the Soviet Union.

Congress of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan
The XXV Congress took place which united close to 50,000 Communists in the republic of Kazakhstan. There a new program was discussed and adopted and a new CC was elected.

Komsomol Is 80 Years Young
All over the Soviet Union the communists and Komsomol members celebrated the 80th Anniversary of the Komsomol and elections took place to their respective Central bodies.

XXXI Congress of Union of Communist Parties - CPSU
There were 482 delegates gathered, representing well over 1,034,000 communists in the USSR plus 600 foreign guests representing 28 communist and workers parties in Europe, Asia and America. The Congress heard the main report by its leader Oleg Shenin and adopted documents for the resurrection of the Soviet Union.

Second Congress of National Patriotic Union of Russia
This union has in its midst about 50 different organizations and parties but it strictly concentrates on Russia alone. This Congress was addressed by Zyuganov, and in his speech he did not even mention the word Socialism, instead he said that in the new Russia there shall be places found for the businessmen and industrialists. It was shown that this "Union" acts as a cover for the top leadership of the CPRF.

VIII Congress of the Russian Communist Workers Party
Over 155 delegates attended this meeting from 56 regions of Russia. V.A. Tiulkin gave the main report and adopted a policy to seek talks with other communist parties in order to establish unity of action and the need for one united Communist Party. Much time was spent in enlarging plans for work amongst the youth. A new CC was elected and the First Secretary is V.A. Tiulkin.

Conference of the Ukrainian Komsomol
This is the most numerous youth organization in the Ukraine. The conference agreed to support one left candidate in the coming elections such as Simonenko of the Communist Party of Ukraine.

Congress of All-Union Lenin Communist Komsomol
This Conference was attended by representatives of the 10 Soviet republics and the delegates adopted important documents for its future work.

Congress of the Socialist Party of Ukraine
Over 402 delegates took part in the congress where its leader A. Moroz gave the main report about the work of its members in the Ukrainian governmental bodies. Discussions took place about the readiness of this party to govern Ukraine if they are successful in the next elections.

Commemorating the Birth of J.V. Stalin
Organized by "Trudovaya Rossia" movement on the occasion of the 119th anniversary of the birth of Stalin. After the meeting, over 2,000 people marched across Red Square and at the Kremlin Wall laid flowers and wreaths at the grave of the world proletarian leader. Such meetings took place in most cities of the Soviet Union.

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