Join Together in a People's Celebration of the

80th Anniversary of the "Hands Off Russia" Committees

Eyewitness Report-Back from Russia

Sunday, Jan. 24, 1999, 1:00-4:00 P.M.
Brecht Forum - 122 W. 27th St., 10th floor
(between 6th and 7th Ave, in Manhattan, New York City) Red Banners are once again leading workers' struggles throughout Russia

Tens of thousands of trade unionists throughout the country have joined the Communist Movement in demonstrating against the Yeltsin Government, blockading railways and marching for the reinstitution of the Soviet Union

With the temporary demise of the former Soviet Union and the Eastern European socialist countries, working people there have felt the full onslaught of capitalist misery.

The October Revolution of 1917 was a beacon for the workers of Russia and the world and all oppressed peoples. It showed that a new Socialist system could be built without exploitation and oppression. At the same time, it scared the capitalists, who feared that their rule was being shaken to the ground - so much so that 14 countries invaded the young Soviet Union to try to "strangle the Bolshevik baby in its crib."

The Communist movement of that day responded by forming "Hands Off Russia" Committees which sponsored demonstrations, strikes and troop mutinies in their campaign to show solidarity with the young Soviet Republic.

Without the mighty Red Army, U.S. imperialism now feels free to intensify its economic attacks on the standard of living of workers and oppressed throughout the world. Using NATO and the UN, Imperialism has stepped up its Gun-Boat Diplomacy against the people of north Korea, Cuba, Iraq, Yugoslavia and Africa.

Only a few years ago, the capitalist rulers were claiming that the temporary demise of the Soviet Union meant that "socialism was dead." Now the crisis in Russia is having international ramifications in the unraveling of the whole capitalist system.

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